40 Breathtaking Wedge Hairstyles for Women

11. Bangs and Bob

Wedge Hairstyles 11

Don’t be afraid to add bangs to your wedge hairstyle; if you have thick hair, consider thinner, less blunt edges. Thinner hair, go with a bolder cut.This is striking with layered cuts, but also with straight, one-length cuts for a Cleopatra look.


12. Smoothed Back

Wedge Hairstyles 12

One of the best parts of the wedge hairstyle is its versatility. You can smooth it back for a more sophisticated look, and flatten it based on your style needs. You can also use clips for a bouffant type “bump,” or just slick it back for an edgy, professional look.


13. Messy Mass

Wedge Hairstyle for girl

If calm hair isn’t your thing, curl it, spray it, and let it go! Long layers in front and short layers in back work best for having a slightly electrified look. You can also just wet your hair, spray, and go! This is the epitome of lazy lovely hair.


14. Long Strand Layers

Wedge Hairstyles 14

Add an extra zing to your look, with short layers in the back, long straight layers in the front, and leave a small chunk of strands up front longer than all the rest. This streamlined look will look even edgier if you dye the strands a lighter or darker color than the rest of your hair.


15. Short All Around

Wedge Hairstyles 15

Chopping your bangs to match your shortest layer in the back, and leaving just enough layers around the style your crown is the best way to get your friends to say, “Wow!” This style is incredibly cute and would go well with a new, lighter color.