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What Does Blonde Hair Dye Do To Brown Hair?

Do you want to add blonde dye but unsure what will blonde dye do to your brown hair? Changing your hair color helps you adjust your style and have some fun. However, there are some right ways and wrong ways to dye your hair. If you use one of the wrong methods, your hair can get severely damaged.

So, is blonde hair dye one of the right ways to dye brown hair? Read on to find out what blonde hair dye does to brown hair.

What Does Blonde Hair Dye Do To Brown Hair?

Nothing! If you don’t use any lightening agent, such as developer or bleach with blonde dye, your brown hair will not become blonde.

Going from brown to blonde hair can take a while and require some thought. While it can be fun to dye your hair at the spur of the moment, you should still be careful to take care of your long-term hair health.

Once you choose the shade of blonde you want, the next step is bleaching your hair. Depending on the color of your hair, you may need to bleach your hair a few times. Darker hair will need more bleaching and coloring sessions than lighter brown. You can also gradually go blonde by starting with parts of your hair, such as with balayage or highlights.

Effect of Blonde Hair Dye Do to Brown Hair
Brown Hair Vs. After Adding Blonde Dye

Bleach usually includes a mixture of peroxide, powder bleach, and other components. When you lighten your hair with bleach, the cuticle of the hair expands to allow the loss of color by dissolving the melanin.

That expansion weakens your hair. So, it is essential to use a lightening agent that nourishes your hair with proteins and moisturizer.

The bleaching step will usually not take long, and some stylists will opt for several shorter treatments instead of one long one to help the hair’s health. After the lightning step, the blonde dye gets applied to the treated hair.

The blonde hair dye helps lighten the already lightened hair further. It also adds light blonde hair colors to your lightened hair. Adding those colors contributes a dimension to your hair, making the blonde hair look more natural looking.

Hair dye works by penetrating the already-opened hair cuticle and hair cortex. The chemicals in the dye react with the melanin in the strands and change the color. Common chemicals in permanent hair dyes include peroxide and ammonia.

Your hair type can affect how hair dye affects your hair. Coarse hair takes a while to absorb hair dye, while fine hair absorbs dye quickly. If you previously dyed your hair, it may pick up dye faster.  

Can I Dye Dark Brown Hair To Blonde Without Bleach?

How to Dye Dark Brown Hair To Blonde Without Bleach

If you want to avoid bleach, you have options for taking your hair from dark brown to blonde. You can either try a natural highlighter or a high-lift dye. These methods will not necessarily turn your hair platinum blonde, but they can lighten your dark hair.

Natural methods to lighten your hair include lemon juice, chamomile tea, honey and vinegar, and store-bought sprayable lighteners. The sun also helps lighten your hair, especially in tandem with these other methods.

High-lift dyes should only be on hair without a previous dye job. A high lift is a mixture of dye and bleach, making it gentler than other treatments.

This method does not require additional bleach and does not penetrate the hair shafts as quickly. A benefit of a high lift is it is usually pink or light purple, helping it neutralize brassy tones.

Will Blonde Hair Dye Lighten My Dark Brown Hair?

Blonde hair dye will not lighten dark brown hair without additional bleach. Without something to lift the color from your hair, blonde hair dye can not impart color to your hair. Instead, it will only damage your hair and likely dry it out.

The lifting agent is really what lightens the dark hair and prepares it to turn blonde. When used properly, blonde hair dye should add blonde color to hair that has already had its color lifted.

What Do I Do if My Hair is Damaged by Hair Dye?

What to Do if Hair is Damaged by Hair Dye?

If your hair color process does not go according to plan and your hair ends up damaged, there are a few ways to help your hair look better. You may need to trim some of your hair. Beyond a trim, you should condition your hair regularly.

So, What Will Blonde Hair Dye Do To Your Brown Hair?

When used without a color remover or bleach, blonde hair dye will not dye your brown hair blonde. Instead, the chemicals in the dye will damage your hair, leaving it dry and brassy.

To properly dye your brown hair blonde, it is essential to bleach your hair before applying blonde hair dye. Dying your hair properly may require several different sessions.  


Is blonde hair dye more damaging than brown?

While everyone’s hair varies, blonde hair dye is generally more damaging to hair than brown hair dye. This difference is partly because going from light to dark only requires one process on the hair while going from dark to light requires two processes. 

Will blonde hair dye make black hair brown?

Blonde hair dye will not lighten hair unless you use a color remover first. If you only use blonde hair dye on your black hair, it will only damage your hair and not necessarily lighten it to brown. 

Which is more attractive, blonde or brunette?

Both blonde and brunette hair is both attractive and so are all other colors of hair. The key to making the hair of any color attractive is ensuring it is well cared for and styled appropriately.