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Will Permanent Hair Dye Fade Over Time?

Are you new to the hair coloring scene and looking to go for Permanent hair dyes thinking they won’t fade and last permanently?

Don’t get too carried away with a new hair color without knowing what’s involved. Depending on the type of dye job you’re looking for (ombre versus a full color, for example), you will pay different prices, making your hair color a true investment.

You might be wondering whether your new permanent hair color will fade over time and just how long exactly it will last. Despite its ‘permanent‘ name, permanent hair color isn’t actually permanent.

There are also many types of permanent hair dyes, meaning they don’t all come with the same results.

Will Permanent Hair Dye Fade?

Yes. Your permanent hair color will fade, but there are some things you can do to slow the fading. In general, you can expect it to last around 6 to 8 weeks.

So don’t jump into the home hair dye kit or make an appointment with your salon without knowing what you’re getting into and whether or not the cost will be worth the length of time the color will last.

Three Things to Expect From Permanent Hair Dyes

1. More Washes Equals More Fading.

Washing fades permanent hair color

The average woman washes her hair three times per week. If you color your hair with permanent hair dye, every time you wash your hair, the color will fade.

Garnier, a popular maker of hair products, notes that this is because hair dyes are water-soluble, meaning hair dye molecules dissolve every time it’s exposed to water.

This doesn’t mean you should wash your hair less! An easy remedy is to work in a color-enhancing – also known as color-depositing shampoo. It’s a specially formulated shampoo that will deposit color pigments back into your hair.

Try Pure Blends Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo, which comes in various shades, or find another one appropriate for the color you choose. Use it every time you wash your hair in place of your regular shampoo or alternate it.

2. Fading Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Last.

Generally, permanent hair dye will last six to eight weeks.

Of course, this time frame will vary based on how quickly your hair grows. When your root color starts showing, you can easily purchase a color touch-up kit instead of redyeing all of your hair.

3. Quality Hair Dye Can Go A Long Way When It Comes to Fading.

Use Quality Hair Dye to Prevent Fading

It’s true, you get what you pay for! We know it can be tempting to snag up those $2-$5 box dyes you see in the drugstore, but those sales often only apply to lesser quality ones.

If you decide to visit the salon for your first permanent hair coloring, you can generally trust they’re using a quality mixture, but for the home hair dye kits, many stylists recommend L’Oreal Paris, Clairol Natural Instincts, and dpHue.

How to Prevent Permanent Hair Color from Fading Fast

How to Prevent Permanent Hair color from Fading

Since we’ve established that permanent hair color will, in fact, eventually fade, there are some other things you can do to prevent that from happening or slow the process.

Just like normal hair care steps we take to protect our luscious manes, follow these easy guidelines for ensuring your hair color lasts as long and stays as strong as possible:

  • Minimize exposure to the sun. Wear a hat or a cute scarf for a cute barrier between the sun’s rays and your fresh color.
  • Avoid using hot tools a lot. We all love a good curling iron and hair straightener, but every heat product wreaks havoc on your hair in its own way, no matter how often you use it. The more you use those hot tools for styling, the more it exposes the hair cuticle, which is where the color is held.
  • Use a conditioner! Whether it’s a leave-in or rinse it through once or twice a week. Treat your hair to a nice coating of hydrating conditioner.

Following our guidelines above will assure you feel confident in your color’s quality, maximize the length of time it will last, and contribute to that worthy investment you made in permanent hair color.

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