65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

56. Oh, those bangs

hairstyles for oval faces 11-min

Fiery red bangs can make any woman look feisty and glamorous. No matter how long your hair is, you can play around with the length of the bangs as long as they don’t cover your forehead fully.


57. Pixie star

hairstyles for oval faces 13-min

Open up your features with this hairstyle for oval faces. The face is fully open and bright while the bangs are lifted to create a stylish appearance. The shorter you make your hair, the more prominent your oval face is.


58. Curly beauty

hairstyles for oval faces 14-min

If you have curly locks, you know all about daily maintenance problems. Many women with curly hair try to cut it as short as possible to create a tidy appearance. This hairstyle is one of the preferable choices for those who want to flaunt their curls without hassle.


59. Side swept bangs

oval faces women Side swept bangs hairstyles

If you are a fan of long bangs, you risk hiding your ideal oval face shape in the process of styling them. The only way out for girls who love long bangs is to side sweep them. This approach can keep the bangs out of your eyes too.


60. Curly bob

hairstyles for oval faces 17-min

What is a better way to outline your ideal features that to make a curly hairstyle that drapes your face? This approach can create a romantic and sexy look while taking some time to keep it this way.