65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

61. Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles for oval faces

Asymmetrical hairstyles are conquering the world. Girls with oval faces can play around with asymmetry as much as they wish. Be it bobs, pixies or even fohawks, the oval face can make them all look good.


62. Lift it up

hairstyles for oval faces 21-min

Lifting your hairstyle up is an awesome way to let your oval face show. A pixie with long bangs can turn into a wonderful updo with the help of some hair gel and imagination. This haircut is easy to style and easy to enjoy.


63. Keep it simple

hairstyles for oval faces 22-min

If you have fine hair and don’t have the patience for daily styling, this hairstyle for oval faces is for you. The simpler you keep your pixie, the less often you have to think about it. Add the bangs for more style.


64. Undercut with long bangs

hairstyles for oval faces 23-min

If you are into hair experiments, the oval face type is your ace or even a wildcard. Undercuts, fohawks, mohawks, and the like can look great on you. If you decide to add long and impressive bangs, keep them side swept.


65. Color experiments

hairstyles for oval faces 25-min

Some women use dyes to change their face shape. But girls with oval face types don’t have that problem. You can make any color experiments you wish without looking back at the face shape.


Now that you’ve browsed these wonderful options, you are absolutely ready to make a choice. We wish you luck on this fantastic journey where you will not just change your image but will become more confident of yourself and have a lot of fun on the way! Still confused? Go to a pro hairstylist to get the best style for your facial size and shape.