65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

6. Style it

cute women oval face shape hair

If your hair is long and you are tired of letting it loose, you can go for some creative styling ideas. Make some long side swept bangs and sweep one part of your hair backwards. Pin it with some accessories in the back to make one of your ears visible. Add a fashionable earning!

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7. Highlights

oval shape haircut for beautiful women

Ready to look amazing? Try some bright highlights. Some say that bright hair color is perfect for the summer time, but we are sure that you will look great any time of the year. Choosing the right shade is 90 % of the fashionable hairstyle success.


8. Wispy bangs

oval face shape hairstyles 8-min

If your hair is not too thick, go for wispy bangs. They do wonders for making you look younger and adding a lot of style to your haircut. The rest of the hair should be kept neat. If you want to leave your fine locks long, get ready to do some maintenance.


9. Messy waves

women hair cut for oval face shape

Don’t want to use a flat iron? Make some overnight braids. When you undo them in the morning, you will get the most amazing messy waves that can last all day long. Messy haircuts are in style, so don’t overlook them.


10. Long bob

oval face shape hairstyles 10-min

Girls with fine hair will appreciate short hairstyles. If you are not ready to go for a pixie, start with a long bob. It will surely look amazing together with your oval face type. Make sure to keep the straight hair neat.