65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

11. A pixie

pixie hairstyle for women

Short hair for the oval face can be considered almost perfect. You don’t have to think about whether or not a pixie will make your face look too long or too round. Get the pixie you always dreamed of to make you look absolutely fabulous.

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12. Become a redhead

color full oval face shape foe women

Redheads are considered sexy and fashionable, so why not go red? Your oval facial shape allows you to choose any hairstyle and almost any color. Consider your skin type and go for it. Your stylist will help you choose the shade you really need.


13. Long bangs

best long bangs haircut

If you want to draw attention to your eyes, consider getting long bangs. This is another one of the oval face shape hairstyles which other girls will be jealous of. You’ve got it, so flaunt it! Make sure to get the fringe cropped every 2 -3 weeks.


14. The shorter – the better

oval face hairstyles for women

This amazing pixie will be perfect for girls who are ready to try out the shortest hairstyles out there. Ever been envious of boys who don’t need to care for their hair? Get a short pixie and forget about daily maintenance.


15. Straight and windblown

oval face shape hairstyles 15-min

If you want some volume for your straight hair, no reason to get curls or waves. You can just blow dry it. Hang your head upside down and do the blow dryer do the job. Then brush it, apply some hairspray and you are ready to go.