65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

36. Curly weave


If your natural hair is straight and short but you are dreaming of long and curly locks, get a weave. Hair extensions come in all shapes and sizes and can help create the image you always wanted. They are very useful for special occasions and photo shoots.


37. Fashionable mix


Girls with oval faces will appreciate this great fashionable hairstyle mix. The top part of your hair is styled to be straight and windblown while the ends are neatly coiled to create a pageant look. You will definitely turn some heads your way!


38. Windblown waves


If your hair is naturally wavy, show it off! Girls with long and thick hair always look fantastic even if their face is not oval. Allow your locks to fall freely to create a stylish windblown image. However, keeping this hairstyle neat is a real hassle.


39. Eye-covering bangs


If you like sexy looks, you will love these eye-covering bangs. The fringe is side swept and arranged over one of your eyes to create an alluring image. This hairstyle is great for special occasions but is hard to wear on a daily basis.


40. Dark and beautiful


If you are ready for a change and love wearing dark make-up, consider dyeing your hair a very dark color. Such dark image automatically brings the focus to your eyes and lips and allows you to become a completely new person.