65 Unbeatable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

46. Pump up the volume


If you have long hair which is also thin and dull, you have to add it some volume. Style your locks into large curls and arrange them on your shoulders. You can also create long wispy bangs that will make a good contrast.


47. Neat highlights


Making neat highlights is a hassle. If your hairstylist is a real master, your hair will look absolutely natural after highlighting. Consider changing the shades gradually to get the neatest and stunning look. Don’t forget to touch up the roots on a regular basis.


48. High hair


High hair might be a thing of the past but girls with oval faces can try absolutely anything. So why not get creative? Brush your hair up and down to create a beehive on top of your head. Keep it sticking up by collecting two side strands and tying them in the back below it.


49. Comb over

oval face women hairstyle Angelina Jolie

If you have an oval face then you don’t have to be afraid of opening up your forehead. A comb over will look amazing if you know how to keep it neat. Use a lot of hair gel to keep your hair backwards and out of your face.


50. Side bun


This really cute hairstyle is created by twisting your hair into a low side bun. This is a great choice for girls with medium-length hair. This bun makes it look as though you’ve got long locks. Add wispy side-swept bangs to look even prettier.