60 Amazing Permed Hairstyles for Women Who Love Curls

#41: Freely flowing curls and bangs with some creativity on bangs

perming hair 31

An amazing hairstyle in which a beautiful creative work is done on the front hair covering the forehead. And on both sides of the face beautiful curly medium length hair is left.


#42: Simple curly hairstyle

Beautiful curly permed hair for girl

Just try this hairstyle for a college function with your shoulder length hair.


#43: Awesome party perm hairstyle

perming hair 33

This hairstyle is the perfect choice when you are going to attend an important event. Believe that with this elegant hairstyle you will remain the center of attraction throughout the event.


#44: Simple hairstyle with some curls and waves

Hair Flair, curl formers Perm

A simple hairstyle which suits greatly on the long face. A simple yet elegant hairstyle.


#45: Short Curly Hairstyle

short haircut perm for women

One of the best hairstyle for short curly hair. You look really cute and innocent girl with this fabulous hairstyle.


#46: Curly hair parting for short hair


This is another curly hairstyle type with no hair on the forehead. The curls reaching your shoulders which look very nice.


#47: Loose curls hairstyle for long hair

long hairstyle perm hair

You can dye your hair into different colors and then apply any of the curly hairstyles depending on the length of your hair. It gives you a new and fresh look.


#48: Long side bangs


The hair is divided into two sides. The front hair is cut into small lengths reaching your cheeks. And the hair below your chin is given beautiful curls.


#49: Curly hairstyle with volume

 natural curly for cute women

A gorgeous hairstyle which you can opt with all the shape of faces. This is one of the most elegant types of full curly hairstyle which gives you a sophisticated and a beautiful look.


#50: Long Messy Curls

long messy perm hairstyles

Long messy curls have always been a favorite choice of hairdressers when it comes to hair perming. The length adds style, whereas the big waves give volume. Such perm hairstyles provide a fresh and vibrant look while taking minimal effort to maintain.


#51: Bushy & Short Red Curly Hair

People belonging to African and Asian origin are blessed with dark pigmented hair. Some alterations can make them more attractive such as red and auburn tints. The bushy perm hairstyle is showcased best when colored vibrantly. It adds in a fresh vibe to your personality.


#52: Short Permed Hairstyle in Chestnut

Brown hues are in trend these days, especially when combined with loose perm hairstyles. If you have short hair and a long neck, then this hairstyle is just for you. Loose curls are sure to add style to your persona and bring an instant transformation.


#53: Ashy Spiral Locks

To carry Ashy tones with spiral permed hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a lot of skill to achieve a neat spiral look. The perm hairstyle gives a bouncy look, which is absolute fun. It blends well with the modern casual look and also goes well sophisticated formal wear.


#54: Big Waves with Face Framing Side

Perm hairstyles look best with a suitable haircut. A good haircut always compliments the face shape. Long loose curls with face-framing thick bangs is definitely a head-turner. This hairstyle is best for heart-shaped and oblong faces.


#55: Curls for Volume

voluminous perm hairstyles

Fine and thin can be rescued by curling either tight or loose. Permed hairdos are most suited for fine and limp hair. It adds body and volume to the existing hair. This helps to boost the confidence and vitality in one’s personality.


#56: Blue Curls

Dyeing hair in funky colors is really in the trend these days. But combining it with perm looks fierce. A head full of neon-colored curly hair looks really cool. People who dye their hair differently always stand out in the crowd. So go for it and rock your nightlife.


#57: Fancy Curled Updos

It is a fact that most permed hairstyles involve loose hair but it is not always possible to let your curly hair loose. Some gorgeous updos can be created by using the beautifully textured curly hair. The curly locks add elegance and softness to the whole look.


#58: Long Black Wavy Hair

Dark-colored textured long hair is one of the strongest characters in physical appearance. Though perms make them look a little shorter. The lovely locks look absolutely stunning when accessorized with flowers. It gives a fresh and festive sensation.


#59: Curly Half Up Hair

permed hairstyles

Curly hair looks fabulous even when styled casually. The flow and loose texture give a soft look to everyday styling. A messy braid or a half-Updo instantly glamorize your existing perm hairstyle.


#60: Mohawk Permed Hairstyles

mohawk permed hairstyles

Sometimes actions speak more than words and so do mohawk hairstyles. The curly mohawk has been a favorite pick for those who dare. Those who carry the mohawk curled hair express their independence and attitude towards life. It looks edgy and sharp. Such perm hairstyles convey a silent message; do not mess with me.


If you are bored with your present straight-hair look, then it’s time for you to switch to a perm hairstyle. Whether messy or neat, loose or tight, long or short, perm hairstyles can give you a magical transformation. To make your transformation journey more interesting, here are some of the best picks.

These are some of the best perm hairstyles for you to choose. Pick one that suits you the most. Or perhaps, just step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Perm hairstyles will certainly bring a captivating change to your appearance. So try one and enjoy. Happy curling!

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