60 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Asian Women

21. Layered bob

short asian hairstyles for women 21-min

If your hair is very fine, you should go for a layered bob. There are many variations of this hairstyle. The one pictured has different obvious layers and ragged ends. Such an approach allows you to add the hair some volume.


22. Wispy ends

best Wispy hairstyle for women

This is another wonderful short hairstyle for Asian women with fine hair. The layers on top allow to create some volume, while wispy ends on the bottom do a good job providing contrast. Bangs can either be blunt or wispy as well.

23. Color experiment

short asian hairstyles for women 23-min

Girls with black hair might suffer from lack of color in their image. No problem! The time has come for some color experiment. Start with softer shades and go further to funky colors, such as red and burgundy. You will not regret it!


24. Spread your wings

short asian hairstyles for women 24-min

A wing-like bob is not hard to make, but a little tough to style. This style is perfect for special occasion since it will require some time and hair gel. Long and side swept bangs will add some romance to this image.


25. Stylish pixie

Stylish short asian hairstyles for girl

One of the best short hairstyles for Asian women is a stylish pixie. We can even call it the classics. The bangs are left long and can cover your eyes. The side strands are asymmetrically falling over your ears. The back part is cut short.