60 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Asian Women

31. Angular bob

short asian hairstyles for women 31-min

This bob is perfect for Asian girls with round faces. The angular shape allows you to have long hair in front and short in the back which reduces maintenance. This hairstyle perfectly fits any hair type as long as locks are straight.

32. High volume

short asian hairstyles for women 32-min

Asian girls with round face types will like this short pixie with a lot of volume on top. Women with very thick hair will also appreciate this hairstyle since it will keep their unruly manes subdued. Make sure to keep this hairstyle neat by brushing on a regular basis.

33.Windblown fun

short asian hairstyles for women 33-min

If you like messy windblown looks, this bob is for you. Asymmetrical layers allow for many styling approaches. You can make it look neat and classical for serious occasions or messy and outrageous for relaxed days off.

34. Very short pixie

 short pixie haircut for asian women

A very short pixie is a great choice for girls with fine hair who are tired of making it look neat and thick. The shorter the hair, the less hassle you will have with it. You can leave the bangs long in order to play around with styling.

35. Let the ears show

short asian hairstyles for women 35-min

If you like the shape of your ears and want to flaunt them, choose this fashionable haircut. You will need to learn how to style it carefully in order to keep the shape. The strands in front can all be different in size.