60 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Asian Women

36. Go blond

short asian hairstyles for women 36-min

Many women dream of going blond and Asian women are not an exception. So why not make that dream come true! Short hair is easy to color and your barber salon visit will cost you much less than for women with long locks.

37. Stylish shag

shag haircut for Asian women

Shag is one of the popular short hairstyles for Asian women to try and make their favorite. These haircuts are often created to be very low-maintenance and they don’t have too many hair type requirements.  They look amazing with heart shaped faces.

38. Ombre

short asian hairstyles for women 38-min

If you opted for a short hairstyle, it doesn’t mean you must forget about fashionable color options. A well-done ombre will look amazing on your elongated bob. You can color all layers a different shade if you wish. You will surely stand out of the crowd.

39. Blunt ends

short asian hairstyles for women 39-min

Asymmetrical haircuts are more and more popular. However, blunt ends are also in style. Such fringe and medium-length cut will make your image very neat and attractive. You can even forget to brush it to make your hairstyle look a little wild.

40. Wavy volume

beautiful Wavy hairstyle for asian young girl

If you always dreamed about volume, but your straight and fine hair thought otherwise, opt for some waves. If your hair is long enough, make some braids and leave them overnight. When you unbraid them in the morning, you’ll love the result.