15 Alluring Single Braids for Women

Single braids are classy, elegant, and sexy. If you are a braid-lover and want to style your hair quickly, the single braids are a lifesaver.


Various Single Braids to Try

1. Classic Single Dutch Braid

single dutch braid

Dutch braids are a true thing of beauty. They look elegant, rich, and classy. This classic Dutch braid goes well with every mood an on every occasion. Sport at a formal event with an elegant and modest outfit. Or, go for a quirky style by pairing it with hot pants and a crop top!


2. Single Ribbon Braids

ribbon coiled single braid

If you are to attend an event that requires you to be modest, this should be your ideal pick. It is a simple braid that barely takes any time and looks sophisticated. Make a simple low ponytail.

Next, divide it into two sections, coiling each section at equal intervals with a colored ribbon that goes well your outfit. Lastly, secure the two sections with an elastic or combined ribbon.


3. Single Side French Braid

single reverse french braid

Reverse French braids look lovely, no matter what hair texture you have. Start from the left side in the front and make a braid moving backward along the side.

Once you reach the nape of the neck, braid the remaining hair into a classic plait to finish off the look. This look is very simple and yet has a unique style to it.


4. Single Waterfall Braid

single waterfall mermaid braid styles

This has to be one of the prettiest and most royal single braids hairstyles. It surely requires a little patience and time to finish up this elegant waterfall mermaid braid.

But, the end look is phenomenal! It is sexy, royal and makes one look like a beauty queen! If you have highlighted in your hair, this style would be even more profound.


5. Double Dutch Braid

single braid styles for women

What is better than a classic Dutch braid? Yes, it is a double Dutch braid! Start braiding your hair into a from the top part of the backside of your head.

Continue till the end and secure it with a thin elastic. If you have naturally black hair and blonde highlights, this style will make your hair look more defined.


6. Halo Braid

Are you looking for a braids style that can be carried with grace with formal attire? This is the pick for you! Opt for a halo braid that starts in front and moves towards the back of the head.

Once you reach the middle of the backside, braid the remaining hair into a low French-style braid and merge your halo braid with it.


7. Pull-Through Style Braid

If you are looking for a hairstyle that gives your hair more volume, opt for a pull-through braid. Does it look too complicated for you? It really isn’t.

All you have to do is put your hair into multiple ponytails, putting a thin, transparent elastic over each. Once done, pull them through each other sequentially to create the dragon braids effect as shown here.


8. Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braid can be simply described as a front braid as it starts from one side of the head and goes around like a headband to the other side. It looks pretty, angel-like and is a perfect hairstyle if you wish to look pretty and keep hair out of your face at the same time.

This individual braids style is often spotted at weddings where the bridesmaids adorn it with their pretty dresses.


9. Upside Down French Braid + Top Knot

Reverse French braids singly itself are gorgeous! And, buns are obviously pretty too. Combine the two, and you get a classic hairstyle. Braid your hair backward into a French braid and when you reach the top, put the hair into a messy top knot. And, you are ready to walk out in style!


10. Curvy Snake Braids

single curvy braid styles

Curvy snake braids make up for perfect hairdos where you need to look modest. They look majestic and pretty. You can pick any of the braid styles you are comfortable with, be it an ordinary plait, a French braid or a Dutch one.

Start from one side of the head, coming backward while braiding the hair and create a curvy braid that looks like a snake. For an enhanced look, you could even opt for accessorizing your hair a little.


11. Royal Loose Braid

A loose Dutch braid looks like a braids hairstyle that a princess would sport. It is very stylish and casual at the same time. The beauty of it lies in its loose braided parts, and it could be made to look elegant, or naughty, depending on the outfit you choose to wear with it.


12. Crown Braid

Crown braids are also commonly referred to as halo braids. The reason for it being the way they look. You can make a simple crown braid look a little more stylish by making a vintage roll in the front. This look is well-suited for women who are middle-aged or a little older in age.


13. Messy Fishtail Braid

Fishtails look sassy and cute. You make your hair a little messier, and they become even better! If you are looking for a single braids to sport on a date or a daytime affair, choose this one! Pick a cute summer dress, style your hair in a messy fish braid, and you are ready to impress!


14. Half-Up Braids

half up single fishtail braid

Why tie all your hair for braiding them up? You could even opt for a half-up style and still show-off your pretty braid!

A loosely braided fishtail looks simple, elegant and makes you look young and playful. The highlights in the hair from behind add the extra ‘fun’ factor to the overall look.


15. Crown Braided Updo

single crown braided chignon

Crown braids with chignons are often spotted by celebrities on the red carpets with their flowing gowns. If you are looking for a similar kind of look for yourself where you feel like a diva, this is the style for you!

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