45 Hypnotic Short Hairstyles for Women with Square Faces

6. Curly pixie

Short Curly pixie haircut for women

Have unruly curly hair and tired of taking care of it? Get an amazing pixie! The shorter your hair is, the easier it will be to take care of. Cut it short in the back and leave some volume on top to create a round look, which is very important for a square face.


7.  Long asymmetrical bob 

Short Hairstyles for Square Face for women 7-minLong asymmetrical bobs are in style right now and they are considered to be perfect short hairstyles for women with square faces. The pointy ends achieved by asymmetrical cutting give the face a more oval impression. Add some long asymmetrical bangs as well.

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8. High pixie

women best High pixie bob haircut

If you want to minimize hair care, get a pixie. If you want to make you square face appear more oval, make that pixie high. This amazing haircut is created by making short layers above the ear level and leaving the top long enough for high styling. You can start with about 5 inches.


9. Graduated bob 

Short Hairstyles for Square Face for women 9-min

Girls with fine hair will appreciate this simple graduated bob. It is very easily created and needs almost no maintenance. All you will have to do is keep it brushed. However, a messy look will do as well. In any case the square features will be softened.


10. Outline the face

girl short hairstyles for square faces

Such short hairstyles as this short a-line bob do wonders for outlining your facial features. This means you can play around with styling to make your face seem any shape you choose. Arrange the frontal strands to make an oval and your appearance will change immediately.