70 Brilliant Bob Weave Hairstyles To Go Against The Current

#11: Diagonal Parting

weave bob hairstyles 11-min

If you have thinner hair, a diagonal parting can actually help to give your hair more volume. The diagonal parting helps to lift the hair from the roots.


#12: Purple Reign

Purple color bob marley hair weave for women

Black hair can look amazing when it is mixed with purple colouration. Try an ombre style where the purple colour gradually fades into black towards the roots of your hair.


#13: Tousled Light Curls

weave bob hairstyles 13-min

Tousled light curls offer a great way to get volume into your hair. To get a tousled look, shape your hair with curlers and spray once you take the hair out. To give your hair a tousled look, run your fingers through your hair a couple of times only.


#14: Short Pixie Bob with Heavy Fringe

Short Pixie Bob weave bob haircut for teen age girl

Even if you have a weave, you can still choose to have a much shorter style. This thick weave bob can look amazing if it is lightly tousled and then fixed with a small amount of styling gel.


#15: Green with Envy

weave bob hairstyles 16-min

This amazing colour is a really eye-catching choice if you have a weave bob. This type of shade looks like it is black until it catches the light and you notice flashes of green as well.


#16: Red Tips

beautiful bob hair weaves for cute girl

If you do decide to get red dye put in your hair, you don’t have to colour it all of the way through. Dye your hair red at the tips, but leave the weave bob black at the roots.


#17: Quiff Fringe

weave bob hairstyles 18-min

Create a retro hairstyle by teasing your fringe up into a quiff and then hold it in place using a little bit of styling gel. This creates a really androgenous look which will get you the right kinds of attention.


#18: The Blues

blue weave bob haircolor for women

For an amazing en pointe bob hairstyle, cut your hair into an assymetrical bob, and then add some blue highlights. The blue will help to give your hair a funky new look.


#19: Rolled Fringe

weave bob hairstyles 20-min

A rolled fringe is reminiscent of a 40’s pinup girl style. You can actually team a rolled fringe up with lots of different weave bob looks to give yourself a little touch of retro glamour.


#20: Blunt Bob

 Blunt bob hair wavy haircut

A blunt cut might look quite severe, but if you team it up with the right fashion choices you can create a look which is really edgy instead. Keep your hair smooth to give it a real sheen.