70 Brilliant Bob Weave Hairstyles To Go Against The Current

#31: Pageboy bob

weave bob hairstyles 33-min

If you still want to keep your hair relatively short then you might want to consider a Pageboy style. This weave bob style looks particularly cute if you have very delicate facial features.


#32: Sleek Layered Bob with Highlights

Sleek Layered Bob hairstyle for black teen age girl

Even if you have a sleek bob, you can still give your hairstyle the appearance of texture and depth by using highlights and lowlights to change the look of your hair. Layering will also help to create texture and depth, whilst the sleek look maintains your shine.


#33: Textured Short Bob

Short Textured hairstyle for women

A chin-length bob can look really beautiful when you have given a little bit of texture to the style. You can use a diffuser attachment whilst blow-drying your hair to help to create this type of texture.


#34: Beach Hair

sweet girl bob weave hairstyle

This style of hair is the perfect choice if you want to look like a boho beach babe. The shading and texture make the style look sun-kissed and like you have just stepped out of the sea.


#35: Flyaway Locks

weave bob hairstyles 37-min

Flyaway locks are one of the names given to hair which is intentionally left looking slightly messy. This type of style is great if you want to create a look which appears as though you have not tried too hard!


#36: Long Bob with Heavy Bang

Long Bob weave haircuts for cute girl

This long bob style is a high fashion hairstyle for those who want to look like they are a top model. Have a longer cut around your face and then make gradually shorter cuts as your hair gets further back to create an amazing weave bob style.


#37: Voluminous Bob

weave bob hairstyles 40-min

This style looks thick and lush. Even if you have a thinner weave, you can create artificial volume by brushing upwards from the roots. You can also give the illusion of volume with the clever use of highlights and lowlights.


#38: Corkscrew Curls

women best curly black bob hairstyle

Whilst you are waiting for your natural hair to grow, you can put in a weave bob with natural looking corkscrew curls. This look is a great choice for showing cultural pride.


#39: Tight Curls


If you do not want corkscrew curls, you can still wear your hair in beautiful tight curls. This is a glamorous hairstyle which is ideal for a night out on the town


#40: Weave Bob with Voluminous Fringe

balck girl Weave Bob hairstyle

Put aside parting into your weave bob and then brush hair towards the front to create a gorgeous fringe. Brushing forwards from the base will help to give your fringe extra volume for a really glamorous hairstyle that can also be worn for every day.
































If you get a weave, you can have any style that you want as long as you are prepared to wait for it to be sewn in. This means that you have literally thousands of different options available to you. This list has shown you 70 of the best options for a bob style. Speak to your stylist and they will help to give you the weave bob that you have always dreamed of.