Why We Recommend Wooden Combs for Hair

Have you ever heard that wooden combs might be better at untangling hair and avoiding frizz? It might sound outdated, but it might be the best alternative to comb your hair without damaging it. It also prevents hair breaking, split ends and frizz.

That’s because frizz is caused by hair strands repelling each other, creating a small natural electric charge. You can see that with the naked eye – they’re the small hairs standing up on top of your head. Wooden hair combs don’t create static electricity, and that prevents frizz.

They can also help untangle your hair much quicker, can be used on all types of hair, and don’t affect the shapes of curls! Would you like to learn more about the benefits of wooden combs? Then, read on as I show you 7 reasons to use it from now on.


Plastic combs vs. Wooden combs

You might be asking: “If wooden combs are so beneficial, why are plastic combs more popular?” The answer is simple: they’re cheaper! Plastic and metal combs cost less, so they’re more widely sold in cosmetics stores and supermarkets.

However, they damage the hair fibers, since they produce static electricity. By using accessories made of those materials, you can make your hair frizzy and cause it to break and fall – especially on the curly, wavy or very fine hair.


The Best Wooden Comb for Hair

There are wooden combs of many shapes and sizes in stores. Curly and kinky hair types have extra benefits by using them. For them, it’s best to use wooden hair combs with wide teeth, since they won’t break the hairs as much and will help keep the curls defined.

wooden comb for hair

Using a leave-in conditioner or detangler will make it easier to detangle curly hair.

For straight hair, it’s recommended to use wooden combs with thinner, close-set teeth. Wooden brushes are also very practical and efficient for long hair.

People with little or fine hair (which have more static and tangle more easily) should use wooden hair combs with wider-set teeth, which helps to not break hair strands when combing. They also help to distribute the oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair.


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Why Use Wooden Combs for Hair

Now that you know all about wooden combs, it’s time to learn the benefits of using wooden combs for hair:

1. It untangles the “knots” in wet hair more easily

If your hair is curly or fine, you probably have a hard time dealing with knots on your hair. Wooden combs are ideal for removing those knots, especially if the comb has wider teeth.

You can use the comb when showering, which is a practical way of untangling hair and keeping it soft and shiny. If you do that, remember to keep your comb clean and dry after using it, and also make sure it is only used by you.

That is because wood is more susceptible to the growth of fungi. To clean your comb, wash it with soap and water.


2. It doesn’t damage the shape of the curls

Wooden combs, especially those with wider teeth, can quickly untangle curly or kinky hair. That’s because the wood has anti-static properties, so it doesn’t cause friction between the strands and keeps the curls’ shape.

The secret is combing your hair in the shower, with conditioner, starting from the tips. That will untangle the curls without breaking and will keep their shape.


3. It won’t break fine hair

uses and benefits of wooden comb

Fine hair naturally attracts more electricity, so it’s more vulnerable to breaking and frizz. Since wood neutralizes static, it is recommended for this hair type and helps avoid frizzy hair on top of the head.


4. It’s ideal for those with sensitive scalps

Wooden combs can also be used by those who suffer from scalp sensitivity. This material doesn’t usually hurt that area, and also feels good when combing. However, specialists warn that it’s important to pay attention to the spacing between the comb’s teeth, which should be between 0.4 cm and 0.5 cm.


5. It eliminates frizz

Wooden combs can help defeat a big enemy of hair beauty: frizz. Its anti-static properties help avoid friction between the strands, which is the main cause of the frizzy effect.


6. It moisturizes dry hair

Since they boost blood flow on the scalp, wooden hair combs also help regulate sebum production. That helps distribute the roots’ natural oils down the hair length and tips. For that reason, wooden combs are ideal for people with curly or kinky hair, or those who suffer from dry hair.


7. It absorbs your hair’s characteristics

An interesting fact about wooden combs is that they slowly absorb small amounts of their users’ natural hair and scalp oils. These oils nourish the hair again every time the comb is used. Also, having a comb with your own characteristics might help identify it among other accessories, even if identical to it.

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