How To Style Zoe Kravitz Braids + 5 Classy Styles

Is there anybody who didn’t see Zoe Kravitz braids styles yet? If there is anyone who knows how to slay the boho box braids completely, it is definitely one Kravitz. Zoe Kravitz is an epitome of beauty, elegance, and perfection and the way she carries her signature braids is just phenomenal.


How To Style Braids Like Zoe Kravitz

The boho box braids are beautiful which are intentionally left undone and unpolished from the ends to give it a messy, sloppy and non-uniform look. Zoe Kravitz gracefully styles these braids with cute and unique jewels to spruce up the hairstyle.

Women love Kravitz’s signature braids and are curious to know the secret behind this attention-grabbing and the voguish hairstyle. The good thing is, you can style these braids in your natural hair or spice it up with funky and colorful extensions. Here’s how to style Zoe Kravitz braids like a diva:

Wear them as Braids

Zoe Kravitz braid styles

Zoe Kravitz braid hairstyles can be twisted and styled in a basic braid or a Dutch braid or the gorgeous side fishtail braid. The best thing about styling these braids into braids is, they don’t get knotted and tangled while you style them.


Box Braids Ponytails

Zoe Kravitz braided ponytail

You can style your badass Zoe Kravitz box braids into a low, high or half ponytail. The ponytails give you an immaculate sophisticated yet jazzy look.


Ribbons and Turbans

styling Zoe Kravitz braids

Since hair elastics and bands are not an option for Zoe Kravitz’s braided hairdos, a colorful, flashy and fun alternative to the headbands and elastics is the Ribbons and Turbans. With ribbons and turbans, you can tie up your braids and play with the colors to add life to the hairstyle.


Fulani Braid

Zoe Kravitz braided bun

You can never run out of ideas while styling your Zoe Kravitz Fulani style braids into a stylish bun or an elegant updo. These hairstyles are perfect for formal events and weddings.


Half Buns or Updos

Zoe Kravitz braided half updo

Half buns and updos look inexorably the best hairstyle that looks good on all hair types and hairstyles, but with braids that Zoe sported, they look remarkably entranced and dreamy especially the half knot bun and half ponytail.


Colorful Box Braids

If you want to add more drama, energy, and ferocity, you can always go for a rainbow dye to make your hairstyle pop and rock.


Exquisite Zoe Kravitz Braids Styles

Here are 5 best braided hairstyles Zoe Kravitz has worn:

1. Low Bun

Zoe Kravitz braided low bun

The diva, Zoe Kravitz pulled her signature boho box braids style flawlessly with slicked-back hair and a low bun styled with a beautiful glittery ribbon.


2. Short Braids with Undercut

Zoe Kravitz braids with undercut

This Zoe Kravitz’s middle-parted braids style is unique and bodacious. The front hair is cornrowed into a swirling thing with a really short undercut and baby hair styled in a half ponytail. Soft and subtle makeup, nude lips and a punky vivid eyeliner add a perfect touch of opulence and luxury to this hairstyle.


3. Micro Braids with Curly Ends

Zoe Kravitz braids

With bold undercut, curly ends and platinum blonde short hair and miniature braids, Zoe Kravitz is literally killing it with her signature braids and nude makeup.


4. The Voguish Ponytail

Zoe Kravitz braided hairstyles

This Zoe Kravitz braid style is a treat to the eyes in a high or low ponytail. With silver hair, bold undercuts and a sleek and sultry ponytail, Zoe Kravitz sure knows how to steal the show.


5. The Mighty Knot

Zoe Kravitz braided knot

You cannot be as high as this mighty bun in Zoe Kravitz’s braids. Buns and ponytails flatter the look most. If you need to rush to a wedding or a formal event, tie your hair Zoe Kravitz inspired braids in a knot and Voila! A classical, sublime and visionary hairstyle.


Box braids AKA Zoe Kravitz braids are the coolest and trendiest hairstyles out there because they are easy to achieve, light-weight and can last for months with proper care and maintenance.