50 Glossy Disconnected Haircuts To Shine in 2017

Disconnected haircut is getting more and more popular over the years. This hairstyles is a variation of the undercut we are all familiar with. The main feature of this style is the disconnected look. It is achieved by keeping the top part of the hair long and hair on the sides short. As opposed to the undercut, the disconnection here appears due to short hair being all the same length. This hairstyle is easier to make than the undercut hairstyle and is very simple to maintain. There are many ways you can style the top part of the disconnected hairstyle to create your own special image.

Best Disconnected Haircuts for Men in 2016-17

If you have made the decision to try the disconnected haircut, you must be wondering about how to style it. Browse the 20 different styles we have chosen for you to understand which one will suit you best. Remember, the hair on the sides has to be shorter than the top part, but there is no need to shave it off. You can play around not with just the length of the top part, but with the size of the short part as well. There are easy-to-make choices here as well as the ones which will require some effort to maintain. Choose the one you like best and go for it!

1. The tousle

disconnected haircut for guys

The tousle is a great way  to deal with the top part of the disconnected haircut. Keep your sides very short in order to forget about visiting a stylist for a while and add some hair gel to the top part to create a classic tousle.

2. The pompadour

pompadour disconnected haircut to try

Pompadours are hard to make but they are bound to turn some pretty heads your way. In order to achieve this look, shave the sides completely and use some hair gel and a round brush to style the top part into a pompadour.

3. The long disconnected cut

long disconnected hairstyle

If you don’t want to cut your hair too short, you can easily go for the long disconnected haircut. The approach is pretty much the same. If your sides are long, then the top should be even longer to create a disconnected line.

4. The comb over

the comb over disconnected hair

Create a sexy comb over look by shaving the sides and keeping the top about 3 inches long. Sweep your hair to the side and use some high quality hair gel to keep it together. You will definitely stand out of the crowd.

5. Up high

men up-high disconnected haircut

If you are not afraid of a close relationship with the hair care products, this style can become your best friend. Keep the sides as short as possible without shaving them and leave about 7 – 8 inches on top. Apply gel to the hair while its wet and brush it up to be as long as you wish.

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