50 Most Popular Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts to Try

Cristiano Ronaldo, the CR7 is not just a world-famous football player, he is also a sex symbol. He spends a lot of time working on his appearance and takes great pride in his hair. Ronaldo’s hairstyles have become an example for many men and it is considered good taste to wear one of his hairstyles. He comes up with new ones quite often, so men have something to choose from. Obviously a football player can’t have a complicated hairstyle. It just wouldn’t survive through the grueling 90 minutes of ball playing. So, Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts are pretty easy to achieve and maintain and they look fantastic.


Most Popular Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts & Hairstyles

Usually, Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts are medium-short. This is compulsory to keep the hair out of the player’s face during a football match. These hairstyles are very suitable for any man out there regardless age or occupation. Ronaldo’s hair is naturally curly, so there are some hairstyles out there which will only fit the curly-haired men. However, there are still many styles for men with straight hair as well. Ronaldo likes using hair gel, so you will see some styles which won’t look good without it. No problem there. No complicated styling will be required. Just a little gel to keep the hair in place. It is quite easy to achieve. Take a look at the 50 different Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyles below and make a choice for yourself.


1. The spike

cristiano ronaldo haircut

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is perfect for men with curly hair, which they don’t really like to flaunt. Curly hair is hard to manage and this cut does wonders for keeping it subdued. Cut the hair short and leave some in front to make the spike with the help of some hair gel.