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70 Superstar Soccer Player Haircuts You Can Copy

Soccer is a very dynamic as well as an exhausting game. This is the reason for which soccer players go for the best haircuts and hairstyles to keep their look intact throughout the 90-minute game.

Many famous footballers get a simple haircut and later it becomes a trend for the years to come. Also, there are popular soccer players like Messy, Ronaldo, Neymar, Dale, Beckham etc who set the hairstyle trend whenever they change the haircut no matter what it is or how it looks! These superstars are the style divas for their fans that follow their each and every move and style.

We are going to list some of the most amazing soccer player hairstyles that are still trending and also stylish.


Best Soccer Player Haircuts To Try in 2024

Soccer players are famous among guys for exceptional skill, but the reason they are famous among most of the girls is because of their looks, styles, and especially hairstyles. They not only spend the time to practice for their game but spend as much time to style their unique hairstyle that later becomes their signature styles.

Below are 70 soccer player haircuts and hairstyles you’ll love to try.

#1: Cristiano Ronaldo Signature Haircut

best soccer player haircut: Christiano Ronaldo hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the best football players in the world. Well, he is not only famous for his brilliant skill on the field but also for his extremely handsome looks. In this particular haircut, he has sexy tramline to the slight undercut.

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#2: Messi’s Faux Hawk

lionel messy hairstyle

Lionel Messy, Barcelona’s star player is considered to be the best soccer player through the time, who doesn’t know his name! Lionel Messi is not only famous for his best soccer career but also famous for his cute look and on the top of it his attractive hairstyle, as this one in the below image shows.

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#3: Antoine Griezmann’s Smooth Side Part

Sometimes, the most timeless looks are the best. The side part is a classic sporty haircut because it’s neat but always on-point. Antoine Griezmann, the forward for Atlético Madrid, steps on and off the field with an unshakable coiffure that’s always cool.


#4: Neymar’s Pointed Bangs Haircut

popular hairstyle by soccer player Neymar

This soccer player haircut is still trending and loved by young guys. Neymar is known to be one of the sexiest Brazilian soccer players with amazing haircuts and styles. So if you are a fan of Neymar then do not give it a second thought to go for this look especially because it has excellent thick layers and it is extremely easy to style it.


#5: Beckham’s Faux Hawk Hairstyle

david beckham hairstyle

Till now David Beckham is one of the most prominent and well-known soccer players even if he is not on the field. The reasons for him being the most famous player is not only because of his excellent talent but also for his handsome looks. Beckham is also known to be having the best hairstyles and the picture below surely proves that right.


#6: Gareth Bale’s Layers Cut

Gareth Bale's Layers haircut

You might want to go for your favorite haircut but always remember that if you do not style it properly, then it’s not worth taking a shot. You can see Gareth Bale with a unique and stylish long on top and short on side & back haircut.


#7: David Luiz’s Coils to Extreme

David Luiz's curly hairstyle

This Brazilian player David Luiz has hair with extreme coil and curls that give a high volume to his hair. If you have the same hair texture, don’t be shy to flow you favorite soccer player with the most dynamic haircut.


#8: The David Villa Style

soccer - David Villa haircut

Are you a fan of David Villa, a talented striker in Spanish soccer team? If yes then you better be having this particular hairstyle. The best thing about this entire look is that it doesn’t need a lot of time to style is the shorter layers themselves give the volume you want.


#9: Dashing Faux Hawk by Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique soccer star haircut

This style is very catchy to the eye not only because of the styles but also the person in the below image. Gerard Pique an extremely dashing Spanish soccer looks magnanimous in the short very nice haircut with a sexy faux hawk.


#10: Olivier Giroud’s Half-Shaved Hairstyle

Olivier Giroud's Half-Shaved Hairstyle

Giroud is a French player currently also playing in Arsenal. His haircut looks great with sleek combed back hair to make a puff on the crown for a full look. This soccer player’s haircut looks even more, magnanimous with an undercut on the side.


#11: Riccardo Calafiori’s Wet Look

soccer player haircut - Riccardo Calafiori

Riccardo Calafiori’s wet look is so hard to ignore. If you have wavy hair, get a bowl cut and use styling gel to define that slightly curly hair. Keep a shaved face if you want a look that makes you seem younger. 


#12: Paulo Dybala’s Side Swept Bangs

soccer player's haircut - Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala impresses with a short, simple haircut and a perfectly shaved face. His thick eyebrows draw all the attention to his eyes, while his side-swept bangs reveal the face and forehead. 


#13: Weston Mckennie’s Afro Hair

soccer haircut - Weston Mckennie

Weston Mckennie uses a special sponge to arrange his Afro American hair. This is a low budget product that you can easily find and it can make quite a difference when styling your coils. 


#14: Maya Yoshida’s Short Hair

soccer player hairstyle - Maya Yoshida

Maya Yoshida looks tremendously cool and chic even after a long tiring soccer game. His hair is cut short, with a fade on sides and back and the top is flipped on one side. 


#15: Federico Bernardeschi’s Highlights

soccer hairstyle - Federico Bernardeschi

Federico Bernardeschi went for a long layered cut and a middle part with hair flipped over the ears. The Juventus player also picked a mild copper shade for his highlights. 


#16: Chris Smalling’s Braided Top

soccer player haircut - Chris Smalling

Chris Smalling sports a goatee and a short mustache with a bald fade on sides and back. He braided his top hair and pinned the knits in a ponytail. If you don’t have long hair, you can use hair extensions. 


#17: Milan Skriniar’s Straight Updo

soccer player haircut - Milan Skriniar

Milan Skriniar has that perfectly straight top. Use a straightening iron and some hair gel to make your hairstyle look as flawless as Milan’s. For the beard, keep a short length and groom it every few days. 


#18: Krzysztof Piatek’s Perfect Quiff

soccer haircut - Krzysztof Piatek

Krzysztof Piatek has this perfect quiff that might seem effortless to pull off. In fact, it’s a hairdo that requires all the attention. Recreate his look by styling that top upwards using a powerful fixing spray.


#19: Nicolo Zaniolo’s Blonde Ombre

Nicolo Zaniolo - soccer hairstyle

Nicolo Zaniolo keeps a perfectly clean, shaved face and is not afraid to play with different shades of blonde when picking a new hairstyle. He went for an ombre and sported a brown colored nape hair that beautifully contrasts the lighter top.


#20: Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Bun

soccer player's hairstyle - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic transformed the temple fade and the low knotted bun into a personal trademark. His extended goatee is also highly recognizable, and if you really want a badass look, his hairstyle is the best pick. 


#21: The Flowing Locks of Luka Modric

There’s no reason to go for a structured style. Maybe your strength lies in your long, flowing locks. Mimic Luka’s look by opting for lengthy layers. Every time you see the midfielder for Real Madrid and Croatia, his hair’s blowing in the breeze. Take a cue.


#22: Gianluigi Buffon’s Tousled Quiff

The Juventus goalkeeper and captain know the importance of keeping cool on the field. His unkempt quiff with shaved sides is easy to style, it doesn’t leave him sweaty while blocking shots, and it looks pretty fierce once he’s off-duty.


#23: Manuel Neuer’s Neat Ivy League

The Ivy League is an uncomplicated, always polished soccer player haircut. It’s a favorite of Manuel Neuer’s, the Bayern Munich goalkeeper. It’s the perfect cut for that position because it keeps the hair out of your eyes so you can track the ball.


#14: Paul Pogba’s Badass Mohawk

Paul Pogba’s hair is often as recognizable as his smooth midfielder moves. He’s easily one of the most striking footballers for Manchester United, partly because of his unpredictable hairstyles.

The Mohawk is a crowd favorite, but in addition to being fashion-forward, it’s also a practical choice for any sport. Your head stays cool, and your hair never falls over your field of vision.


#25: The Polished Pompadour of Alexis Sánchez

As a forward and winger for Arsenal, Alexis is kind of a superstar. He’s as at home on the covers of sports and fashion magazines as he is on the field. Fortunately, his sleek undercut pompadour looks phenomenal whether he’s playing or posing.


#26: Half Shaved Head Hairstyle by The Genius Ronaldo

best soccer player ronaldo's haircut

It is another excellent look by Cristiano Ronaldo having a perfect blend of highlights in it to give a sleek and shine to the hair. It has half shaved head style to give a very composed look to the entire thing.


#27: A Hard Part Like James Rodríguez

The best thing about a hard part is how easy it is to style. You can follow the lead of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid’s attacking midfielder and winger. Ask the barber to shave in a permanent part, then style the remaining shock of hair however you like—spike it, tousle it, or slick it back.


#28: The Messy Crew Cut of Kevin de Bruyne

As an attacking midfielder for Manchester City, Kevin de Bruyne knows he needs to keep his eye on the ball and his head in the game. Opting for a clean crew cut is the best way to do that, but you can give it a few signature touches, as well. For instance, let it grow out until it gets a bit messy—bedhead is always on-point.


#29: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Faded Faux Hawk

Borussia Dortmund’s stylish striker manages to keep his coif on-trend without ever missing a beat with his talented feet. A high fade is flattering no matter what, but top it off with a spiked shock of hair, and you’re golden.


#30: The Short Spikes of Toni Kroos

Make like Toni Kroos, a midfielder for Real Madrid, and you never have to worry about overheating even though you’ll always look exceptionally hot. Mow your hair into a crew cut, but leave a little length. Spike it sky high and rock your own soccer star hairstyle.


#31: Marco Reus’s Pointy Spikes

footballer Marco Reus's hairstyle

If you want a fuller look in your hair, Marco Reus’s hairstyle is the best option for you. With the hint of highlights on the edges of each spike, it shows an impeccable and sleek look. It has thick layers on the top and longer on the front to have a concentrated look, which is magnanimous.

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#32: Javier Pastore’s Perfection of Tramlines


Tramline looks epic on all men, but when it comes to soccer players, it looks even better. Javier Pastore known for his cute and handsome appearance looks magnanimous with a gentle touch of spiked hair and perfection of tramlines on the sides.


#33: Cool Highlighted Layers by Roger Robbie


Roger Robbie, a classy American Soccer player, looks handsome in the highlighted layers on the front to give a perfect style a very sleek and shiny look. With a slight undercut on the side, it gets even better.


#34: Olivier Giroud’s Side Parted Look

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 6

Here comes another look from the coolest Olivier Giroud the French heart-throb soccer player. In this hairstyle, he has side-parted combed back hair. This style shows that side-parted look when combined with undercut not looks sexy but also very decent.


#35: Gareth Bale’s Perfect Tramlines

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 7

Gareth Bale is having a great time in 2024 with his amazing skills & becoming a trend-setter for young hairstyle lovers.

The best thing about tramlines is that you can always create new things with them and also that tramline gives a very compose style to the entire look. Below there is another classy hairstyle by Gareth Bale with the perfection of tramlines to give it a tidy look.


#36: Sergio Aguero’s Black Faux Hawk Haircut

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 8

Sergio Aguero is an Argentinean soccer player and is a striker in English Club Manchester sure does have a striking appearance with jet black hair color and a faux hawk with a slight undercut to the sides.


#37: Sexy Mohawk by Vidal

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 9

Arturo Vidal is a Chilean soccer player with is famous for his extremely tedious hairstyles including Mohawk, military cuts, etc. so if you are looking for a short yet sexy haircut for you then this might be your choice.


#38: Intense Mohawk by Hamsik

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 12

This style is very decently carried by Slovakian soccer player Marek Hamsik; he plays as an attacking midfielder and sure does have an attacking hairstyle. With the extreme pointed mixed layer, this haircut looks very dynamic.


#39: Wild Layers Hairstyle by David Beckham

Soccer Player Haircuts and Hairstyles 15

Here comes another bold look from not only style diva but an outstanding player David Beckham. In this particular look, Beckham has a number of layers with very random lengths that give out a total heart-throb personality.


#40: Messy’s Faded Faux Hawk


Messi mostly has faux hawk with a bit of alteration. In the below image you can clearly see a very classy yet decent faux hawk with a light blend of faded style on the back.


#41: Wild Thorns

soccer player haircut

This hairstyle is carried by El Shaarawy a professional player in Italy national team is known for his incomparable hairstyles. This hairstyle is one of the toughest to make. If you are going for this haircut, so make sure you know how to style it right.


#42: Ivy League


If you are a soccer player, it doesn’t mean your haircut must be too short or too outrageous. Ivy league cut is perfect for any occasion. It stays neat during heavy duty soccer action and looks just as good at a press conference.


#43: Short Comb Over


This hairstyle is very easy to make. You need an undercut with about 4 inches left on top. The top part is either brushed back or to one side. It might be a little hard to keep neat, but it looks and feels amazing.


#44: Hight and Tight


High and tight hairstyle is the perfect choice for men who are into sports. It is easy to make, simple to maintain and great to look at. It is essentially a taper fade with not more than a couple of inches left on top.


#45: Undercut with a beard


It might be hot to play soccer with a beard, but for some men style is more important. If you want to look fashionable and manly at the same time, try this incredible undercut and beard mix. You will surely love the way you look in the mirror.


#46: Long and Floppy


Like a great soccer player, a great hairstyle should have good movement. A longer hairstyle will bounce in a very satisfying way as you run up and down the pitch. You should not try to tame it.


#47: Buzz Cut with Short Spikes


Keep your style very short at the sides and the back, but allow some more length at the top. Put a little gel in the longer sections of your hair and then run a comb upwards through it to create sharp spikes.


#48: Mohawk with Tramlines


Close shave the sides of your hair so that only a little bit of stubble remains but make sure that you leave the central reservation long. Style the longer hair up into a soft peaked Mohawk style. Cut in tramlines at either side of the Mohawk to create a sharper style which is the height of fashion.


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#49: Short Back and Sides

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 09: Riyad Mahrez of Leicester City celebrates scoring the second goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Leicester City and Southampton at The King Power Stadium on May 9, 2015 in Leicester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

A short back and sides is a classic style both on and off of the pitch. It is also an easy style to create and maintain. All that you need to do is shave the back and sides of your hair to a short length whilst leaving the top of your hair longer and lusher.


#50: Side Styling


In this hair, most of the styling is focused around the crown of the head. Use a light hold gel to grease most of your hair across in a comb over style, but use a stronger hold gel to flick some strands up into position around your crown.


#51: Aaron Ramsey’s Platinum Blonde with High Fade

Aaron Ramsey really knows how to get everyone’s attention not only on the soccer field but also anytime he’s spotted on vacation with his wife and kids. Pairing a platinum blonde comb over with a fade and a brown naturally colored beard is definitely an attention-grabbing mix. 


#52: Antoine Griezmann’s High Skin Fade with Comb Over

A high skin fade suits Antoine Griezmann like a charm because with this haircut, he draws all the attention to his comb-over, thick eyebrows, and deep blue eyes. 


#53: Bangs Haircut by Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres went for a medium feathered haircut with long bangs worn on the forehead and slightly on one side. He sported a honey blonde hair color with darker roots. 


#54: Gareth Bale’s Top Knot

Gareth Bale went for a patchy jawline beard that extends on the neck and a short mustache. For his long hair, he opted for a top knot with untucked nape hair. 


#55: Gerard Pique’s Spiky Crew Cut with Beard

Gerard Pique has definitely fascinating blue eyes that he highlights by creating a fabulous contrast. He went for a spiky crew cut and a medium beard with a mustache that frames his lips. 


#56: Granit Xhaka’s Comb Over Fade

Granit Xhaka wears his comb-over hairstyle and fade with pride and he keeps a clean shaved face that makes him look so young. Even on the field, he still maintains a touch of glam with his diamond earrings. 


#57: Graziano Pelle’s Textured Side Part

When you are among the highest-paid soccer players in the whole world, your look needs to be impeccable, and this is what Pelle wishes every time he is on the field. If you want to copy his hairstyle, remember that everything has to look pitch-perfect. 


#58: Kaka’s Cool Spike

Kaka is a real badass, and even his hairstyle screams power and confidence. He was not only a real force of nature on the field but also a cool Brasilian player who loved to impress his opponents with his looks.


#59: Messi’s Messy Blonde Hair with Beard

Lionel Messi shocked the soccer world when he entered the field with a bright blonde color, a messy hairstyle, and a contrasting brown ginger beard. He wants to get all the attention not only with his game but also with his looks. 


#60: Mathieu Debuchy’s Side Part with Fade

Mathieu Debuchy loves to keep a clean elegant appearance even on the soccer field. That sleek side part with a part looks amazing on him. If you need to recreate his look, make sure you use quality hairstyling products. 


#61: Messy Look

Gerard Pique is not only a handsome sexy man but also a trendsetter when it comes to men’s hairstyles. This messy casual look with a short stubble beard suits him like a glove, right?


#62: Neymar’s Burst Fade with Mohawk

Neymar adores hairstyles with a twist and he occasionally opts for mohawks with a fade. He styles it upwards and to spice things up a little bit in the color department, he creates blonde highlights. 


#63: Olivier Giroud’s Upscaled Mohawk

There are so many ways you can wear a mohawk.  Many men look rebellious but some arrange it in a casual sexy way. Oliver Giroud’s upscaled mohawk transforms the soccer player into a pretty handsome man.


#64: Ciro Immobile’s High Fade

soccer player haircut - Ciro Immobile

Ciro Immobile sports a bald fade that acts as a disconnection between the short stubble beard and the side tossed quiff. He looks professional and neat.


#65: Raheem Sterling Wide Mohawk

Raheem Sterling looks like a real badass on the soccer field with his wide Afro Mohawk. The razored hard part creates a visible disconnection between the hawk, and the sides fade. 


#66: Saphir Taider Wavy Hairstyle

Safie Taider, the center midfielder of Al-Ain from Saudi Professional League, loves creating messy wavy hairstyles for his thick top hair. He also sports short full beards that make his face look elongated.


#67: Textured Slick Back by Beckham

David Beckham is world-widely recognized for his pitch-perfect appearances. He took the comb-over to a whole new level, and boys and men love to recreate his look. 


#68: Undercut with Faux Hawk

Christiano Ronaldo always takes the right approach when he’s stepping on the soccer field. He has plucked eyebrows, a perfect shave, and a hard part with a zig-zag design on one side. 


#69: Xabi Alonso’s Short and Neat Look

Xabi Alonso sports a clean look with a side comb and a 3 days stubble beard. He doesn’t look only professional, but he is also masculine and sexy.


#70: DeAndre Yedlin’s Blonde Curls

The right-back Newcastle United player, DeAndre Yedlin was frequently spotted on the field with a blonde wavy top, with dark roots and an undercut for sides and back.


Hope you have enjoyed our list of best soccer player haircuts. If you are planning to copy a soccer player, then do not forget first to look for the perfect styling for the particular look. Because if you aren’t able to style it the way it should be, it will not appear as good as it does on your style guru, your favorite soccer player.

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