The Most Popular Fade Haircuts for Black Boys

We don’t have to tell you how popular black boy fade haircuts are in today’s world. Nearly every guy in the African American community, and now even those outside of it, are getting one or the other version of a fade haircut.

Whether it’s a taper fade, afro fade, high fade, or a low fade, you’re bound to know someone or the other with a fade haircut. If you’re someone who doesn’t really keep up with styles, we’ll help you get educated about the fade haircuts for black boys.


Fade Haircuts for Black Boys

Fade haircuts consist of gradual hair length tapering. Hair at the top is the longest and it gradually decreases in length as it goes down to the neck. What makes them great is how versatile they are. The hair at the top can be of any length that you desire; there’s no set amount so you can start big or small, it’s completely up to you!

You can also pair your fade haircut with high and low taper, patterned sides, hard parts, flat tops, and so many more variations. We’ve listed below a few black boy fade haircuts for you.


Faux Hawk with Fade

Black Boys Faux Hawk with Fade

This fade haircut for black boy incorporates a high fade and twists – the hair on the top is twisted. As for a high fade, that means that the hair disappears a good inch or two above where they should naturally end.


Fade Haircut with Hard Part

black boy's fade haircut with hard part

In this black short haircut, we again see a high fade. This time, the high fade is accompanied by a hard parting that helps provide some symmetry and some shape to the face.


Two-toned Fade

two toned fade haircut for black boy

As the name suggests, this kind of black boy fade haircut includes dying the top of your hair. The resulting effect with be your natural hair color fading into the dyed hair and thus a two-toned haircut.


Flat Top Hair with Fade

black boy's flat top haircut

This fade haircut also includes a flat top, another iconic hairstyle for black boys. It also includes a low fade, with the base of the haircut starting where the natural hairline does.


So really, you can style your fade haircut in a huge number of different ways. Nothing’s right or wrong when it comes to fade haircuts, especially for black boys. As long as you follow the tapered length rule, you’ll be just fine.

Maintenance of fade haircuts is also very easy. You just need to get a trim when you feel that your hair has gotten so long that the fade in length can’t be seen anymore. You can also style your fade haircut using products such as serums, gels, or waxes. You can see how much room these fade haircuts leave for you to express your creativity and style – something very important in the 21st century.

The haircut also remains wildly popular because of celebrities, such as Usher, ae huge fans of it as well. In fact, Usher started the South of France fade. With support like this, it’s no surprise that every day we see new and new kinds of fade haircuts also among the black boys hitting the streets.