5 Man Bun Styles for Hipster Guys

The hipster man bun has seen a slow and steady revival. Not only does it add an absolutely cool quotient, but also lends an understated casual charm. Often it is seen as a rather fun approach to your personality and gives you a convenient option to manage your rather long hair.


Man Bun Hairstyles for Hipster Men

Quite needless to mention, this is a style that rather grows on you. It lends an effortless appeal and offers a magnetic pull about you. Here is a look at the 5 best hipster men’s man bun styles that you can try.

1. Braided Man Bun

hipster man bun with cornrows

Whether you have very long hair or medium-length one, the braided man bun with shaved sides is always an appealing option.

This is undeniably one of the best hipster man buns that are appropriate for just about any occasion. It is also a convenient style that can help you tide over any kind of weather conditions.

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2. Man Bun with Undercut

Hipster Man Bun with High Fade

This man bun with beard and undercut sides for hipster men is all about combining cool and convenience. This combination brings in a casual and edgy appeal to your regular top knot.

In case you stay in slightly warmer regions, this is also an extremely comfortable style that allows you to remain cool.


3. Messy Low Man Bun

hipster guy with messy low bun

Now, who does not like a little dose of mess? This slick back bun is one of the best representations of the hipster man bun style.

It is casual, yet in control, it is messy but can be easily set right, and it makes men’s long wavy hair extremely manageable. This is a type of style that will always make you stand in any gathering.

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4. Half-up Top Knot

hipster man bun

Who said that you need really long hair to pull off a man bun? Well, think again? Here is a perfect example of an absolutely cool, sexy and amazing hipster hairstyle with man bun.

Almost a fashion statement in itself, it effortlessly combines the casual flamboyance with the rugged masculine energy to bring you an absolute winner. A hipster beard will make it edgier!


5. Curly Man Bun

curly hipster man bun

You cannot deny the hot quotient of any man bun. When the hipster inspired man bun teams up with tight curls, it takes the overall look to a whole new level. It is both charming and cool in one breadth. The roughness of the curls combines with the tight styling to give a creative and contemporary look.


These styles are not just very modern in perception, they are also cool, practical and a much welcome break from the conventional. These are also a fashion statement of sorts for modern men. They are no longer limited by age-old typical perceptions.

They are free-thinking, wilful and wild yet well in control, often like the long unmanageable tresses that they wrap up in a convenient bun effortlessly. So if you are keen to try out the hottest hipster man bun hairstyles of the season, here is a handy list of the top favorites.

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