How to Style a Pompadour Fast & Easy

The key to a good pompadour is a cut that is short on the sides and back with a fair amount of hair length up top. Although the amount of hair up top may vary person to person, experts agree that anywhere between four and seven inches will serve to do a great deal of justice to achieve this look.

disconnected pompadour


Pompadour Hairstyle: Tools Needed

To style a Pompadour you will need the following tools ready to go:

  • A good pomade or hair wax
  • A comb
  • Brush (Denman or Roller)
  • Professional Ionic Blow Dryer (optional for the lift)
  • Holding Hairspray


How To Achieve the Pompadour Style

To achieve this hairstyle, apply water to your hair then towel dry. If you are fresh out of the shower, this is perfect, if not you can use a spray bottle to apply water to wet your hair. Make sure to dry your hair so that it is left damp. Dripping wet hair will not work for this style.


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After you have towel dried your hair, use a brush and blow dryer to dry back, sides top of your hair. You will want to allow the front of your hair to remain damp for as long as possible.

classic pompadour style

Moving to the front of your hair, use your brush to raise your hair upward while using the blow dryer. By doing this, you will create the lift that you are seeking, a signature of a good pompadour. Once you have created the necessary lift, use your brush to fold the hair backward.

These Pompadour Hairstyles Are Awesome


edge haircut pobpadour

Now that you have completed the drying process, you will need to apply your hair products to create the perfect hold. Using a dime-size amount of pomade in your palm then rub your hands together then apply it to the sides of your hair followed by the top.

In time, you will be able to identify what amount of pomade or hair wax works best for your hair structure. Too much pomade will destroy your efforts, and too little pomade will not enable you to achieve this hairstyle.

disconnected pompadour

Using your comb, comb the sides back then comb the top of your hair back. You have saved the front of your hair for last, and now, it’s time to finish this style off. Comb your hair skyward, straight up with one hand and use the other hand to catch this hair. Next, using the comb, fold your hair over that hand to create the desired height for your hair.


Voila! You have a pompadour. If you are concerned that the pomade will not create the hold you are seeking, you can apply some holding spray. In time, you can perfect the art of creating a good pompadour but it will require practice. A good pompadour hairstyle will turn heads and earn you a bevy of compliments.

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