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Janella Diaz

Janella Diaz, Lifestyle Content Writer

Lives in: Philippines

Expertise: Hair Styling & Hair Color Trends

Experience: 10+ years

Janella is a registered pharmacist and a freelance writer writing about beauty to fashion for almost 10 years. After years of writing, she discovered her passion for all things hair-related! Now, she dedicates her time and writing abilities to help other people enjoy their most beautiful hair by researching hair trends and testing out and reviewing the latest haircare tools and products in the industry.

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With their polished look and lived-in vibe, textured bangs give you the best of both worlds. While this type of bangs would require more maintenance and styling due to the number of layers that they have, it’s the best option if you want to enjoy face-framing benefits with a stylish twist. If you want stylish …