7 Coolest Short and Wavy Hairstyles for Guys Right Now

If you have short wavy hair and have been looking for some cool styles for your hair then you are reading the right article at the right time. We have compiled a list of 7 best short hairstyles for wavy hair that will make any man look irresistibly attractive and add a bunch of volume and beauty into that short length.


Men’s Short Wavy Hairstyles

The kind of hairstyle that you are sporting really does say quite a lot about you and your personality, and how you clean up when you are going out. Though sometimes it can be a bit of trouble to find the right style for your hair, especially when you have short hair. But who says short hair can’t be styled in multiple ways? Worry no more, we are here with an amazing and handy guide for short hairstyles for men with wavy hair.


1. The Simple and Gorgeous Quiff

short wavy hair with quiff

Keeping it simple is more than often the safe and the easy option to go for. Not only that, but it is also quite attractive. Just quiff your hair up a little to give it a voluminous and smart look.


2. Trusty Side Part

side parted hairstyle on short wavy hair

A side part nearly always works as a good hairstyle on wavy hair and gives you that smart, caring, gentleman kind of look. Plus, it is super easy to acquire; just part your hair to your preferred side, brush it, and voila!


3. Taper Fade with Spikes

short taper fade for wavy hair

This one is especially loved by all. It gives off the classic, cleaned up, and smoking hot look. The contrast of the spikes and the taper fade with wavy hair is an absolutely beautiful combination that will amaze anyone who catches a glimpse of this short hairstyle.


4. The Guy Next Door Look

short wavy hairstyle for men

This short haircut for wavy hair has been doing wonders to all men over the years now. Comb your hair up in simple spikes and there you have the hot, guy next door hair.


5. Ronaldo’s Style with Slicked Back

 short wavy slicked back Ronaldo style

The classic, slicked back short hairstyle for men that has been the preference of many celebrities over the ages is, and will forever remain, the go-to and trusted option for a classy and groomed look. So why not go for this one?


6. Go for That Wavy Fringe

short wavy fringe haircut

If you have short wavy hair, then a light fringe will serve as a cute hairdo. Plus, it’ll give you a much younger appearance.


7. The Carefree and Messy Waves

messy waves on short hair

You can’t go wrong with this one. Just run a hand through your hair, and you’ll have a swoon-worthy carefree hairstyle providing a laidback vibe.


With this friendly guide now at the close reach of your fingertips, you have 7 different ways to style your short wavy hair that will help you attain that sexy appearance which will definitely make everyone do a double take.

Finding a variety of easy and good ideas for short hair can be a hard task sometimes, thus limiting the options for men with short hair. But hope that, this article will help you to create different looks with no problem at all and step out with a load of confidence.