30 Trendiest Caesar Haircuts in 2017 & How to Style

Caesar haircut is one of the popular haircuts in these days that originated from Rome where Emperor Caesar used to get this haircut. It was very popular in 90’s and now has come back with the combination of other styles. Short, layered, and horizontal haircut bags are the basic features of Caesar haircut. Let’s see how it looks when gets combine with other hairstyles.


Best Light and Dark Caesar Haircuts for Men

Gone are the days when a variety of hairstyles was associated only with women and men had a few options. Nowadays, men are equally concerned about their looks like females and keenly follow trendy hairstyles and the latest fashion. Caesar haircuts are not only stylish but also gives a modern look to any man or teenager. Below are 30 of our most favorite light and dark caesar haircuts for men which will definitely inspire you.


1. Caesar Haircuts for Choppy and Layered Bangs

nice Caesar Haircuts for young boy

This classy hair design keeps your hair up on your head like a crown. The side-hair are tapered giving you a pleasant refreshing look. This style is being considered as the best one for males having straight messy hair who really don’t care about giving their hair any pleasant look because of one or the other reasons.


How to Style:

Since this cut is quite normal, it is known to all stylists. Just make sure to tell your barber to handle the irregular hair by cutting them properly and then style accordingly.


2. Chic with Razor Line

Razor Caesar Haircuts for men

This is the best design for the males having a bit round head. Evenly cut hair with an amazing texture and proper length is all to be needed by the man with the mentioned description. For the perfect razor line, you can fade the sides as well.


How to Style:

This is a rather easy design yet one thing you should make aware your stylist of, is to fade the sides perfectly because the cleanliness of razor line will be dependent on how your sides are faded.


3. Skin Fade and Textured Top

skin fade haircut plus Caesar haircut

If you have long hair and you don’t want to cut them off fearing you won’t grow such again, don’t worry as we have a solution in the form of a Skin Fade Textured Top haircut. In this amazing haircut, the textured locks are hanged over the head giving a rather promising look.


How to Style

Ask your barber to cut the hair first proportionately from the crown while maintaining the sides properly. Don’t let him fade the sides to the extremes.


4. Caesar With Subtle Curls

The Caesar haircuts are one of its kinds. Ever wondered what to do with the curly hair? Let’s tell you a unique way to handle your curls in a fashionable way. You can trim the sides of and then handle your curls in a way which could just appear on the head, looking messy but properly curled.


How to Style:

Since this cut is also easier, there is no need to direct anything. However, tell the stylist to apply a softening cream prior to trimming because it will rule out even a single percent chance of deterioration.


5. Heavy Chop and Undercut

Caesar Heavy Chop and Undercut hairstyle

Give your hair a unique style with this amazing undercut design. For this type of haircut, your hair should be thick, long and silky otherwise it won’t hold of like it is supposed to be. You can also sweep your hair at the front and trim off the sides properly.


How to Style:

Tell the stylist to give your hair a trimmed look from the sides and then start turning your hair into thick puffs.

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