5 Two Braided Man Bun Hairstyles to Look Like A Boss

Two braid man buns are trending rapidly among men around the world along with their increasing love for long hairs. There is a huge variety of braid and bun styles that you can try according to your interest. You can make these hairstyles super cooler by wearing different two braids with bun.

If you do not know so much about the two braids and man bun combination then, no need to worry about it. Here, we will lead you to the incredibly stylish two braid man bun hairstyles which you surely love and prefer to wear at different gatherings.


Awesome Two Braid Man Bun Styles for Men

Man bun is a classy hairdo for men with braids it gives an edgier look! Have a look at our top picked men’s two braid man bun hairstyles on demand.

1. Twisted Two Braids with a Top Man Bun

Twisted Two Braids with a Top Man Bun

It is a simple yet stylish two braids man bun hairstyle for men. The sides are too short while the top hairs are kept longer. You can observe the neat taper fade sides and back in the given image below. The top is divided into two sections leaving a clean straight central line.

The two long hair sections are converted into two twists like braids which later tied into a top messy men bun. You can combine this bun hairstyle with a beard for an advanced masculine look. The sharp sideburns give an edgy look.


2. Two Dreadlocks Braid Man Bun

two dreadlocks braided bun for men

This two braided bun style is for those men who have long hair and love the dreadlocks. The sides are high taper fade and the top long hairs are parted into two sections from the center. After that, these two dreadlocks sections are turned into two modish braids. These two braids are then tied into a bun at the back of the head.


3. Two French Braid Man Bun

two french braid man bun

It is a very stylish man bun braid hairstyle with two French braids. The sides and back of the head are kept very short which makes the man bun braids more prominent.


4. Two Braid Bun with Cornrows

two braid bun with cornrows

Cornrows are always in trend but when these are combined with two braids with a man bun then, it enhances the charm of your overall personality. You can blonde the two braids as shown in the image below for a more striking look.

These types of braids are also known as Dutch braids. In this two braid man bun for men, two small braids can be made beside the two Dutch braids. The sides and back are shaved giving the look of an undercut or high fades.

Versatile Man Bun Braids Hairstyles


5. Two Braid Man Bun with an Undercut

Two Braid Man Bun with an Undercut

An undercut is itself a modern hairstyle. When you combine this undercut with two stylish braids and bun then, it changes the overall look whole haircut. You can apply pomade or any other good quality styling product for a shiny glossy look.


Hope you really enjoyed while reading these innovative types of two braid man bun. All these hairstyles need less maintenance. These styles are applicable on medium and long hair because you cannot make braids and bun on military hair. You have to grow your hair at least 6 inches for a semi bun.

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