81 Most Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts in 2020

#11: Formal Side Parting Baby Boy Hair

A short baby boy haircut makes your baby’s blue colored eyes look more prominent and attractive. Make him look more adorable with this classy formal side parting haircut. Be watchful that the apparel of your standout son makes a similar statement as his hairstyle.


#12: Blonde Surf’s Up Hair

Blonde little boy hairstyle

A bit of wave gives this haircut dynamic movement to focus on. This hairstyle is suitable for oval, triangular and square face shapes, and works best on thick and fine hair.


#13: Flair Undercut for Baby Boy

baby boy haircut 2016

This short haircut with a bit of flair and exaggerated length in the middle area can be a perfect hairstyle for your little man. It gives him a look that is neat and tousled both at the same time.


#14: Little Boy Long Side Bang Haircut with Thin Hair

little boys haircut with thin hair

Pairing a long side bang with short side hair gives your baby an edgy look. Keep this look fresh with some handy hairspray. This look is suitable for oval, square and round face shapes. If your baby’s hair is medium or thick, this hairstyle can be a spotless option.


#15: Toddler Flipped Bangs Haircut With Shaved Edges

toddler boy haircut side bangs

Pairing flipped bangs with shaved sides can give your baby an elegant look, and it’s appropriate for any occasion. This haircut works best with medium to thick hair types, and suits to oval, square and rectangular face shape.


#16: Twisted Billow Haircut

billow hairciut for baby with fine hair

Your brilliant but a little naughty little boy deserves a haircut that matches his personality. So, what can better for him than this twisted billow haircut? This haircut suits to oval and square face shape. And if your baby’s hair are thin or medium, go for this haircut.


#17: Cute Formal Petit Baby Boy Haircut

cute baby hairstyle

Let your baby’s natural hair texture shine with this sophisticated but a bit petit haircut. Keep this look neat and controlled with a polished finish. This hairstyle is suitable for oval, square and round shaped faces, and works best with medium and thick hair.


#18: Classy Medium haircut

cute baby boy haircut

This one is really a cool haircut for baby boys. The way to keep your baby’s hair look neat and not so short is to give him a haircut that cuts the edges short but keeps the crown area filled with bouncy hair. Let your kid have the classy medium haircut. It would look more appealing if your baby’s face shape is oval, square or rectangular.


#19: Cuddly Haircut

Cuddly Haircut for Black Baby Boy

Let your baby’s natural texture shine, if he has curls. His curls will have everyone wanting to scroll their fingers through. Just trim the sides to ensure that you maintain the softness of the curls.


#20: Low Baby Mohawk

Low Baby Mohawk

Nothing can be cuter than a Mohawk. While this haircut looks wild on adults, the babies’ look more adorable in this haircut. Make the side hair shaved and trim the middle hair for making a Mohawk. If your baby’s face is oval or square or round, he’ll look more charming with this haircut.