10 Timeless Short Haircuts for Toddler Boys

Toddler boys with short hair look absolutely dapper. The childish innocence, the naughty eyes and the radiant smile of toddler boys get even more amplified with their short haircuts. It is not just a comfortable styling tool, but also an easy way to keep the hair in control.


Cutest Short Hairstyles for Toddler Boys

Check out these amazing short hair ideas for your toddler boys and make him look cool!

1. Cool Dapper Side Parting

toddler boy with short hair

When you consider toddler boy’s short haircuts, this is one of the classic ones. Simple, neat and a no-hassle style, it is all about celebrating the messy but happy childhood. Neither do you face problem styling it, nor is it tough cutting it in shape. It is easy-going, free-flowing, pretty much like the adorable baby boys themselves.


2. Comb Over with Hard Part

short haircuts for toddler boys

Now we gradually move to some fun and games. This is a super-smart haircut for little boys that also gives the illusion of a fairly long hair. So that makes a pretty contrast and a rather striking impact. The toddler boy looks absolutely dashing with definitive confidence about him. This is all about combining technique and creativity in happy harmony.


3. Short and Spiky Hair

toddler boy with short and spiky hair

This is one of the most natural short hairstyles for toddler boys. In many ways, you hardly see any specific style or look, but at the same time, it makes your toddler stand out rather effortlessly. The appeal and charm of this hairstyle are such that your toddler boy is sure to win appreciation and extra cuddles and hugs.


4. Messy Side Swept Hair

short hairstyles for toddler boys

Naughty, happy, spunky and absolutely adorable is how I describe this haircut for toddler boys with short hair. It creates a fun-loving, cute appeal, and at the same time, this is a hairstyle that your boy can manage rather well. So, this style also makes a rather convenient style to maintain on a day to day basis.


5. Spiky Kids Mohawk

short hair mohawk for toddler boys

So how active are toddler boys, that does not stop them from sporting a stylish haircut. But then mom wants to keep it short for her little prince. That is why your barber designs this striking punk style Mohawk.

It is naughty, funny, edgy and drops down gorgeous. It is the type of style that ensures admiration every time you take them out somewhere.


6. Quiff with Side Part

One look at this adorable darling and you want to cuddle him and hug him, and he can win millions of heart with a smile. This is exactly why this is one of the most popular and easily executed short hairdos for toddler boys.

Easy to cut, easy to style, and of course easy to maintain, it also ensures an easy way to win admiration with this hairstyle. The versatility of this style is phenomenal.


7. Baby Punk Rock Hair

short haircuts for toddler boys

This is one toddler boy’s short hairstyle that stands out for the edgy and esoteric appeal. When baby boys sport this style, it also oozes absolute fun. This is one free-flowing style that can be easily adapted to individual style and charm. What makes this style special is the ease with which it can execute.

You have to understand that toddlers are hyperactive by nature. So whatever the style you decide, has to be executed rather fast. In that regard, this is a great option.


8. Boy’s Faux Hawk

This again is a style that celebrates the natural style of hair growth in most toddler boys. This short haircut is both convenient and easy going and can be rather versatile and flexible. It also matches beautifully with most facial shapes, enhancing its appeal thereby.


9. Angular Fringes with Short Sides

short hair fringe haircut for toddler boys

This short hairstyle for baby boys is decidedly amongst the most dapper styles you can choose from. It is a flexible and sweet alternative that helps you keep your little one’s hair in order and an absolutely perfect option on any occasion.

The fringes also add a decided bit of naughtiness to their overall personality and make them look even cuter. Styling this haircut for toddler boys is also quite simple.


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10. Shaggy Hair for Boys

short side swept hairstyle for toddler boys

One look at this naughty munchkin and you want to hug him straightaway. Well, that’s the appeal of this amazingly striking haircut for toddler boy’s short hair. It is easy-going, effortless and instantly becomes a winning combination for your little prince.


Short haircut for toddler boys is all about creating the right mix of style and practical appeal. It needs to be subtle yet stylish, and most importantly, it has to be something that can be executed rather fast. That is the only way; you can make your toddler boy sport a good looking hairstyle. They are fun-loving, naughty and hyperactive. So, the hairstyle that you choose for them also needs to convey the same ethos.