20 First Haircut Ideas for Black Baby Boys

The first haircut is so special for every baby. There are very few resources to guide how black baby boys should get his first haircut. So we decided to get it covered & recommend you some ideal hairstyles.


First Haircuts for Black Baby Boys

Every moment in your child’s life is extraordinary for you. From their first word to the first step, and even the first haircut is very special.

Often you see moms stressing over how to style their little munchkins for the best look. We decided to make the task a lot simpler with this ready guide on some of the trendiest black baby boy first haircut. Apart from being extremely stylish, these also happen to be some of the most comfortable styling options for your little ones.

Check out these amazing baby boys first hairstyles ideas for black kids and help them get an appealing look.


first haircut for afro baby boy



first haircut with design for black baby boy



first haircut with undercut for black baby boy



first haircut for black baby boy with curls



first haircut with fade for black baby boy



first haircut for black baby boy with curls



first haircut with dreads for black baby boy



first haircut with braid for black baby boy



first haircut for black baby boy with curls



first haircut with undercut for black baby boy



first haircut for black baby boy

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black baby boy first haircut

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first twisted hair for black baby boy

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first haircut for black baby boy

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first haircut with braids for black baby boy

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16. Cornrow Style

baby boy with cornrows

This is invariably one of the most popular first haircut choices when you go for a cool black baby boy hairstyle. The advantage is whether your toddler has a lot of hair or relatively short hair, this style looks good. It adds a cute quotient and also makes the hair extremely manageable.


17. Big Afro

black baby boy first curly haircut styles

If cute is the buzzword, there could be nothing cuter. Needless to mention that this easily qualifies as a striking baby boy’s first haircut for a black toddler.

It is natural and cuddly and enhances the overall adorable factor by many notches. It is also a relatively hassle free styling option for curly-haired baby boys as it follows the natural flow of the hair.

Popular Fade Hairstyles for Black Boys


18. Buzz Cut

black baby boy first short hairstyles

This is fairly straightforward cut following the natural hairline. It is cool and comfortable for your little one and helps to keep the style quotient intact. The really short length of this haircut is also a major advantage. It enhances the cute and adorable factors to a large extent making it a popular black baby boy’s first haircut.


19. High Fade with a Line

black baby boy with curly fade haircut

This is the kind of black boy haircut that really suits boys who have relatively sparse hair growth. The shaved line manages to take the focus off the thin hair volume and makes for a rather interesting diversion.

So when you are looking at options for the first hairdo, this emerges as one of the more popular black toddler boy styles.


20. Curly High Top Fade

best black baby boy first haircut styles

When you consider the options of first haircuts for black baby boys, the sky is the limit. It is mostly about improvising established styles with what is comfortable for the toddler. This little boy’s fade is a perfect representation of the same.

It is cool, classy, and keeps your little prince comfortable. The slight kid’s Mohawk style on top looks even more appealing due to the natural curls. It somewhere boosts the cute quotient of this hairdo.


When you are looking at options for the most trendy black baby boy first hairstyles, it is invariably a mix of cute, classy, cool and comfortable features. The idea is to keep your precocious toddler comfortable and yet have some fun doing up their hair. Most of these styles are quite easy to recreate but manage to deliver on two counts every time, striking and cute.