50 Trendy Medium Length Hair With Bangs for Women

6. Wild waves

Wild waves Medium Hair with Bangs for cute girl

While styling medium hair with bangs is tough when you have to deal with curls, you might want to consider a wild image. Leave your bangs long enough to reach your eyebrows and keep the styling to a minimum.


7. Eye-reaching bangs


Straight eye-reaching bangs look perfect with medium hairstyles. They create a romantic appearance by focusing the attention on your eyes. The only downside of such a style is daily maintenance.


8. Ombre bangs

women medium hair with Ombre bangs cut

When you choose to dye your medium hair with bangs, don’t forget that bangs should be part of the ombre. No matter how long they are, keep them the same color as the top part of your stylish ombre.


9. Half and half


Take a look at this amazing asymmetrical hairstyle. One part is dyed honey blonde, while the other one has as substantially lighter shade. The bangs give this hairstyle even more asymmetrical look.


10. Eye-covering bangs

medium hair with bangs

Compliment your cute and wavy bob with eye-covering wispy bangs. Even though such bangs are long, they require much less maintenance than the blunt ones. You can avoid styling them at all.