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80 Most Flattering Side Swept Bangs to Copy

Bangs are a very important part of any hairstyle. If you have decided to go for bangs, you are probably searching for ways to style them. There are myriads of options for bang styling and one of them is side-swept bangs.

This is one of the most popular ways of wearing bangs, so learning how to create such hairstyles is imperative to any woman with short or long bangs.

In fact, in order to side-swept bangs look at their best, it’s important to get them cut properly. Here are some tips on how to cut and style side-swept bangs.


How to Cut & Style Side Swept Bangs

how to cut side swept bangs

Side swept bangs are placed diagonally across the forehead and usually suit any face shape. However, maintenance for side swept bangs is imperative. It is important to trim your bangs every two to four weeks in order to keep them in shape. If you learn how to style your bangs, you will save a lot of time and money, since there would be no need for frequent salon visits.

In order to cut bangs properly, you need to brush the rest of your hair backward and leave just the bangs up front. This will prevent you from cutting the wrong strands. Once the bangs are brushed forward, pull them to the opposite side from where you want to wear them.

Separate your bangs in sections and cut each one of them separately. This might take longer, but the results will be much better. Once the cutting is done, brush the bangs to check out if they are even. If you see some stray hair sticking out, correct them with the scissors. Once you are done with the cutting, style your bangs to check your work.

Sweep the bangs to the side you usually wear them at with a brush and put it in place with the help of a hairdryer. Check out your new look to make sure it is done exactly as you wanted.


Best Side Swept Bangs Ideas

If you have side-swept bangs, there are a lot of ways you can style them. We have collected 80 different side-swept bangs ideas for you to check out and decide which one will look the best with your bangs. Whether your bangs are long or short, there is a great variety of options for each length. You can experiment with different ones every day!

1. Low Messy Bun

side swept bangs with updo

To make a low messy bun hairstyle look a little softer, add a thick side swept bang. Actress Elizabeth Banks flaunted hers beautifully with perfect large red earrings and bold black eyeliner. 


2. Wavy Bob

wavy side swept bangs

Without side swept bangs, a bob can sometimes come across a little like a Karen haircut – uptight and hoity-toity! On an assymetrical bob with wavy texture, straighten your side swept bangs for that chic touch. 


3. Straight Layers with Highlights

side swept bangs on ombre hair

To give a short bob a little movement, have your stylist cut in short layers that blend with side swept bangs. When adding waves or curls, the texture will be more noticeable. Of course, fun highlights in a dark shade help too!


4. Straight Long Pixie

short hair with side swept bangs

A long pixie haircut is perfect for that combination of short hair with enough length to play with. A thick side bang that is straightened is the way to make it edgy yet sophisticated.


5. Thin Haircut with Choppy Bangs

layered hair with side swept bangs

Looking for that perfect punk hairstyle for your long hair? Cut in lots of layers at the top to create body. A choppy straightened side swept bang should be kept short to match the overall vibe.


6. Updo with Side Bangs

long side swept bangs

If you don’t already have side swept bangs, you can create the illusion of them on a high updo by flipping your ponytail forward on the last loop. The hair will then drape across the forehead and you can straighten it to make it easy to shape.


7. Blonde Layered Bob

bob with side swept bangs

To create this adorable blonde bob, part hair off center first to create a heavy side bang. Long layers will subtly fade into the side swept bangs to help with face framing.


8. Low Ponytail

side swept bangs with ponytail

Create this simple yet chic casual updo by gathering long hair into a low ponytail. A thick side swept bang should be straightened and parted heavily off center to create the perfect fringe.


9. Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

pixie with side swept bangs

Any long pixie is stunning with chic side swept bangs. This pixie features one long side and one short side. After parting hair off center, hair is combed forward and to one side to create the side swept bang.


10. Flipped Wavy Bob

side swept bangs

Get the girl next door vibe by flipping the ends on a slightly wavy long bob with side swept bangs. The flipped ends will look even better if you have layered hair.


11. Highlighted side swept bangs

Highlighted side swept bangs

Side swept bangs look fantastic with highlights, so let your imagination run wild and choose any mix of colors for your highlights. There are no ways to make a mistake here. Mix and match the colors and the result will amaze you.

Best short & long bangs hairstyles to copy in 2024


12. Medium side bangs

medium length haircut with side swept bangs

There are several lengths of side swept bangs you can choose from. A good idea would be to start with the medium length ones and go from there. The medium bangs look classy and make a great addition to any hairstyle.


13. Dyed side swept bangs

side swept bangs with long hair

Dye your bangs with a color which differs from the rest of your hair and you’ll keep some heads turning. The transition shouldn’t be too drastic. Make the bangs a little darker than the rest of the hair and you will add them some volume.


14. Graduated bangs

graduated bangs with long hair

If your hair is leveled, there is no reason why the bangs shouldn’t be. Add some levels to your bangs to make them look very stylish and suit the rest of the haircut. The longer the bangs, the more interesting the levels will look.


15. Full side bangs

full side swept bangs haircut

There is no reason why side swept bangs can’t cover most of your forehead. If you want full and voluminous bangs you can go ahead and sweep them lightly to the side, without opening up too much skin.


16. Asymmetrical side swept bangs

assymetrical long layered hair with side swept bangs for young women

Symmetry has long gone out of style, so let’s welcome the asymmetrical side swept bangs. They should be longer on the side they are swept to and shorter on the opposite side. The mischievous look they create is amazing.


17. Zebra side swept bangs

side swept bangs 5-min

If the regular highlights don’t appeal to you, you can make zebra side swept bangs. They are achieved by coloring the hair in horizontal wide stripes. The bigger the difference in shades, the better and the more out of the ordinary the look will be.


18. A comb over

stylisg side swept bangs with comb over

A radical comb over is a great way to create side swept bangs. The more hair you comb over, the better the style will look. However, you will need a lot of hair products to keep it in place, so be ready to wield some cosmetics.


19. Blond and red side swept bangs

blonde side swept bangsfor girls

Blond and red are great colors to mix. Your side swept bangs will look fantastic with red highlights and a blond base. The longer the bangs, the more obvious this colorful mix will be and the more compliments you will get.


20. Shaggy side swept bangs

short hair side swept bangs look berautiful

Shaggy bangs always look great on thick hair. There is almost no effort needed to create shaggy bangs. All you need to do is brush them in the morning and you are ready to go. Perhaps sometimes you will need a little flat ironing.


21. Side swept bangs for thin hair

side swept bangs 11-min

If your hair is thin, the side swept bangs are your savior. When the bangs are brushed to one side, more volume is created and the hair looks thicker. Leave the bangs long enough to produce as much volume as possible.


22. Long side swept bangs

short side swept bangs hair sweet girl

There is no need for your bangs to end above your eyes. There are loads of interesting styles for long bangs. This one doesn’t require much maintenance, just regular brushing and maybe a bit of hair gel to keep it in place.


23. Tucked side swept bangs

long bob with side swept bangs

This original hairstyle is achieved by tucking the side swept bangs under the rest of the hair. This style will need some hair cosmetics and a little time, but the result is absolutely amazing and very unique. There is nothing hard about it, give it a try.


24. Straight bangs with wavy hair

side swept bangs 15-min

The straight bangs with wavy hair mix is a great idea for both long and short side swept bangs. The contrast the bangs create to the rest of the hair looks very intricate and adds the haircut a lot of style. Some flat ironing is in store here.


25. Eye-covering side swept bangs

side swept bangs 16-min

Long bangs are often styled to cover one eye. This is a great looking hairstyle, however, it is not very comfortable to wear. So, the eye-covering side swept bangs are good for special occasions and photo shoots but are useless for every day wear.


26. Vibrant side swept bangs

side swept bangs 17-min

Proper coloring is very important for nice-looking side swept bangs, so the shinier the color you choose, the more vibrant your look can be. Bangs are just an addition to the hairstyle, so the hair must be taken good care of.


27. Long side swept bangs with hidden highlights

best side swept bangs for women

Hidden highlights are a great idea for the side swept bangs. They become a special flavor, which is often needed for simple hairstyles. So, learn how to use hidden highlights and your style is bound to turn some heads.


28. Thin tucked bangs

side swept bangs 20-min

Tucking a thin strand of bangs under the rest of the hair is another way to style your long side swept bangs. If you have curls, make sure you straighten out your bangs in order to get a proper tucked look.


29. Partially swept bangs

nice short hair side swept bang for cute girl

Side swept bangs don’t need to be brushed all the one to one side. You can leave part of the on the other. While this is not a classical side swept bangs look, it is still very nice looking and can really diversify your style.


30. Long asymmetrical bangs

short-side-swept-bangs 6

There is an interesting asymmetry, which can be tried on long and partially swept bangs. Leave the bangs longer on the sides and shorter in the middle and you can play around with the amount of hair you want to sweep.


31. Long thin bangs

short-side-swept-bangs 7

If your hair is thin and bangs are long, you can make a sort of a messy look on your forehead which will seem very sexy. This look doesn’t require any brushing. In fact, no brushing allowed! Just put the bangs in place with your finger and you are ready to go!


32. Textured side swept bangs

short-side-swept-bangs 8

Textured hair looks wonderful, so why not texture the bangs? No matter what color or hair type you have, go for the textured look and you’ll be amazed at the way your hairstyle will change. Don’t forget about side sweeping the bangs.


33. Styled side swept bangs

short-side-swept-bangs 9

If your side swept bangs are long, you must do some styling. Long bangs will not look good on your own, so you must use a round brush and flat iron to make them stay in place just the way you want to. Don’t forget to curl the ends inward.


34. Peach bangs

short-side-swept-bangs 10

When you are playing around with your colors, give a chance to the peachy shades. Such colors always look very soft and is a great way to add some zest to your hairstyle. Once the coloring is done, make soft curls on the end and straighten out the bangs.


35. Hot Blond

short-side-swept-bangs 11

Side swept bangs look especially well on the hair, which is properly colored. If there are no dark roots and highlights, the side swept bangs will be accentuated. Try the textured blond side swept bangs at least once and you are sure to like them!


36. Long thin and blond

short-side-swept-bangs 12

Long bangs are always in style. Even if your hair is thin you can easily sport long bangs, which are side swept. Blond bangs look amazing if you keep the color bright and don’t forget to dye the roots on time.


37. Yellowish bangs

short-side-swept-bangs 13

If you decided to go blond, give some thought to the bangs. You can color the bangs with a yellowish shade to give them some volume. Sweep the bangs to one side and leave a stray strand on the other. This will make for a sexy look.


38. Side swept bangs and dark eyebrows

side swept bangs 1

If you would like to focus attention on your eyes, cut your bangs to reach the eyebrows. Then color the hair a lighter shade than the brows in order to create a contrasted look. The overall view will be amazing.


39. Long and red


Experiment with colors. Long and red side swept bangs look amazing on women with olive skin tone. They outline the eyes and make you look even more fantastic. Make sure to trim these bangs on the regular basis.


40. Light bangs with roots

side swept bangs 2

Some might think that dark roots are not allowed. But this is not true. In fact, dark roots can look stylish if the hair is styled properly. Create neat long side swept bangs with the use of a little hair gel and the dark roots will not look inappropriate.


41. Windblown bangs

side swept bangs 3

Side swept bangs look amazing when they are styled in a windblown way. Not all the hair must be swept to one side, some can be left on another. The windblown look is always fashionable and requires little maintenance.


42. Wispy textured bangs

side swept bangs 4

If you want your bangs to really stand out of the crowd, make them wispy and textured. It doesn’t matter what color you choose for them, just make sure that the bangs are wispy and a little windblown. The longer they are, the better.


43. Brushed over bangs

side swept bangs 14

If your bangs are long enough, you can brush them over to make it seem as though there are no bangs at all. Only a voluminous look on the side will reveal the existence of the well-styled bangs. Make sure to use some gel to keep them in place.


44. Fiery red bangs

side swept bangs 15

Red has been the most popular color for many generations. So, choosing this shade is a great idea for many women. Red bangs look wonderful whether they are short or long, but if they cover the eyes, you are bound to get a sexy look.


45. Brushed up bangs

side swept bangs 16

A great way to add some volume to your bangs is to brush them up. This is achieved by using a round brush and a hair drier. Lift your side swept bangs up a bit to create a feeling of volume and your style will definitely be changed for the better.


46. L-shaped bangs

side swept bangs 17

A great way to diversify your side swept bangs is to make them L-shaped. This is achieved by brushing the fringe carefully to one side and curling the bottom part, so it ends near the forehead line, thus creating an L-shaped style.


47. Long and thick bangs

side swept bangs 18

Long and thick bangs are a great choice for women with dark thick hair. Such bangs don’t just create volume they make the hairstyle look very neat and impressive. Give these side swept bangs a try and you won’t regret it!


48. Straight and gentle bangs

women haircut side swept bangs

If your hair is straight but you want a little diversity, create a messy look in front by “forgetting” to brush the straight and gentle bangs. You will add a little wilderness to your look and will appreciate the lack of maintenance.


49. Slanting long bangs

side swept bangs 21

The long bangs look great if they are slanted and brushed neatly. Lucky owners of straight hair can achieve this look without a daily flat iron escapade. Just make sure the bangs are long enough and don’t curl in the unexpected places.


50. Short and thick

side swept bangs 22

If your hair is thick and wavy, this style will fit you the best. Sweep your bangs to one side and straighten with flat iron as needed. Make sure to add some hair gel to get rid of the waves and make them look neat.


51. Chopped bangs

chopped DIY side swept bangs

Chopped bangs do wonders for livening up your look. While they might look simple, they add a nice and fresh look to your hair and allow you to spend less time in front of the mirror in the morning. Just make sure not to let them grow too long.


52. Casual look

side swept bangs 24

Pulling the top part of the hair backward while leaving the bangs side swept makes for a great everyday casual look. The length is just perfect for outlining the face and bring out the eyes. This style is easy to make and to keep intact.


53. Curls and bangs

side swept bangs 25

If you are going for a curly style, don’t forget about the bangs. Never make the bangs curly, they will not look fashionable and neat. Try to straighten out the bangs as much as possible and arrange them to neatly fall to one side.


54. Full straight fringe with a subtle sweep

side swept bangs 26

A subtle sweep looks great on the straight fringe. While full bangs might seem boring or out of place with many styles, subtly swept bangs is a great idea. However, such bangs might be a little hard to keep in place, so don’t forget about the hair gel.


55. Tips curled up

curled DIY side swept bang

Side swept bangs with curled-up tips make for a great and unusual hairstyle. Such style can be achieved on long bangs, however, it is possible to make on medium-sized bangs as well. Play around with the length of the curled up ends to create your own style.


56. L-shaped bangs with a blunt bob

long bob with side swept bangs haicut for women

A blunt bob can become a great background for well made L-shaped bangs. A little flavor can be added to the hairstyle by dying the under hair with the darker color than the rest, so when the bangs are side swept it becomes visible.


57. Layered bangs

side swept bangs 29

Layered bangs are a great solution for women who want to wear them long but to still keep them neat. Add as many layers as you wish to make the bangs cascade down your forehead in your own special style. Keep them out of your eyes so the look is not ruined.


58. Subtle brush over

side swept bangs 30

Create a fabulous style by making a subtle brush over which will make the bangs look fantastic. Keep the rest of the hair a little shaggy to complete the style and you are bound to see some heads turning. Use some gel to keep the bangs in place.


59. Chin length bangs


Chin length bangs look great on straight and long hair. However, this style will need daily maintenance to achieve the smooth look you see on the photo. If you are bold enough to try it, go ahead! If it is too tiring to deal with daily, change it to an easier style whenever you want.


60. Long and choppy


Long and choppy bangs look amazing with pixies. They outline the facial feature and add any regular pixie a great amount of style. Add some highlights to the long and choppy bangs and you will achieve a wonderful look you’ve always wanted.


side swept bangs with chunky highlights





side swept bangs for Asian women






layered hairstyle with side swept bangs






side swept bangs with rose gold hair






girl with side swept red bangs


We hope you found what you’ve been looking for among these fabulous and unique hairstyles. When you are choosing the side swept bangs hairstyle, try to take a look into the future. Many of them are created to be easily changed by a simple flat iron or scissors session. Pick the one to start with and change it whenever you feel like it.