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80 Magical Bob with Bangs to Catch The Spotlight

Bob with bangs is a versatile hairstyle if you have short or medium length hair. A short or long bob hairstyle with bangs can help you frame your face perfectly and draw attention to all of your most attractive facial features.

This elegant hairstyle is great for accentuating your cheekbones and your eyes. A longer cut will normally help your hair to look thick and voluminous.


Trendy Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Although bobs with bangs have been popular for decades, hairstylists are still managing to come up with fantastic new looks that are certain to dazzle and take the breath away.

If you are interested in bob haircuts with bangs, look through this list and take inspiration from the mixture of classic bob hairstyles and modern new looks.

1. Short and Sleek

Make a style statement by opting for a short bob. The straight-cut hair just reaches the jawline with micro bangs falling on the forehead. Spice up the look further with an undercut or an eye-catching platinum hair shade.


2. Straight Medium Bob 

A short bob seems too short? Check out one with medium-length hair. Keep it simple with soft layers and a middle-parted fringe or experiment with a teal ombre on black hair and blunt bangs for a lively appeal.


3. Thick Hair, Don’t Care

Long thick hair is a blessing many women wish for but carrying all that weight can be painful sometimes. A straight shoulder-length bob with eyebrow-grazing bangs is ideal to flaunt those thick tresses with style. This look is suitable for straight hair.


4. Inverted Style

Shorter at the back and longer at the front that’s what an inverted bob is. Create some texture with layers and a short face-framing fringe. A caramel blonde ombre on dark brown tresses is sure to attract some attention.


5. Thin Layers

A short haircut is ideal to make thin hair appear thicker. The strands are cut at varying lengths creating layers that enhance the hair volume. Opt for conventional bangs covering the forehead or a middle-parted fringe depending on the face shape.  


6. Bob with Bangs for Round Faces

Ladies with chubby round faces can make it appear slimmer. The side locks cover the cheeks while only bits of the forehead can be seen through the wispy bangs. A short round bob however looks better than a medium one. 


7. Carefree Curls

Messy is the new dressy! Chop the curls into layers to fall flawlessly around the face keeping the bangs curly or straightening them for a sleek appeal. Try a burgundy hair shade for a change. A hand-tousle and off you go.   


8. Soft Waves

This bob hairstyle with bangs has been trending for some time and looks effortlessly chic. Ask the hairstylist for a choppy haircut for a carefree appeal. Level up the look with soft waves and a gorgeous blonde balayage.


9. Try a Weave

African-American ladies can achieve any hair length of their choice with a weave. Couple thick bangs with a long bob or try a shorter one with even shorter bangs.  Try funky colors with matching brows to turn around some heads.


10. Bob with Bangs for Black Ladies

Another idea for black girls who are ready to give their natural hair a complete makeover. Straighten the mane to try a blunt-cut bob with bangs and choose an ashy brown or auburn hair shade. Taking care of the hair afterward is crucial to keep it healthy-looking.


11. Stacked Layers

A stacked bob is defined by a short layered back with a longer angular front. The longest strands usually reach the chin with micro bangs adding an edgy touch to the look. A deep midnight blue shade or a blonde balayage, which one would you rock?


12. Side-Swept Fringe

Classic side-swept bangs never go out of fashion and are ideal to cover a large forehead. Couple them with a blunt bob for straight hair or an asymmetrical one in case of natural waves. Top off with loop earrings. Chic!


13. Parisian Women’s Haircut

Look like a French Madame with this 1920’s-inspired look. A chin-length bob with a fringe grazing the eyes goes well with all hair textures and is also perfect to flaunt a sharp jawline. Finish off with loose waves or curls.


14. Gorgeous Mess

Referring to the lazy ones, here is a style suitable for both slim and chubby faces. Chop the strands short just enough to cover the ears and create some movement with choppy layers. Complete the look with piece-y bangs or a straight-cut fringe.


15. Angled Cut

As the name suggests, the hair is cut at a sharp angle with the shortest strands at the back elongating towards the front to reach just below the chin. Accentuate the style with a vibrant red balayage or go for a more natural appeal.


16. Blunt Bob with Bangs

This stylish hairstyle can be achieved at home too. The key is to cut the hair perfectly straight across the back without layers. Separate the front strands, chop them at brow length, and spread them on the forehead. Can’t get any simpler!


17. Blonde Moment

When thinking of going blonde make sure you do enough research before deciding on a single tone as the blonde color spectrum has countless shades. Choose the one that suits your skin tone the most and rock it with a bob and center-parted bangs.


18. Shaved Sides

Bold ladies can express their wild side by coupling their classic bob with bangs hairstyle with shaved sides. Try the split dye technique coloring half of the head in red with the remaining half being pitch-black for a gothic appeal.  


19. Simply Straight

Similar to a blunt bob, the straight bob is defined by blunt ends with soft layers adding volume to the hair. Try face-framing layers to keep all the attention on the front with the bangs being suitable to cover a wide forehead.


20. Sexy Shag with Bangs

Consider this low-maintenance look from the 70’s as your next hairstyle. The hairstylist will use the razor cut technique to create choppy textured layers reaching the shoulders. Style the fringe with your fingers and get ready to rock.


21. Chin-Length Locks

Chin-length bobs look the most flattering on narrow faces and can be tried with any hair texture. The layers and bangs however will come out differently on wavy and straight tresses. Try blunt micro bangs elongating outwards for a hipster appeal.


22. Feathery Look

Feathered bangs with a short bob are quite versatile as they can be side-swept or parted in the middle depending on your personal preference. They are layered near the ends and are styled using a round brush and blow dryer to achieve stylish swooped tips.


23. Play with Symmetry

Ladies! It’s time to play with the symmetry of your hair. One side is kept shorter than the other one while the side-swept bangs fall towards the longer side for a funky appeal. Amp up the look with pink and purple highlights at the front.


24. Curtain Bangs

Popularized by Bridget Bardot in the 70’s curtain bangs are shorter in the middle and elongate outwards to make your best features stand out. Top off with a sandy blonde balayage or try a brown ombre instead.


25. Wispy Fringe

Accentuate a chin-length short haircut with wispy bangs on the forehead. These bangs are light and feathery creating a barely-there look. Straighten the tresses and apply a spritz of hairspray for a sleek finish.


26. Short A-Line Haircut

Here is yet another trendy bob with bangs look that works with most face shapes and hair textures. The short back elongates gradually towards the front with pointy ends. A pop of color on the bangs will get you noticed from a distance.  


27. Perfect Pixie-Bob with Bangs

A pixie-bob is defined to be longer than a pixie but has the shape of a bob. Add layers all over the head with a side-swept fringe at the front. Keep it low-key with blonde highlights or go for an eye-popping bubblegum pink hue. 


28. Create Some Texture

Recreate this style by asking the hairstylist to cut the strands at varying lengths adding some texture to a choppy bob dangling on the shoulders. A light orange ombre on a brown base is sure to set the look on fire.


29. Sharp Graduated Bob

A graduated bob is also known as a stacked bob having stacked layers at the back that gradually elongate towards the front. Instead of a monochromatic look try a cherry red top darkening towards the tips.


30. Super Short

Go super short when trying an A-line bob or a choppy one for the hair to just reach below the earlobes. Complete the style with uneven cropped bangs and dye them red for a dichromatic appeal. Voila!


31. Long Bob with Bangs

This long bob shows longer sections of hair that frame the face with shorter pieces in back. The hair is straightened and sleek with longs bangs that meet the eyebrows.


32. Bob with Bangs for Round Face

Bob with Bangs for Round Face

On a round face, straight bangs and wavy body make a cute bob! Try choosing a fun color like green to put a fun spin on the look, or opt for a few highlights if all over color is too much.


33. Black Bob with Bangs

Black Bob with Bangs

Black women who want a sophisticated style should definitely try this straight angled bob. The long bangs are thin and long which makes them easy to arrange across the forehead.


34. Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs

Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs

For thin hair, a long layered bob with bangs is a beautiful choice. Layers create the illusion of thickness, a bob is a manageable length, and the long bangs are very flirty.


35. Curled Bob And Bangs

Curly Bob With Bangs

Another option for a hairstyle if you have thick curly hair is this short bob. It has major height up top and plenty of texture that is easily created with fingers and a bit of hair product.


36. Stacked Bob with Bangs

Stacked Bob with Bangs

A stacked bob has short hair across the back of the neck and long hair from ears toward the face; bangs keep the look young. Older women will love this style for its manageability and how great silver or grey hair looks with it.


37. Weave Bob with Bangs

Weave Bob with Bangs

For black women, a weave helps you get that particular bob with bangs you’re going for. Straighten your locks and choose a deep red over black for stand-out style.


38. French Bob + Bangs

French Bob with Bangs

French bobs are easily recognized by their straight choppy bangs. They aren’t very long so if you have glasses, it’s a super cute style. Fill the rest of the hair with waves galore.


39. Chin Length Bob with Bangs

Chin Length Bob with Bangs

Another option perfect for women with oval faces are bobs that stop at the jawline and have piecey bangs. Make sure to have your stylist cut your hair when it’s dry so the length doesn’t end up any shorter.


40. Messy Bob with Bangs

Messy Bob with Bangs

You can’t get any more chic than a cropped bob with messy waves and short thin bangs. This style gives off a soft vibe by having waves with bangs that show some of the forehead.


41. Bob Sew In with Bangs

Bob Sew In with Bangs

Get a sleek hairstyle with a sew-in featuring a bob with straight locks. This style is very dramatic with its thick bangs that reach the eyebrows and blunt-cut ends.


42. Bangs for Undercut Bob

Bangs for Undercut Bob

Is your goal to have an edgy haircut? A short layered bob can easily be taken to rock-chic with an undercut. The different levels of hair on this style make it unique.


43. Straight Blonde Bangs

Straight Bob with Bangs

Draw attention to your gorgeous eyes with short straight bangs colored in blonde. Pair the fringe with a straight mane and blunt ends – this style looks great on small oval faces.


44. Blonde Feathered Bangs

Bob with Feathered Bangs

Whether you’re young or old, feathered layers are a delicate and flirty touch of style on a short bob. Wavy bangs help round out the face and the blonde color is very fresh.


45. Wispy Bangs on Layered Bob Cut

Wispy Bangs on Bob Cut

Are you used to wearing your hair parted in the center? Switch up your look by trying a layered bob and adding bangs which are super chic when thin and wispy.


46. Short Bob with French Bangs

short layered bob with bangs

This short layered bob is full on top and choppy at the ends with face-framing french bangs. This feminine and flirty look have bangs that gently fall into the eyes and follow the shape of her eyebrows. You can also do an ombre color as this model as which is stylish and modern.


47. Soft Bangsshort cute bob hairstyle with bangs

Trim the ends of your bangs and the rest of your hair to give it a little softness. Run your fingers through your bangs once to separate your hair out a little. This bob with bangs hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear and requires very little maintenance.

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48. Short Textured Bob

Short Bob Haircut with Bangs perfect for girls

The texture in this style comes from highlight and lowlights, as well as the hair being lightly tousled. Go over your hair once lightly with straighteners, then run your fingers through it a few times whilst lifting from the roots.


49. Oil Slick Colored Bob with French Bangs

Colored Bob with French Bangs 

Women who want to reboot their style with an edgy color and cut should try a wavy bob with french bangs and an oil slick hair color. This hair color style blends blues, purples, greens, usually towards the ends of the hair.


50. Short Inverted Bob with Bangs

Short Inverted Bob with Bangs

Women love short inverted bob hairstyles with bangs. Long bangs hang gently in your eyes to create mystery and intrigue. The blunt ends of the cut are gently curled under to frame out her face.


51. Lob with Side Bangs

bob with side bangs

Transform your bangs into a light side fringe by sweeping your hair upwards from the roots and combing over to one side. This technique gives your bangs on bob a bouncy volume. If you have thinner hair, lightly layer the rest of your hair to help to keep it looking voluminous.


52. Volume

long bob hairstyle with bangs

Build volume in your bob by adding lots of layers. Blow dry straight whilst combing from the underneath to add even more volume. Curl your hair loosely under your chin to help to give your face shape.

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53. Side-swept Bangs

shoulder length bob with bangs

If you have a side parting, you can still create a great bob hairstyle with bangs by sweeping hair across from your parting. Make your bangs fuller by sweeping hair all the way from the back near to your crown.


54. Rounded Bob Hairstyle

medium layered bob haircut

Cut lots of layers into your hair, so that it is much shorter at the end all the way around. Lightly curl the ends under with a barrel brush will help to give you a rounded bob. Lots of texture has also been added to this bangs on bob hairstyle by running plenty of product through it.


55. Wavy Bob + Bangs

blonde bob with bangs

This wavy bob is both subtle and striking. If you have naturally medium wavy hair, all you will need to do is let your hair dry like this. For big waves, put your hair in heated rollers, then run through your hair with a bristle brush after you have taken your hair down.


56. Beach Blonde Bob And Bangs

blonde chin length bob with bangs

This sunny shade of blonde is perfect for the beach. It doesn’t matter if your roots are showing because short bob haircuts with bangs are always a super playful style. Lightly layering will help to give your hair more bounce.


57. Angled Bob with Bangs

bob with chinese bangs

Long angled bob hairstyles with bangs look fantastic when they are perfectly straight and sleek. Use ceramic irons with a heat protection serum for the maximum effect. The tiniest flick forward or under with a bob can help to frame your face.


58. Hint of Pink

bob with side bangs

Make bob haircuts with bangs look a little bit more special by adding a touch of color to your style. A subtle shade of pastel pink is perfect if you are looking for something which is soft but still funky.


59. Classic Short Bob

Bangs on Short Bob Haircut for teenagers

The classic bob with bangs has been popular for decades. Blunt bangs and short, jaw-length hair help to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. This length also points straight to your lips.


60. Blunt Lob with Thick Curtain Bangs

Large foreheads can be hidden behind thick curtain bangs that hang straight. These bangs are perfect for thick hair and don’t show any forehead through.

If you haven’t waxed your eyebrows in a while, thick blunt cut bangs can hide the fact that you need to go to the salon. This super straight bob and bangs combo also makes the model look powerful and serious.


61. Multiple Partings

bob hairstyles with bangs for teen girls

Putting multiple partings into your hair can work well with any style, not just for long bobs with bangs. Multiple partings can give your hair an ultra-modern look.

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62. Short Bob with Bangs

bob with long bangs

In this short bob with bangs style, the hair has been curled under slightly to help to follow the shape of the face around. It accentuates the cheekbones and shows off your neck.


63. Highlights and Lowlights

bob haircuts with bangs

Highlights and lowlights can help to add the illusion of texture to any hairstyle. Complementary colors seem to add volume and depth to your natural hairstyle.


64. Blunt Bangs

short bob with bangs

Bob hairstyles look fantastic with blunt bangs. Despite the fact that blunt bangs have been popular for a decade when teamed up with a jaw-length bob, they can still look ultra-modern.


65. Short Auburn Bob with French Bangs

Dramatic color such as deep auburn can be softened by French cut bangs. Bangs on short bobs are edgy, and stylish but also feminine but take little time to get ready. French bangs frame the face and add layers that draw focus to the eyes.

This look is great for professionals who want to be seen as organized and well kept. But also perfect for busy moms who don’t want their hair pulled by toddlers.

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66. Bangs on Choppy Bob

medium bob with bangs

Many bob hairstyles have a classic blunt cut, but in this haircut, the hairstylist has added in some choppy ends. This choppiness has helped to soften the look slightly and open up the face.


67. Side Bob with Bangs

wavy angled bob with bangs

Although bobs are traditionally a similar length all the way around, this asymmetrical side bob with bangs is truly stunning. Sweeping all of your hair over to one side can really help to open your face up.


68. Medium Classic Bob with Bangs and Highlights

Highlights can make a woman look like a different person. A long bob balayage is fun, makes hair look shiny, healthy and vibrant. Bangs can be highlighted as well. This look is perfect for going on vacation or getting ready for summer. Highlights can also help hide grey hairs in a short bob with bangs.


69. Helmet Bob

Bob Haircuts With Bangs for Women 18-min

The helmet bob follows the shape of the model’s face and head so perfectly that it almost looks as though she is wearing a helmet. Very light layers and careful flicking with your hair straighteners can help you to achieve this look.


70. Tousled Bob with Bangs

Bob Haircuts With Bangs for Women

The tousled bob and side swept bangs is a really simple look to achieve. All that you need to do is to let your hair dry naturally and then run your fingers through your hair.


71. Green Wavy Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only time to have pastel green hair. Women who want to reboot their style with a bold color choice can try a neon green asymmetrical bob with wavy layers.

This hairstyle is youthful, feminine, and edgy. If you love to play with style and make bold statements a colored bob with bangs is perfect.


72. Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Bob Haircuts With Bangs for Women 20-min

A shaggy bob hairstyle with bangs needs volume and texture. Cut in lots of layers and scrunch product through your hair whilst trying to help create this short shag hairstyle.


73. Sleek Two-Toned Bob with Bangs

Two-toned bobs are a new look that is super funky and works great with bangs. Bangs and face-framing layers are dyed one color, and the bulk of the hair is dyed another contrasting color.

This color blocking technique is modern and artistic while the gentle asymmetry and layers towards the back add a lot of volume on her crown.


74. Short Blunt Bob with Fringe Bangs

Short bobs are great for women that want to wear their hair down but still be kept off their shoulders and away from their face. Wide fringe bangs with bob are flirtatious and create a square frame to the face. This look is sophisticated and sexy but does require a lot of upkeep because of the undercut needed.


75. Short A-line Bob with Fringe Bangs

Straight, asymmetrical bobs are dramatic and edgy. Fringe bangs with short bobs draw attention to your eyes and look flirty, seductive, and feminine. You can add highlights to this chin-length bob with bangs if you want to look edgy or brave.


76. Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy bobs with bangs are cute and fun. If your face is long or angular, short bob and bangs can help widen your face. A short wavy bob is easy to style with a wide tooth comb or with your fingers. Add some moose to help those loose waves stay bouncy and untangled all day long.


77. Long Asymmetrical Bob with French Bangs

Long asymmetrical bobs with bangs are stylish and elegant. You get the luxury of long hair with the ease of a bob cut and style. French cut bangs blend into face-framing layers with long asymmetrical bob hairstyles and can be straightened or worn wavy/curly.


78. Medium Bob with Bangs

Medium length bobs with short choppy hair are funky and edgy. Adding a french bangs that blends into the hairline just past the eyes can round out a wide face and add volume to thin hair. This minimal effort look is purposely messy and great for moms and women on the go.


79. Pastel Pink Bob with Bangs

Pastel Pink Bob with Bangs

This classic cut bob is cut just above the chin and features bangs cut in the same blunt style. Blunt cut bangs are great for faces with high cheekbones and strong jawline. Pink color adds a softening to the strength of the blunt cut, but any color would look great with this classic short bob with bangs.


80. Pixie Bob with Blunt Bangs

Short Bob with Blunt Bangs

This short bob is similar to a pixie cut. The sides are one length that sits just above the jawline but gets shorter the further back you went and layered up for volume and texture.

The blunt cut bangs hang just above her eyelids for drama. This blunt bob with bangs look is reminiscent of flappers and the jazz era of the 1920s.


Whether you want a long bob with bangs or a short bob with bangs, you can take plenty of inspiration from the list that you have just seen. Ask your hairstylist about how to make bangs work for your face shape.