20 Startling Bob With Bangs Styles To Catch The Spotlight

A bob with bangs is a seriously versatile hairstyle if you have short or medium length hair. A short or long bob hairstyle with bangs can help you to frame your face perfectly, and will draw attention to all of your best features. A short bob with bangs is great for accentuating your cheekbones and your eyes. A longer cut will normally help your hair to look thick and voluminous.


Most Popular Short & Long Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

Although bobs with bangs have been popular for decades, hairstylists are still managing to come up with fantastic new looks which are certain to dazzle and take the breath away. If you are interested in bob haircuts with bangs, look through this list and take inspiration from the mixture of classic bob hairstyles and modern new looks.


#1: Soft Bangsshort cute bob hairstyle with bangs

Trim the ends of your bangs and the rest of your hair to give it a little softness. Run your fingers through your bangs once to separate your hair out a little. This symmetrical bangs hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear and requires very little maintenance.


#2: Short Textured bob

Short Bob Haircut With Bangs perfect for girls

The texture in this style comes from highlight and lowlights, as well as the hair being lightly tousled. Go over your hair once lightly with straighteners, then run your fingers through it a few times whilst lifting from the roots.

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#3: Side Bangs

bob with side bangs

Transform your bangs into a light side fringe by sweeping your hair upwards from the roots and combing over to one side. This technique gives your bangs a bouncy volume. If you have thinner hair, lightly layer the rest of your hair to help to keeping it looking voluminous.


#4: Volume

long bob hairstyle with bangs

Build volume in your bob by adding lots of layers. Blow dry straight whilst combing from the underneath to add even more volume. Curl your hair loosely under your chin to help to give your face shape.

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#5: Side-swept Bangs

shoulder length bob with bangs

If you have a side parting, you can still create a great bob hairstyle with bangs by sweeping hair across from your parting. Make your bangs fuller by sweeping hair all the way from the back near to your crown.


#6: Rounded Bob Hairstyle

medium layered bob haircut

Cut lots of layers into your hair, so that it is much shorter at the end all the way around. Lightly curl the ends under with a barrel brush will help to give you a rounded bob. Lots of texture has also been added to this style by running plenty of product through it.


#7: Wavy Bob

blonde bob with bangs

This wavy bob is both subtle and striking. If you have naturally wave hair, all you will need to do is let your hair dry like this. For big waves, put your hair in heated rollers, then run through your hair with a bristle brush after you have taken your hair down.


#8: Beach Blonde Bob

blonde chin length bob with bangs

This sunny shade of blonde is perfect for the beach. It doesn’t matter if your roots are showing, because short bob haircuts with bangs are always a super playful style. Lightly layering will help to give your hair more bounce.


#9: Straight and Sleek

bob with chinese bangs

Bob Hairstyles with bangs look fantastic when they are perfectly straight and sleek. Use ceramic irons with heat protect serum for the maximum effect. The tiniest flick forward or under with a bob can help to frame your face.


#10: Hint of Pink

bob with side bangs

Make bob haircuts with bangs look a little bit more special by adding a touch of colour to your style. A subtle shade of pastel pink is perfect if you are looking for something which is soft but still funky.


#11: Classic Short Bob

Short Bob Haircut With Bangs for teenagers

The classic bob with bangs has been popular for decades. Blunt bangs and short, jaw length hair help to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. This length also points straight to your lips.


#12: Multiple Partings

bob hairstyles with bangs for teen girls

Putting multiple partings into your hair can work well with any style, not just for long bobs with bangs. Multiple partings can give your hair an ultra modern look.

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#13: Short Bob with Bangs

bob with long bangs

In this short bob with bangs style, the hair has been curled under slightly to help to follow the shape of the face around. It accentuates the cheekbones and shows off your neck.


#14: Highlights and Lowlights

bob haircuts with bangs

Highlights and lowlights can help to add the illusion of texture to any hairstyle. Complementary colours seems to add volume and depth to your natural hairstyle.


#15: Blunt Bangs

short bob with bangs

Bob hairstyles look fantastic with blunt bangs. Despite the fact that blunt bangs have been popular for decade, when teamed up with a jaw length bob, they can still look ultra-modern.


#16: Choppy Ends

medium bob with bangs

Many bob hairstyles  have a classic blunt cut, but in this haircut the stylist has added in some choppy ends. This choppiness has helped to soften the look slightly and open up the face.


#17: Side Bob With Bangs Haircut

wavy angled bob with bangs

Although bobs are traditionally a similar length all the way round, this asymmetrical side bob is truly stunning. Sweeping all of your hair over to one side can really help to open your face up.


#18: Helmet Bob

Bob Haircuts With Bangs for Women 18-min

The helmet bob follows the shape of the model’s face and head so perfectly that it almost looks as though she is wearing a helmet. Very light layerz and careful flicking with your hair straighteners can help you to achieve this look.


#19: Tousled Bob with Bangs

Bob Haircuts With Bangs for Women 19-min

The tousled bob is a really simple look to achieve. All that you need to do is to let your hair dry naturally and then run your fingers through your hair with product on them. This will give your hair a light tousled look.


#20: Shaggy Bob

Bob Haircuts With Bangs for Women 20-min

A shaggy bob hairstyle needs volume and texture. Cut in lots of layers and scrunch product through your hair whilst it is drying to help to create this shaggy bob style.


Whether you want a long bob with bangs or a short bob with bangs, you can take plenty of inspiration from the list that you have just seen. Ask your hairstylist about how to make bangs work for your face shape.