8 Ways to Style French Braid With Bangs

Bangs are a great way to frame your face. Depending on the type of bangs you have ex: French braid bangs, Dutch braid bangs etc they can either soften your look or create a body and stark edgy style.

If you fancy a temporary change, are growing out your bangs or are fed up with them being in your face, then consider braiding them! Braided bangs also a cooling and comfortable look for those hot summer days.

french braided bangs for women

There are different types of braids: a regular three-strand braid, the fishtail braid, the French braid, the upside-down braid, the Dutch braid, the Milkmaid braid, and the four-strand braid. The best thing to do is play around until you find a braid that you love and are comfortable doing and it will see you through many hairstyles.


French Braided Bangs

1. Feminine Flourish

french braided bangs for women

If you French braid bangs from a side parting you can create a beautiful and dramatic feature, as well as adding volume to your style at the front of the head.

The soft loose braid, paired with the natural and relaxed hair makes for a very feminine and girlish look.


2. The Back Braid

bangs with french braid for women

If you have thick hair or very short bangs, plaiting them backward is always a great option. By French braiding the front of the hair, in between both temples, it enables you to secure any short strands, as well as adding volume and structure at the front of the head.


3. The Side Swept

side swept bangs with french braid

This is a very classic and elegant style that would work wonderfully for an upscale event. The sweeping braid is nestled beautifully within in the bountiful curls. This look really only works due to the volume of the hair which is made by the very deep side parting and thick lengthy locks.


4. Viking French Braided Bangs

 Viking French Braided Bangs

This is a beautiful and elegant French braided bangs style while still being relaxed and informal. The braid starts out by gathering hair from the forehead and then develops into a fishtail braid lower down.

The look is also enhanced by the subtle flecks of caramel tones within the hair color. The chunky braid also does not look too bulky thanks to the volume of the naturally curly hair.

Historical Women’s Viking Braids Ideas


5. Bohemian Chic

bohemian french plaited bangs for women

This is an ideal style for anyone who has shorter hair. By bringing the hair forwards from the crown of the head, you can add extra length in which to plait the bangs. Pinning the hair loosely at the nape of the neck is a sweet way to wrap-up this wrap around style.


6. Pretty Plaited Pony

french braided bangs with a ponytail

This is a sweet style that would be perfect for any hot summer days where you want your bangs away from your face. By French braiding the bangs back in two separate plaits, either side of a defined center parting, you can scoop the remainder of the hair into a relaxed pony or messy bun.

Killer French Braid with Ponytails for Women


7. Big Beautiful Braided Bun

french braided bangs with a bun

This is a nice alternative to a standard plaited braid. By forming distinctive twists and using a French braid method, you can create a very dynamic bangs style. The big braided bun and quiffed front section make this look very energetic and fun.


8. Double Trouble

double french braided bangs

This is a very cute way to French braid back bangs – pulling the two braids into quirky space buns is an adorable style but it is still edgy. By leaving the remainder of the hair loose and kinky, and coupling it with the bold red color, it makes for a very fierce and dynamic look.

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