110 Chic Long Hairstyles With Bangs You’ll Love

Long hairstyles with bangs for women are pretty adaptable to any outfit, skin tone, or face shape.  These hairstyles are incredibly trendy, and anyone wishes for long gorgeous locks that can be braided or layered. This long hair requires a lot of attention but can look flattering if you take good care of your mane. 

Long hairstyles with bangs look impressive whether the hair is curly, layered, or with a straight cut, and you can always create stunning color mixes, ombres, or stunning highlights that will make your strands stick out at any party or event you are attending. 


Long Bangs Hairstyle Ideas

Whether your hair is curly, blonde or brunette, here are some trendy long hairstyles with bangs inspiration to ensure you can pull a gorgeous hairstyle.

1. Long Blonde Hair with Middle Parted Bangs


2. Long Hair with Side Bangs


3. Long Layered Hair with Bangs


4. Long Curtain Bangs


5. Long Hair with Messy Curly Bangs


6. Long Straight Bangs


7. Wavy Long Hair with Bangs


8. Long Black Bangs


9. Long Messy Shag + Bangs


10. Long Waves with Long Bangs


11. Low Ponytail with Bangs


12. Long Blonde Hair with Bangs


13. Thin Bangs for Round Faces


14. Long Bangs for Square Faces


15. Long Brown Hair with Bangs


16. Blonde Baby Bangs + Long Hair


17. Long Hair with Blunt Bangs


18. Choppy Bangs on Long Hair


19. Long Fringe Bangs


20. Blonde Fine Bangs on Long Hair


21. Wavy Thick Hair with Bangs


22. Long Permed Hair with Bangs


23. Messy Hair with Chinese Bangs


24. Long Weave Bangs


25. Messy Updos with Bangs


26. Thick Feathered Bangs


27. Over 50 Long Hairstyle with Thin Bangs


28. Wispy Bangs on Layered Hair


29. Long Braids with Messy Bangs


30. Long Hair with Bangs And Glasses


31. Long Pigtails with Side Bangs

long hair with side bangs

A childish look like this one will instantly make you look at least five years younger. Parte your hair in two sections and bind each part into a high ponytail on one side. Let your bangs cover your forehead and slightly arrange it on one side. 


32. Curly Hair with Bangs

long curly hair with bangs

With this stunning hairstyle for long hair with bangs, you will get impressive volume for your hair. Create some curtain bangs and make some waves for your long locks, tousle them style them the way you want.


33. Straight Curtain Bangs

long curtain bangs

Style long curtain bangs and gives your long mane a layered cut. If you have pale skin, choose a dark shade for your crown hair to achieve fabulous framing. Layer your hair and create a stunning light ombre for the tips.


34. Wispy Bangs

wispy bangs for long hair

Wispy bangs are very thick at the base and layered at the tips. Spread them on your forehead and create layers for the rest of your hair. For the tips, create a dark burgundy color and spread your hair on your shoulders. 


35. Long Ponytail with Bangs

long ponytail with bangs

Keep your bangs long, with a middle part. Pin all your hair into a ponytail and slightly pull your top hair to get more volume. For this long hairstyle with bangs, you can dye your hair in dark brown color. 


36. Blonde Choppy Bangs

Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

Create bangs that start from the top of your head and keep them short. Create the see-throw effect and dye your hair in champagne blonde color. A straightening iron will make your mane look impeccable. 


37. Long Bangs for Round Face

Long Bangs for Round Face

If you happen to have a round face with prominent cheekbones, choose a long hairstyle with straight bangs. Choose a striking red color if you want a look that won’t go unnoticed. 


38. Updo with Long Bangs

Long Hair with Long Bangs

Long hair allows you to recreate almost any hairstyle out there. Create a middle part for your bangs and pin all your hair into a big bun on top of your head. Select a few strands of hair from your sideburns and let the fall on your face line.


39. Black Braid with Bangs

Long Black Hair with Bangs

A long hairstyle with bangs for black women is ideal if you want to look fabulous all the time. Cut your bangs straight and braid your whole hair on one side. This hairstyle will look stunning if you choose to accessorize it with a par of golden round earrings. 


40. Middle Part Bangs

long bangs with middle part

Style some layered middle part bangs and create a few blonde highlights. Use a curling iron to recreate these fantastic tight curls. You’ll get a mesmerizing red-carpet look that will stun everybody. 


41. Long Shag with Bangs

Long Shag with Bangs


42. Colored Long Bangs

Choppy Long Bangs


43. Chinese Bangs 

Long Chinese Bangs


44. Straight Blunt Bangs 

Blunt Bangs for Long Hair


45. Bun Hair with Bangs

long brown hair with bangs


46. Thick Bangs

Long Thick Bangs


47. Long Thin Bangs

Long Thin Bangs


48. Pigtail Braids Hair with Bangs

Long Weave Hair with Bangs


49. Baby Bangs 

Long Hair with Baby Bangs


50. Long Bangs for Chubby Face

long hair with bangs for chubby face


51. Bangs for Woman Over 50

Long Bangs for Woman Over 50


52. Feathered Bangs 

Long Feathered Bangs


53. Face Framing Bangs

Long Face Framing Bangs


54. Red Hair with Long Bangs

Red Hair with Long Bangs


55. Long Bangs for Oval Face

long bangs for oval face


56. Layered Hair with Side Bangs 

Long Hairstyle with Bangs


57. Updo with Bangs

Updo with Long Bangs


58. Bangs for Long Face

Long Bangs for Square Face


59. Long French Bangs

Long French Bangs


60. Asian Long Bangs

Asian Long Bangs


61. Straight Hair with Thick Bangs

brown Sleek Long Hair with Bangs

Thick blunt bangs look great paired with long glossy locks, particularly if your hair is a rich shade of brunette. Ask your hairdresser to give you blunt straight bangs that are all the same length, and blow dry your hair with a wide flat paddle brush to make sure each hair follicle is as smooth as possible.

Best Side Swept Bangs


The key to maintaining this look is to have regular trims to ensure your hair remains in tip-top condition, and add a gloss spray or serum through the lengths of your hair to make sure it looks as sleek and shiny as possible.


62. Cute curls with side swept bangs

long curls with side swept bangs hairstyle

If you are petite and have a round or heart-shaped face then softer bangs which sweep to the side and frame your face would suit you best. Ask your stylist to feather cut your bangs, cutting into them to soften them, rather than create a blunt straight look.

These bangs should be longer on one side than the other; sweep your hair across your face in each direction to decide which suits your face shape best.

Medium Curly Hairstyles


63. Long Hair With Bangs and Balayage Highlights

Balayage Long Hairstyle With Bangs

For a look that is on-trend and ultra-modern, add soft balayage highlights to your long hair with bangs. This is a great way to color hair with bangs as the color is hand-painted onto the length of the hair, meaning your stylist can create a look that is unique to you.

This means that you can add the color to the ends of your hair without coloring your bangs, and your style will require minimal color maintenance even as your hair grows out and your bangs are trimmed.


64. Add a Blunt Fringe with Lots of Texture

simple Long Haircut With Bangs for girl

Straight hair doesn’t have to be flat hair, provided you use the right products. Adding bangs to your style is a great way to cut out some of its weight and add shape to a straightforward style.

Once you have your bangs in place simply add a texturizing spray or salt spray through the roots and lengths of your hair to create a style with plenty of body and movement. Injecting texture into your hair will give it a modern bohemian look that is bang on trend right now.


65. Long Bangs with Gentle Waves

girls Long Wave Hair With Bangs

If you have a square-shaped face then long bangs that taper towards the ends are perfect for you, helping to soften your face shape.


66. Layered Hair With Graduated Bangs

If your hair is thick, inject some volume into it. Create a unique hairstyle by adding several short layers and graduated bangs that will blend into the length of your hair. Blow-dry your style with a large round brush to create bouncy waves, and then spray into place using a strong hold hairspray.

Try These Wispy Bangs


67. Half Updos with Gentle Waves

over 40 women long hair with bangs style

Having long hair with bangs is an incredibly versatile style that can be worn in many ways. For evening events and formal occasions, why not pull your hair up into a simple updo?

Comb half of the length of your hair away from your face, and then pin it into a chic and straightforward style. This enables you to still show off the length of your hair and use your layered bangs to frame your face whilst injecting a little glamor into your look.



























long hair with bangs






























































When you choose a long hairstyle with bangs, you will discover that you can recreate all the hairstyles you wanted, adopt curls, waves, fabulous braids, and style astonishing wedding hairdos. Feel free do make creative hair dye combinations and you will be ready to rock any event. 

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