85 Unique & Stylish French Braids for Women

How long has it been since you wore your hair in a French braid? If it was when you were a little girl, you’re overdue on rocking one of the many updates the classic hairstyle has gotten.

No matter your hair thickness or texture, the French braid is one style you can count on to make you look gorgeous, whether it’s for work, that fancy event coming up, or just while you’re hanging out at home.


French Braids

These 85 French braids are stunning and full of detail.

1. Long French Braids

long french braids

These two French braids are perfect for women with long hair. Keep your hair out of your face by creating a side part and starting these braids at the temples, braiding through to ends. Drape them both over one shoulder for a classy look.


2. French Braided Ponytail

french braid with side ponytail

Create a fun twist on the French braid by making it into a sideways hairstyle. This braid starts at the temple on one side of the head and winds around the head ending at the ear. Secure with a pretty flowered clip.


3. Short French Braid

If you have thin hair or your hair is less than medium length, a short French braid will work. This one is formed by brushing all the hair forward and braiding right at the hairline.


4. Waterfall French Braid

waterfall french braid

Use the same technique that creates a French braid to make this waterfall braid twist. The loops are pulled loose to thicken and widen the braid, and the end is secured with a pretty braided flower.


5. Fishtail French Braid

fishtail french braid

A jumbo fishtail braid that uses all of the hair instead of half is great for fancy occasions like weddings and dance recitals. The top of the head is decorated with a pretty clip that secures hair. It will be easier to braid the hair if it’s straight first.


6. French Twist

french twist braid

A twist on a French braid is created by pulling one section of hair out of the braid so that it looks like a twist. It looks beautiful as a half updo with the bottom half left straight or slightly wavy.


7. Double French Braids

french braided pigtails

A dramatic hairstyle to rock features two French braids on each side of the head. They’re combined to make the hair look thicker and look especially beautiful with a contrasting hair color, like this muted purple.


8. Upside Down French Braid

french braided updo

Instead of the ends of your French braid being at the neck, this is where they’ll start. Secure the ends of the braids at the crown and wind them into this cute ballerina bun.


9. French Headband Braid

If you like the headband look, create it without the use of an actual headband. Start a French braid at one temple and cross it over to the other side. Pull it loose for soft vibes and leave the rest of your hair wavy.


10. Front French Braid

Keep hair off your face with a side French braid that works even with side bangs. Part hair at the side, then start the braid and continue it down the opposite side ending at about ear level. Pull it the end back and secure it with a clip.


11. French Braided Dreads

If you’re a woman with dreadlocks, you can still fashion your hair in a gorgeous French braid. This look is traditional, but instead of securing the ends with an elastic, a couple of locks are wound around the ends.


12. Half French Braids

french braid

Instead of French braiding hair all the way to ends, stop at the neckline and wrap them together using a jeweled hair claw.


13. Connected Waterfall French Braids

french braid for kids

Why have just one waterfall French braid when you can have two? Start with a small section of hair near the top of the head, connecting the waterfalls to another braid just below.


14. French Braid for Thick Hair

ombre french braid

For thick hair, a luscious French braid like this can tame your locks in a gorgeous way. Form a couple traditional braids around the head first, leaving some hair loose, then combine them all in the French braid.


15. French Braid for Wedding

loose french braid

Your big day deserves a stunning hairstyle. Go for this mix of French braid and fishtail braid for a detailed way to display your long locks.


16. Chunky Braids with Wrapped Fringe

 Chunky Braids hairstyles for women

If you have African textured hair, then chunky cornrows (French braids) are an excellent way to control your hair. Wrap portions of your fringe around from one side of your head to another.

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17. Chunky Cornrows

french braid haircut for black women

For a big, bold statement style, plait your hair into chunky cornrows. This is a great way to keep your hair looking smart for the workplace.


18. High Plait Bun

french braid hairstyles for women 3-min

Natural hair have be relaxed and then woven into chunky plaits. You can then fold your plaits around one another to fashion your style into a cool plaited chignon bun.


19. Cornrow Up ‘Do with Loose Sections

french braid hairstyles for women 4-min

Pull your plaits up into a retro up ‘do style with a freestanding fringe. Leave a couple of tight French plaits down at either side of your face to help to soften your look.


20. Cornrows with a Fohawk

 Fohawk french braid hairstyle for you

Style your rows so that they follow the curve of your head and create an attractive pattern. Bring them together in the center of your head to give yourself a cool fohawk style.


21. Two Chunky Buns

french braid hairstyles for women 6-min

Plait the front section of your hair together and then wrap the plait around itself to create a top knot. Do the same with the rear section of your hair to create a second knot for a unique new style.


22. Latticed Braids

Latticed Braids hairstyles for black hair

Weave individual cornrow under and over one another on top of your head to create a latticed look. Scrape your hair back into a high pony tail.


23. Curly Tips

french braid hairstyles for women 8-min

Plait the hair nearest to your scalp into small, tight cornrows. Leave the ends of your hair free to curl naturally which will help to create a beautiful, voluminous look.


24. Braided Bun and Crown

Crown french braid hairstyles for black girl

Wrap a thick braid over your forehead to create the impression of a braided crown. Pull equally thick French plaits up into a classic bun style at the rear of your head.

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25. Layered French Braids

french braid hairstyles for women 10-min

Whether your braids are natural or artificial, you can create a layered look by incorporating different lengths into your hair. This hairstyle looks great for everyday glamour.  


26. Classic Single French Plait

 Classic Single French black hairstyles

This hairstyle was popular for decades with noblewomen in various different countries. It is a beautiful look for any special occasion.


27. Latticed Plaitwork

french braid hairstyles for women 12-min

Make your plait look even more eye-catching with your interpretation of this wonderful latticework. Knot your hair at the nape of your neck and let the rest of it hang down freely.


28. Off-center Plait

french braided haircut with centre Plait

Creating a single braid is a classic look, but it can be updated a little by plaiting slightly off-centre. The plait will then fall gently over one shoulder rather than falling straight down your back.


29. Messy Plait

french braid hairstyles for women 14-min

Classic French braids don’t always have to be perfectly manicured. A messy plait can be pulled together quite quickly and looks a little bit more casual than a carefully created braid.


30. Single Side Braid

cool Side Braid haircut

A single braid at one side of your hair creates an eleven look which is straight out of Lord of the Rings. It is a soft and beautiful choice which would look perfect for a wedding or garden party.


31.Thick and Thin

french braid hairstyles for women 16-min

Try this twist on a classic French braid. Start your main braid close to the nape of your neck and leave most of the top of your hair smooth. Feed a few thin plaits or twists into your style to create a unique look.


32. Braided Heart

Heart french braid hairstyle for young girl

Create two opposing braids starting from either side of your parting and use hair from your fringe to give the braids a solid structure. Pull these back around and then join together at the bottom to create a distinctive heart shape.


33. High Crown

french braid hairstyles for women 19-min

Section off some hair towards the front of your hair. Use this hair to create a high crown braid which sits atop your head. You can wear the rest of your hair up or down.


34. Dutch braid

french braid Dutch hair you like

Many classic French braids are designed to sit flush with the wearer’s head, but this one is designed to pop out. This can be achieved by starting the braid right from the front of the head. It is sometimes known as a Dutch braid.


35. Beach Hair

french braid hairstyles for women 21-min

If you have copper tones in your hair, then a classic French Braid is an excellent choice for your beach hairstyle this summer. The added bonus is that it will leave your hair with a beautiful wave once you remove the plaits. 


36. Thin French Braid

French Braid haircut for school girl

If you only have thin hair, then you may worry about your single braid tapering away to nothingness. However, a French braid can still look stylish even with thin hair.


37. Stepped Braid

french braid hairstyles for women 23-min

Create a stepped look by bringing in loose sections of hair from all the way down your head. Knot your hair half way down and fan it out to create a gorgeous semi-casual look.


38. Classic Fishtail Braids

nice Fishtail Braids hair for 18 years girl

Want this cute and unique fishtail braids? Divide your hair into two equal sections and start working at the nape of your neck. Bring a small section of your hair from the right-hand side under and over until it joins the left. Do the same with the left-hand side and repeat until you reach the bottom.


39. Side Fishtail Braid

french braid hairstyles for women 24-min

Use the same technique that you would use for a classic fishtail, but create this braid at the side. It is a gorgeous choice for any special occasion or wedding.


40. Braided Up-do

french braid hairstyles for women 25-min

Create the appearance of a pixie bob with a manicured braided updo. Tuck stray hairs away under the chunky braid to ensure that you do not have a hair out of place.


41. Big Chignon with Braided Nape

cute french braid hairstyles for women

This subtle braid sits at the nape of the neck, underneath a chunky chignon bun. To create a bun this voluminous, you may want to use a hair ring to boost it.


42. Voluminous French Braid

french braid hairstyles for women 27-min

Stop your braid just above the nape of your neck. Use a hair band and a knot of hair to pull the remaining pony away from your back. Run your fingers through the pony a few times to create extra volume.


43. Multi-Braids

Multi-Braids hair with cute face

Take braiding to a whole new level by pulling lots of different thicknesses of braid together into one ponytail. This look gives your hair a gorgeous texture.


44. Crowning Glory

french braid hairstyles for women 29-min

Pull your hair up into multiple braids which wrap around the front of your head. Layer these “crowns” up until all of your hair is included. You may want to leave a few wispy strands loose for added effect.


45. Highlights and Lowlights

french braid Highlights hair for women

French plaits look wonderful on hair which has been enhanced with highlights and lowlights. Complementary tones help to add subtle depth and texture to the hair. 


46. Waterfall Braids and Curls

Waterfall Braids with curly hair for young girl

This is a great prom or summer wedding hairstyle because it shows off the gorgeous curls without risking being too casual. It can be teamed up with flower accessories for amazing boho chic.


47. Half up, Half Down

french braid hairstyles for women 32-min

This is an amazingly funky hairstyle if you are looking for a mixture of up and down styles. Braid the front sections near to your forehead and then use curling tongs to create a beautiful loose curl in the back sections.


48. Dual Side Braids

Side Braids hairstyle for women

Start alternating French plaits at either side of your head. These two braids can be kept separate at the back or else you can bring them around so that they meet up with one another.


49. Loose braid with loose curls

french braid hairstyles for women 34-min

To create loose tousled curls underneath a braid, you can use a curling iron and then run your fingers through your hair to help to separate it out into smaller segments.


50. Coppery Tones

french braid hairstyles for women 35-min


Put coppery highlights into your hair to give your hair a metallic shine when it catches the sun. This look is enhanced by wearing lots of reds and browns.

Try Brown Hairstyles with Caramel Highlights


51. Braided Bun

Braided Bun hairstyle for school girl

A braid does not need to flow down the back of your head. For a really chic style, pull your braid up into a gorgeous chignon at the back and leave a few strands down to frame your face at the front.


52. Diagonal Waterfall Braid

french braid hairstyles for women 37-min

Waterfall braids are a simple yet striking choice. For a quirky take on this beautiful style, run your waterfall braids on a diagonal instead of on a level.


53. Bow Braids

Bow french hairstyles you like

This incredible high fashion hairstyle incorporates “bows” of hair into the braids. It is a really bold choice when teamed up with a single side braid.


54. Diminishing Braid

french braid hairstyles for women 39-min

This braid starts off being big and bold near to the top of the head but diminished in size towards the end of the style. It is a great choice for people with thinner hair who still want a braided style.


55. Sleek and Shiny

Sleek and Shiny black hairstyle

Perfectly straight hair looks amazing in a braid. A sleek and smooth style can help to show off the healthy shine of your hair.  


56. Casual Side Braid

french braid hairstyles for women 42-min

This side braid is perfect for a fun, casual style. Loosely create a side plait hairstyle towards the back of your head. Do not fix it too tightly or it will ruin the casual look that you are aiming for.


57. Braided Fringe

french braid hairstyles for women 44-min

Weave a single, thin braid into your fringe to help to keep your hair out of your eyes. This braided hairstyle will create a boho chic look when it is teamed up with loose curls or loose waves.


58. Rolling Side Braid

natural Rolling Side Braid for teen age girl

These rolling side braids are a perfect choice for glamming up a casual hairstyle. It is really quick to pull your hair up into this boho style, so it is a great look when you are heading out with your friends.


59. Gorgeous Wedding Hair

french braid hairstyles for women 46-min

For gorgeous wedding hair, incorporate a thick statement braid on one side of your head. Pull the rest of your hair up into a beautifully curled chignon bun.


60. Birdcage Chignon

nice n simple Birdcage Chignon haircut

To create this look you will have to section your hair off into lots of individual sections which you can pull round into waterfall braids. The sections which come out of the waterfall can then be pulled round and tucked under in a birdcage effect.


61. Natural Hair

french braid hairstyles for women 48-min

Nappy natural hair looks amazing when it has been teased back into a classical single French braid style. Wear with a simple headband for everyday elegance.


62. Subtle Braid

best Subtle Braid haircut you like

Keep things simple and casual with a subtle down hairstyle. Loosely braid in an asymmetrical fringe and then run your fingers through the rest of your hair to create volume.


63. Messy Style

french braid hairstyles for women 50-min

Your hair can still look totally stylish even if you have a few stray hairs. In fact, the scruffy look can be really desirable in a casual “just threw this together” hairstyle.


64. High French Braid

good looking High French Braid haircut

Pull your hair upwards and backwards to create a high French braid style. This style is wonderfully elegant and is the perfect choice for formal parties.


65. Distinct Sections to Create Steps

french braid hairstyles for women 54-min

Use chunky, distinct sections of hair to give your style a stepped look. This means that all of your hair plays an important part in your style. 


66. The Top

the top french braids hairstyles

You can choose to braid only the top section of your hair. This style is great for shorter people who want to have something to show off on the top of their head.


67. Long Thin Lattice

Long Thin Lattice french braid hairstyles

Most single French braid styles only use three main sections of hair, but you can create a long thin lattice braid by portioning your hair off into four or more sections.


68. Bow Bun

french braid hairstyles for women 57-min

Top your French braid style with an amazing bow of hair which is reminiscent of the 40’s pin-up style. If you don’t want to make a hair bow, use a statement fabric bow instead.


69. Stegosaurus

french braid hairstyles for women 59-min

This spiny braid is a little bit punky without being too extreme for the office. It is a great choice for those who want to stand out in a crowd.


70. Loose Crown

french braid haircut with Loose Crown style

A loose braid crown can offer a very soft and feminine look to the wearer. It also helps to make thin hair look more voluminous. If you are looking for a sweet style for a wedding or formal event, then this might be the right choice for you.


71. Top Waterfall

french braid hairstyles for women 62-min

Waterfall braids normally start right on the top of your head, but you can try this twist where the “waterfall” takes hair from your fringe and sits atop your head instead. Make the waterfall asymmetrical for an even more unusual look.


72. Half Crown with Bun

french braid hairstyle foe women with Crown with Bun

Work in a braid around just one side of your head. Allow it to follow the natural curve of your skull. Pull the rest of your hair up into a tight chignon bun at the back.


73. Two Tone

french braid hairstyles for women 64-min

If the underside of your hair is a different shade to the top, then you can create a fantastic two-tone French braid hairstyle like the one above. The contrasting colors look absolutely amazing.


74. Highlighted Sections

Highlighted french braid hairstyle

A few contrasting highlighted sections can also look brilliant in a braided style. When small sections are highlighted, you can really see how your hair darts around from side to side within the plait.


75. Mixed Braid

french braid hairstyles for women 66-min

This braid mixes two different styles into one by integrating a classic single French braid with a funky fishtail style. You might need someone else to help you to pull off a braid as neat as this one.  


76. Braided Knot

Braided Knot french braid hairstyle

If you are a fan of pulling your hair back into a high ponytail, you can actually enhance the look by using a braided section of your hair to “secure” the pony. Use an elastic hair tie to hold your ponytail firmly in place, but then wrap the braid over to cover the hair tie.


77. Single Braid with Chignon

french braid hairstyles for women 69-min

Using clear sections of hair from the front of your head in your braids helps to create a stepped look. Pull your hair up into a lightly curled chignon for the perfect wedding style.


78. Mermaid Braid

Mermaid Braid hair with color

This style uses complex latticework across the back of the hair, which then fans out into an open “mermaid” style. The hairstyle is made even more striking by the ombre bluey-green hair coloring in the lower section.


79. Twisted Rope


Because this style only uses two sections of hair, some people may not consider this to be a true braided style. However, twisted rope braids are very popular because they are quick and easy to do.


80. Multi-Coloured Magic


This style is so bright and vibrant that you will be turning heads wherever you go. You can choose whichever color combinations you feel are the best match for your personality.


81. Dual French Braids


Some people think that two braids are better than one! Plait a French Braid into either side of your hair to create an alpine look for your hairstyle.


 82. The Blues


Miniature blue or purple braids are fantastically vibrant. Enhance your style even more by teaming up your hair with an eyeshadow which perfectly matches your hair color.


83. Swiss Crown

Swiss Crown french braiding hairstyles

This Swiss Crown is a traditional hairstyle in many alpine regions, however, that does not mean that it has to stay in the mountains. A Swiss Crown is a suitable choice for red carpet events or other formal occasions.


84. Braid Crown with Full Up ‘Do

french braid hairstyles for women 70-min

Once you have created a crown of braids, you can pull the rest of your hair up into a stylish up’do. Secure it in position with hairpins and grips for a flawless look.


85. Horizontal Braids

 Horizontal Braid hairstyle for young girl

Plait in multiple mid-thickness braids at either side of your head. Draw the braids up and over the crown of your head and then pin the braids so that they stay firmly in place.

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