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40 Epic Golden and Reddish Brown Hair Colors [2023]

Playing around with hair colors is every woman’s right. Golden and reddish brown hair color ideas can be very enticing without completely changing your image over. Whenever you feel like your simple brown or standard blonde are getting too tiring and you are in need for a fun change, choose between reddish and golden brown hair color options.

These shades look great on all hair types and can suit almost any woman out there. However, if you are not sure if you will look amazing while sporting these hair colors, you need to browse through some options.


All Shades of Brown: From Golden to Reddish Brown Hair Color ideas

When you are going after golden, reddish brown hair color options, there is no need to choose just one. You can mix and match these shades to create your own very unique style and color. Highlights, ombres, and sombres can make you look truly fantastic without any hairstyle changes. All you need to remember is that light hair shades need a lot of maintenance to stay bright and shiny.

If you are not sure that you will go for regular touch ups, choose darker hues. Reddish brown is the warmest hair color out of them all and the darkest as well.. Take a look at how they look like on other women and make a decision.


1. Brown Mix

brown hair color ideas

Golden and reddish brown hair colors look perfect when mixed. Settle for a more natural look with a soft brown base and a few golden brown highlights. You won’t regret the move.

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2. Golden brown ends


Golden brown hair color looks very close to blonde so you must be very careful about the grown out roots. If you are not ready to go for monthly maintenance, consider dyeing the ends golden brown and the top a darker color.


3. Bright and golden

light golden brown hair

In order to make your color fresh and shiny, you can mix blonde and golden brown strands. A real professional hairstylist will be able to do the mix subtly to make the hair look natural.


4. Partial highlights

partial golden brown highlights

Partial highlights are a great way to go about trying a new hair color. So if you are thinking of going golden brown, you can start with just a few strands. Perhaps you won’t need anymore.


5. Brown ombre

golden brown ombre

Your brown ombre will look even more amazing if you add it some charm by dyeing the very ends the same color as the top. This approach is very original and will certainly make a wonderful impression.


6. Patch dyeing

hair color ideas for brown hair

Patch dyeing is the same approach as partial highlighting. You can make a horizontal golden brown patch in the middle of your mane while leaving the top and the bottom dark brown.


7. Golden, brown and beautiful

golden brown hair color ideas

Golden hair color shades look amazing on many women. They have a clear advantage over blonde since the change from the dark hues is not too drastic. They are also an improvement over regular brown due to the extra shine.


8. Reddish brown highlights

11 (3)

When you consider highlights, don’t overlook reddish brown. If you are not ready to become a full-blown redhead, reddish brown highlights will help you get closer to the desired image.


9. Straightforward dyeing

tone hair color ideas for brown hair

While highlights, sombres, ombres and etc. are very popular right now, simple one –tone dyeing shouldn’t be overlooked. Dyeing you tresses light colors is a wonderful way to spice up your style.


10. Platinum blonde with an oomph

golden brown hair color ideas

Being a platinum blonde is wonderful but keeping the color fresh is a bit complicated. That’s why it’s always a great idea to through some golden brown into the mix and the result will blow you away.


11. Color asymmetry

asymmetry Hairstyle

Hairstyle asymmetry is very popular nowadays, so why not try to incorporate this idea into dyeing? Make one side of your asymmetrical bob darker than the other and enjoy the result.


12. Bangs are everything


Golden brown hair color looks amazing couple with a blonde. So if you are going for an ombre with golden brown on top and blonde on the bottom, don’t forget to dye your bangs blonde too.


13. Golden brown natural hair color

blonde and brown hair color ideas

If your natural color is golden brown, but you’ve decided to turn blonde, no worries! You can skip your hairstylist appointment and let the golden roots grown for a fresh and special image.


14. Multi – purpose hair color

19 (2)

Golden hair color can easily be called multi-purpose since it suits any hair type and any skin color. No matter what type of makeup you use or what your face shape is, golden brown will look great on you.


15. Reddish brown surprise

reddish brown hair color

Make yourself a surprise by dyeing your brown hair with reddish brown hair color. If your locks are naturally brown, this hue will add your face some brightness and mystery.


16. Golden Brown Goldilocks


Was Goldilocks blonde? Are you sure? The name says otherwise. A simple way to achieve golden hair is not to choose between blonde hues. Golden brown is the key.


17. Richer and softer


brown hair color ideas

The main advantage of brown hair color is that there are plenty of shades to play around with. The richer the color is, the more effective your hairstyle will look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.


18. Taste of honey

20 (3)

If you are tired of being a blond but are slowly getting ready for a change, add just a touch of golden brown hair color to your mane and enjoy the result.

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19. A touch of red

 reddish brown hair color

If your locks are naturally brown, don’t be afraid to experiment with reddish brown hair color. In fact, it will look like a great addition to your natural locks. Start with the ends and go up.


20. A tribute to nature

golden brown short hair

Golden brown locks are an absolute dream. So if nature didn’t give you dreamy hair, it’s up to you to fool it. Choose the golden shade of brown to create a great-looking color.


21. Amazing ombre


Girls with brown hair have a great option of experimenting with different shades for an ombre. Start with golden brown and go lighter if you wish. You just can’t go wrong with brown.


22. The right weave

brown hair with weave

If your brown locks are just not as long as you wish them to be, get a weave. You can kill two birds with one stone since you’ll have a longer mane and an ombre to boot.


23. The reddish hue

reddish hue colour ideas

Only a real maestro can add a subtle reddish hue to completely change your image while keeping the color looking natural. Ask your hairstylist to give it a try. The result can be truly mind-blowing.


24. Sun-kissed blonde

blonde brown hair colour ideas

If you are getting tired of your golden brown locks, your next step can be to become a sun-kissed blonde. Golden brown hair color perfectly turns into blond in just one dyeing session.


25. Soft transition

reddish brown hair

Choosing the shade of brown that’s closest to your own is a great way to create a soft color transition. Don’t rush to get a complete color makeover. You might want to see what a similar color will look like.


26. Gold and platinum

brown hair color ideas with gold and platinum

Gold and platinum look great together. So why not create an ombre with golden brown on top and platinum blonde on the bottom. Your hair will truly make a great impression.


27. Red and fun
24 (3)

Give your reddish brown hair an extra oomph by creating subtle golden brown highlights. You don’t need to make many, just one or two will be sufficient to change your image.


28. Pot of gold


If your hair is naturally very dark, don’t rush for a blond shade. Start with golden brown hair color and you’ll be amazed at how much it suits you. Girls with dark skin should make it their color of choice.


29. The right approach

medium brown hair color ideas

When you go to meet with your hairstylist, ask him for the right approach to your hair. Don’t make any sudden changes. Bleaching your locks is not the best idea. Try adding some golden brown instead.


30. Let it be

bright reddish brown hair color

Sometimes the smartest way to go about your brown locks is to leave them brown. If your own color is bright and rich, you might only ruin it by adding different shades of brown. Think about a completely new hue.


31. Honey blond

golden brown hair color

Golden brown and honey blond hair colors might seem close together when it comes to applying them on dark hair. Don’t rush to become a honey blonde, use a more natural color instead.


32. Long and golden

 Long and golden brown hair colour ideas

The golden brown hue never gets tiresome so you can easily enjoy it all year round. Your hair will always look natural, shiny and beautiful with any extra effort.


33. Remember your roots


If you’ve chosen to go blond, you will need to remember the roots. The brown shades are much easier to maintain and don’t require touch ups more often than once in about 8 weeks.


34. Sweet transition

28 (2)

You can show a great color transition by curling your locks. This way the soft contrast will become more obvious.


35. Hair extensions

blonde brown hair colour ideas

If you are getting ready to forget about your golden brown hair color, consider getting blond hair extensions. They will give you a good idea of what you will look like as a blonde.


36.  Bleached blonde


If you want to add brown hue to your bleached blond hair, you might have trouble achieving the exact color you need. You will probably need a few dyeing sessions.


37.  Fashionable bob

medium ash brown

Dyeing one side of your bob one color and second part another color is considered very stylish. Choose golden brown hair color for at least one of the sides.


38.  Become a redhead


The mix of golden brown hues and reddish brown hair color can make a real redhead out of you. Just make sure your stylist knows what he is doing.


39.  Lighten up!

light golden brown hair color

Lighten up your image with a few golden brown strands. You will love the way your image will change immediately thanks to a new shade.


40.  Reddish brown hair color

Reddish brown hair color ideas

This is a truly beautiful color and it can be easily achieved if your hair is naturally brown. Try this hue at least once in your life and you’ll never regret it.


Enjoy these amazing ways to go about golden and reddish brown hair colors. Brown comes in many different shades. Try at least one of them and enjoy the new you!