50 Epic Golden, Ash & Reddish Brown Hair Colors [2017]

Playing around with hair colors is every woman’s right. Golden, ash and reddish brown hair color ideas can be very enticing without completely changing your image over. Whenever you feel like your simple brown or standard blonde are getting too tiring and you are in need for a fun change, choose between ash, reddish and golden brown hair color options. These shades look great on all hair types and can suit almost any woman out there. However, if you are not sure if you will look amazing while sporting these hair colors, you need to browse through some options.


All Shades of Brown: From Golden to Ash and Reddish Brown Hair Color ideas

When you are going after golden, reddish, and ash brown hair color options, there is no need to choose just one. You can mix and match these shades to create your own very unique style and color. Highlights, ombres, and sombres can make you look truly fantastic without any hairstyle changes. All you need to remember is that light hair shades need a lot of maintenance to stay bright and shiny. If you are not sure that you will go for regular touch ups, choose darker hues. Reddish brown is the warmest hair color out of them all and the darkest as well. The next one is golden hair color and the coolest (least warm) is ash brown. Take a look at how they look like on other women and make a decision.


1. Brown Mix

brown hair color ideas

Golden and reddish brown hair colors look perfect when mixed. Settle for a more natural look with a soft brown base and a few golden brown highlights. You won’t regret the move.

Best Hair Color Options for 2017

2. Golden brown ends


Golden brown hair color looks very close to blonde so you must be very careful about the grown out roots. If you are not ready to go for monthly maintenance, consider dyeing the ends golden brown and the top a darker color.


3. Bright and golden

light golden brown hair

In order to make your color fresh and shiny, you can mix blonde and golden brown strands. A real professional hairstylist will be able to do the mix subtly to make the hair look natural.


4. Partial highlights


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Partial highlights are a great way to go about trying a new hair color. So if you are thinking of going golden brown, you can start with just a few strands. Perhaps you won’t need any more.


5. Ash brown and blond

ash brown hair with blonde

Ash brown hair color is often hard to create if your own hair is dark. However, if you are a blond, you can achieve great results. Consider leaving some blonde strands for a more exquisite appearance.

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