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Let’s Go Bold – 80 Hottest Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2024

The time has come for a change and cutting your hair isn’t an option? Color it! There are so many different hair colors for women out there, they will make your head spin. In order to choose the proper hair color, you should consider the skin type as well as the amount of makeup you are ready to apply.

hair color ideas women 2024

Women with pale skin need to go for lighter colors in order for the facial features not to get lost among the bright locks. Women with dark skin have more choices but still must be careful not to overdo it. Choosing the right color might be complicated, but don’t forget that it is very easy to change. So don’t be afraid of making a mistake and do some experimenting!

Hot and Unique Hair Color Ideas for 2024

We have prepared a list of 80 wonderful hair color trends for women to choose from. To make the right choice, pick a model with the skin tone and face shape, which is the most similar to yours. The wild hair color options fit almost any woman, so they can be tried any time. Get hair color ideas from the below styles and choose the perfect one for you.

1. Blue and Black

blue and black hair color

If you’re a fan of short edgy hairstyles, choose a pixie in a moody combination of black and dark blue. This layered pixie features a thick blue highlight near the face; it’s sure to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

2. Brunette

brunette hair color

Long, loose waves fill the mane of this brunette hairstyle. Hair can be parted off center or in the middle and include face-framing layers for definition. It’s a great hair color for women with brown or green eyes.

3. Lovely Lavender

lavender hair color

You’ll feel playful and ready to make bold choices rocking a lavender hair color. Use it to bring back the bounce in curly hair or to highlight straight hair. Take the bulk out of your hair by thinning it out and adding layers.

4. Pink Ombre

pink hair color

If you like feminine hair colors, go with a pink ombre. Darker roots lead the way to a lighter-colored bottom. No matter how you wear your hair, it’ll shine beautifully.

5. Wavy Rainbow

rainbow hair color

A medium length haircut will easily make a statement with rainbow hair color. Make the biggest impact with waves or curls. You can even add shorter pieces near the face to feature a certain color.

6. Long Caramel Waves

caramel hair color

How glamorous are these long soft waves in a rich caramel color? Women with a medium to dark skin tone will look best in this shade. Give your hair a lift of volume by combing in an off center part.

7. Brown Ombre 

curly hair color

Looking for a beautiful hair color to help your curls look their best? This brown ombre starts out in a really light blonde, but beautifully transitions to dark brown. The color combinations will be flattering on light-skinned women.

8. Pretty in Plum

plum hair color

Plum hair color is perfect for glossing up sleek bobs. On this layered style, light and dark shades of plum work together to make short hair both chic and edgy.

9. Dark Brown

dark hair color

Contrary to popular belief, dark brown hair color isn’t boring. Its richness is a beautiful technique long-haired women can use to flaunt long hair whether it’s worn down or up in a bun with loose tendrils.

10. Ginger Hair

ginger hair color

If you’re a natural ginger lady or you have very light skin, you can pull off this light hair color flawlessly. We love the way it helps define springy curls and accentuates the eyes.

11. Great in Grey

grey hair color

Grey hair color is making a name for itself and not just for older women. It’s perfect for making a statement look, like it does on this long hairstyle with curly ends. 

12. Electric Orange

orange hair color

When your hair goals are to make an eclectic, edgy statement, choose orange hair color. No one’s hairstyle is a match for this long swooped pixie, featuring a short black bottom and orange and light blonde up top.

13. Maroon

maroon hair color

Maroon hair color is a popular choice for women who want a mysterious, moody look. It also looks great against any skin tone. We love the color on a straightened, long-layered haircut.

14. Rose Gold Curls

rose gold hair color

Do you have a light skin tone and hair with curly wavy texture? Play it up with flirty rose gold! The color is soft but still makes a statement and you can even comfortably wear it in professional environments if needed.

15. Peek-a-boo Hair Color

peekaboo hair color

Your hair color doesn’t have to be applied to your entire head to be noticeable. Peek-a-boo highlights are just as gorgeous, like this red, orange, and dark blue on the longest part of a pixie.

16. Multicolored Hair

multi colored hair

When your base color is naturally light or blonde, it’s the perfect shade for flaunting rainbow hair colors or several colors at once. If you’re just wanting a small addition of color, consider placing highlights halfway down your hair.

17. Reddish-Brown

hair color for tan skin

Ladies with tan skin often stick to a dark hair color, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have some depth to it. Try a reddish-brown or a dark brown with a purple tint. That way it’s still professional with a little pop of color.

18. Slay in Silver

silver hair color

Another way to do silver hair color is by accentuating it with spray-on or glittered silver. An elegant updo becomes worthy of an art museum when done up with braids.

19. Totally Teal

teal hair color

Those mermaid and beach vibes are only a color job away if you like teal. Rock a full head of teal or choose teal highlights to flaunt on your light hair. Worn down or up in an over-sized bun, you’ll stun.

20. Unicorn Hair Color

unicorn hair color

Of all the hair colors available to women, unicorn hair color has taken all those stylist chairs by storm. The dreamy combination of light colors is practically an illusion to the eyes, but it can be yours in reality – just make an appointment asap!

21. Vivacious Red

red hair color

The most vibrant and fabulous red hair look is achieved by choosing an outstanding and wild color. Vivacious red is the best choice for those women who are tired of the old and simple hair colors and need to bring a serious change in their lives.

22. Side Swept Hair In Mermaid Blue

trendy mermaid blue hair color women 2024

An elegant side-swept hairstyle like you just tossed your curls across your shoulder looks effortless and chic. It works perfectly with long hair. If you do not want to go loud with colors, an accented mermaid blue gives you the flawless, sophisticated hair design.

23. Wavy Volumized Bob In Pastel Ombre

short blode and pink hair color women

When it comes to getting a voguish professional look, waves, and volume go hand in hand. Ombre in pastels is a very stylish yet simple look to go for if you’re not a fan of bright or dark colors. You can add volume to your layered bob by simply blow-drying your hair upside down and flipping your head upward to make the hair puff out.

24. Bright Shoulder Length Layers

medium hairstyle with balayage hair color

This is an effortless yet sophisticated hairstyle which can be worn almost everywhere — from your workplace to your friend’s bachelorette party. Side part and curl up one side of your hair and let it embrace your face.

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25. Long Loose Waves in Balayage Brown

balayage brown hair color for women

This is a romantic look to wear. The Balayage brown hair design is a soft, earthy-looking, sun-kissed highlights that easily blend in as your hair grows longer.

26. Angled Bob In Red Dye

short haired women with red hair

Nothing speaks sexy as a classic angled bob with red accents. Just remember to keep your bob longer than the chin length to frame your face with. This is a flattering hair design which will make you look smoking-hot in no time.

27. Long Length Layered Waves in Blonde Sombre

long layered hairstyle - blonde sombre hair color

This natural look withstands the test of time. Long layers are gorgeous and pairing it up with dark blonde somber makes just the perfect combination. Sombre is like a subtler cousin of ombre which goes well with long to medium length hair.

28. Medium-Length Layers With Purple Ombre

women's medium length hair with pink ombre hair color

Medium-length layers with intense curls are a sure-fire way to volumize your thin hair. And if you are feeling extra creative, you can team it up with a fashionable ombre in purple. The significant volumes into this hair design add even more personality to the overall look.

29. Full Bangs In Fiery Red

red hairstyle for women 2024

This fiery red in long hair takes us back to 2010 Rihanna’s unforgettable redhead hairstyle. If you are really in the mood to get a unique hair design that will turn heads every time you hit the streets, this one takes the first place.

30. Blonde + Purple Ombre With Volumized Waves

hair color trend women 2024

The versatile medium-length waves never go out style. You can give a unique touch by getting creative with your hair design. An intense blonde to purple ombre is a great idea to get a little wild with your mane.

31. Sleek Bob Hairstyle With Purple Ombre Ends

short bob haircut with purple ombre hair color

This trendy look suits all face shapes, be it round, square, oval or diamond. It allows you to accentuate your beautiful eyes and lips. The short back hair retains the overall hair volume, while the different layers add texture and thickness making the hair design look soft and feminine. The super cool purple ombre ends just like a cherry on top.

32. Soft burgundy waves

burgundy hair color

Burgundy color might seem a little wild, however, it is easy to balance it out with soft waves. Girls with long hair can easily sport the burgundy color without having to stand out of the crowd too much. The length adds some softness to the color. Check here for trendy burgundy hair color ideas.

33. Havana brown with pure blond highlights

blonde hair color women 2024

Mixing several hair colors is a wonderful idea, which will look great on women with all hair types. The longer the hair, the better the effect. However, women with short hair can try this as well. The important point here is to choose the colors, which will look good together like these two do.

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34. Fair amber and yellowish platinum curls

golden curly hair color

Mixing different shades of blond is always a great idea. A perm is a great way to demonstrate them. Unfortunately, this type of mix can’t be done properly at home, so a visit to a hair stylist is a must. The vibrant result will leave you breathless.

35. Cafe blond

Trends trending hair colors

This color reminds some of the coffee but it is really a good dark blond color which is suitable for a great variety of women. Those of you who are not ready to go fully blond can try this charming color, which looks great with any face type.

36. French roast with caramel tips

brown into caramel hair color

Another coffee hairstyle for you. However, this one has caramel tips, which add it a lot of styles. Such double colored hairstyles will be a popular choice for women in 2024, so make sure to give them a try. You will surely like them!

37. Espresso with sunflower blond

latest hair color for young girl

This interesting mix of colors is a great idea for women with thin hair, who want to go at least partially blond. The darker color on top creates a voluminous impression, while the blond strands produce a festive look.

38. Honey Blonde

golden blonde

Honey blond is always in style. For those women who want to go blond but don’t want a radical change from their dark color, this shade is a wonderful choice. This hair color looks good on straight and neat hair.

39. Light golden brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 6

Light golden brown looks great on any type of hair. This color doesn’t require bright makeup and will do wonders for emphasizing your facial features and your skin tone. This popular brown hair color will fit women of any age.

40. Ruby Fusion

burgundy hair color

This Ruby Fusion hair color is available from L’Oreal and will make a great choice for women who want some changes in their life. This color is not as radical as other red colors, but it will surely give you a new and fresh look.

41. Sparkling amber hair color

brown Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women

This bright hair color will get some heads turning your way. This is a wonderful idea for girls who are tired of their dull hair. This color adds a lot of brightness to any type of hair but will look the best on long ones.

42. Light ash blonde with brown tips

blonde hair colors for sweet girl

Light ash blonde is an outstanding hair color all on its own. However, adding darker brown tips will make it even more special. This mix is appropriate for medium length hair and is quite easy to create.

43. Burgundy with violet highlights

red-violet-ombre hair color trend

Burgundy is a wild choice of color all on its own. Burgundy with violet highlights is a style, which will make you stand out of the crowd. Women with pale skin tone will need to use a lot of makeup to make sure their facial features are not lost against such a bright background.

44. Golden chocolate brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 9

This hair color looks very natural hairstyle and will suit any girl who wants to try it. It is also very low in maintenance for girls with naturally dark hair since when their own hair will start growing, the roots will not be as noticeable.

45. Light copper

light brown hair color for women

Light copper hair color is a great idea for those women who don’t want a drastic color change but want to sport a bright and stylish hairstyle. This color will give a romantic look to girls with long wavy hair and a fashionable feel to the girls with short ones. You may like these dark copper hair color too.

46. Dark natural blond

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 11

Such hairstyle is quite popular with the girls who have dark hair and want to slowly change it to blond. Dark roots don’t look too obvious with this hair color. In fact, they seem a bit stylish, so if you skip one hair color appointment it won’t be a disaster.

47. Bright golden brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 12

This bright golden brown color is a great way to draw some attention to your hair. It looks great on any length and suits women with dark skin color. Make sure not to use too much makeup, or the overall look will be too tacky.

48. Honey blonde and light brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 13

This is a wonderful mix for women with pale skin tones. The highlights look great on hair of any length and will make any woman look fabulous. This look works better on long straight hair. However, short and curly hair will look great too.

49. Pale violet

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 14

If you are looking for an outstanding hair color, but don’t want it to be too bright, your choice would be pale violet. While this color will have you visiting the salon quite often, its distinguished look will keep you coming back for more.

50. Chocolate brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 15

While there is nothing very distinguished about this hair color, many women choose just this one and are very happy with it. Chocolate brown is a very natural color, which will outline your facial features and won’t force you to touch up the color too often.

51. Medium ash brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 16

Ready to keep the heads turning without making any drastic changes to your look? Try the medium ash brown hair color. Its soft and natural look is a great choice for women with any skin shade or hair type. A universal color!

52. Dark brown and yellow blond

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 17

Dark brown and yellow blond mix is a very interesting and unusual choice. Not just every woman will be brave enough to sport such a combination. However, it is a great way to stand out and to feel very special. Give it a try!

53. True red

True hairstyle for girl

Redheads are always a hit. You can’t go wrong with red if you choose the right shade of it. This true red color is extremely popular nowadays and any woman with such hair will look very stylish. But remember, letting the roots show here is not a good idea. So, make a timely appointment at your hair salon.

54. Crazy mixesHottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 32

As you have learned by now, mixed hair colors are in style in 2024. But mixing brown and blond doesn’t satisfy some women. So, take a stand! Come up with a crazy mix on your own and give it a try. The feeling of delight will leave you wanting more.

55. Light ash brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 34

Light ash brown is a color of choice for women who like calm and smooth colors. There is nothing wild about this color, but its softness gives an amazingly sweet look to any girl who makes it her color of choice.

56. Dark natural blond

Natural dark hair colors

Being a blond doesn’t mean completely light hair. Natural blonds are often far away from platinum. This natural hair color is great for girls who don’t want to go far away from their own shade. Dark natural blond is a great idea for anybody.

57. Light golden blondlight brown hairstyle color for cute girl

Light golden blond is the color of fairytales. If you want to feel like a real princess, light golden blond is a color for you. While this color is very bright and vibrant, it needs really careful maintenance. Dark roots are unacceptable here.

58. Bright winter peach

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 38

This bold hair color looks great on women with short hair. It is a great idea for special occasions and beach vacations. While it is far from being an office style color, a lot of girls make it their shade of choice and don’t regret it even a little bit.

59. Dark cherry with highlights

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 39

Dark cherry hair color is a step away from natural colors, which doesn’t require a serious change. While it is obviously a handmade shade, it has a way of looking pretty natural. If you add some lighter highlights you will give the color a more vibrant look.

60. Butterscotch hair color with violet tips

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 40

Butterscotch hair color is very interesting all on its own, but if you want to surprise your friends, different colored highlights are a must. Violet is usually the highlight of choice since it is the wildest shade out there. Give it a try!

61. Light blond with peach highlights

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 41

Blond and peach are always a great mix, so you can play around with it as much as you wish. The more peach you add, the more outstanding the hair color will look. But try not to overdo it. There is no reason to completely hide the well-colored blond.

62. Light violet

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 42

Light violet is the color of choice for many movie and music stars. Will it fit you? It might. Or might not. Give it a try with a temporary hair dye to get an idea of how this hair color will look with your skin tone. You can try various color shades to mix it up like these red violet hair colors.

63. Dark brown

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 43

Even though highlights are in style in 2024, there is no reason to forget about the good old natural dark brown hair color. Natural never goes out of style and if you manage to keep the color neat and smooth you might even outdo the wild violet and peach mixes.

64. Fire red

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 44

Light some fire on your head and in someone’s heart by trying this fire red hair color idea. You will be amazed at how bright you will look and feel every time you look in the mirror. Make sure to keep the roots colored on time. If you want to go shorter, try these short red hairstyles.

65. Sunflower blond

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 45

Sunflower blond is a great choice for women with pale skin type who want to lighten up their hair. No mixes are needed here. Straight out blond color will make blonds even out of girls with very dark natural hair.

66. Blowout ruby

nice revlon hair color for women

Ruby hair is a great idea for those women who are not ready for bright red colors. This color is rather heavy, so take some time to consider whether or not it will fit you. Perhaps you should first go for something less eccentric.

67. Triple mix

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 47

As opposed to a crazy mix, a triple mix is much less wild and is pretty acceptable for an everyday office style. Make sure to choose the shades which suit one another and give a triple mix a chance. You will definitely like it.

68. Dark brown and pure diamond blonde

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 48

This yin and yang hair color mix will really make you stand out of the crowd. Make sure to apply the appropriate makeup and you’ll be the most fashionable girl on the block.

69. Romantic light peach

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 49

Get a romantic feel with applying a light peach color to your long hair. The lighter you make it, the more natural it will look. This fairytale hair color is sure to add some romance to your life. Make sure to color the roots on time.

70. Purple and violet mix

purple hair color for girl

Add some spunk to your long hair by trying on this purple and violet mix. It might not be a great idea for everyday life, but choosing this mix for a special occasion is a wonderful idea. Keep the shades as pale as possible to avoid a tacky look.

71. Dark cherry red with golden brown

dark hair color cute girl

Dark cherry red is a wonderful way to become a redhead without making any drastic changes to your natural dark color. Since the color mixes are in style this year, color your tips with a lighter shade to keep up with the trend.

72. Brown and light beige blond

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 21

This is a hair color mix favored by women with dark hair who want to go blond fast and forget about maintenance. Keeping the top part of the head natural while coloring the rest will allow you not to worry about regular coloring.

73. Light Auburn and beige blond

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 22

Auburn is a universal hair color. It fits any hairstyle, hair type and skin shade. However, it might seem a little boring to some of the more fashionable ladies. So bringing beige blond into the picture is a great way to add some zest to the look. Check more auburn hair color ideas.

74. Light brown with highlights

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 23

Proper highlighting is an art, so making such a mix might be complicated. But if you are sure that your stylist is up for the job, make sure you go with this type of hairstyle. You won’t just turn heads, you’ll feel absolutely fantastic!

75. Espresso

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 25

This dark color will do wonders for women with pale skin tone. This dark hair will outline the facial features and give your face a completely new life. Even if your natural hair is light, give this color a try. You won’t regret it!

76. Light violet and platinum blonde

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 26

Ready to look outstanding! Try the violet and platinum mix. It will give any girl a fresh and wild look she always wanted. Try not to overdo the violet and the hair color will even look natural. Any practical violet to blond ratio will do here.

77. Copper shimmer with yellow blond tips

copper hair color for girl

Tired of the good old blond and brown? Try the bright copper hair shade to freshen up your look and give you a light feeling. This color mix is great, but don’t forget that such bold hair color choice requires a corresponding style.

78. Blue highlights

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 28

Exotic colors are a great idea for those girls who want to try something different. These highlights don’t have to be done with permanent hair color. So, if you just want to try this colorful idea, use a temporary hair dye.

79. Sparkling amber

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 29

Sparkling amber is a great choice for girls with naturally dark hair. If you don’t want to go blond, but wish to lighten up the hair, go for amber. This hair color will instantly brighten up your face and give it a little spice.

80. Light red-orange hair

Hottest Hair Color Trends 2021 for Women 31

While this hair color doesn’t look too natural, its interesting shade will make you stand out of the crowd. It is not too bright to be wild and not too ordinary to be boring. So, the light red-orange color is a great idea for those women who want a change.


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding hair color for women.

What hair colors can make me look older?

Going artificially gray can make you look older than your years; also, ashy blonde colors can come across as gray. If you have a lighter skin tone, going too dark may make your face look anemic by comparison, drawing attention to wrinkles. 

Can pregnant women color their hair?

Research on the safety of hair dye use during pregnancy is limited. While a few studies have found that very high exposure to hair dye chemicals could damage a developing fetus, the doses associated with harm were much higher than those encountered during a typical hair-dying procedure.

Many experts recommend refraining from using hair dye until after the first trimester, as this is an especially critical period for fetal development. 

Should I choose a lighter or darker hair color?

You might consider choosing a darker hair color if you are undecided. It’s always easier to go from light to dark hair than from dark to light hair, as the latter process requires bleach. 

Hair color vs toner: what’s the difference?

Hair color (also called hair dye) and toner have distinct purposes. Hair dye changes the hair’s pigmentation, making the color stay until the hair grows out.

Toners, meanwhile, are used to correct or adjust a dyed hair shade by neutralizing unwanted tones. Toners are demi-permanent, meaning that, unlike permanent dyes, they eventually wash out. 

Now that you have seen women’s hottest color trends of 2024, you are ready to make the right choice. Remember, mixes are in style, so try on different hair color combinations. There is no reason to choose one or two colors and stay with them. You can change your hair color as often as you like.

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