50 Luscious Dark & Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for A Regal Look

Dark and honey blonde hair color is always a great choice for any woman regardless of her face shape or hair type. There is a reason why all shades of blonde are so popular. They brighten up your face, make you look younger and sweeter while giving you an appeal that all men are sure to notice. While sun-kissed and platinum blonde is always a good choice, it’s hard for girls with natural dark locks to constantly dye the roots and keep their hair look nice and fresh. That’s why dark blonde hair colors are a great choice for brunettes. The mix of dark and honey blonde looks especially stunning and is recommended for women of all ages.


Who Should Try Honey Blonde Hair Color?

The honey blonde is one of the most versatile hair color shades within the blond pack. This is because – it has a dark color with a warm temperature which allows women of distinct hair textures to bet on the illuminated look without bringing any shock in appearance.

dark honey blonde


However, it is important to be careful when choosing the desired color shades. Honey blonde can generate unwanted contrast between the hair and the face, leaving the appearance somewhat “erased”. So, for brunettes with lighter or darker skins, the coloration is highly recommended as it combines perfectly with the yellowish background of the skin.

It is always best to consult a professional hairstylist before applying hair colors. Only he can apply the technique of hair colorimetry correctly maintaining the ideal combination which is essential to achieve a harmonic result.


How to Color Your Hair to Honey Blonde?

YOu can follow the below video tutorial to do the right way.


Most Amazing Dark and Honey Blonde Hair Colors

If you are wondering how you will look with dark blonde tresses, you can browse the honey & dark blonde hair color options we prepared for you. Before making a decision to change your style, take a look at which color you like the best. When you go blonde after being a brunette for a long time, you’ll need to reconsider such things as makeup and wardrobe. But in any case, a color change will be good for your image, especially if you are ready to do some maintenance. So take a look at these options and make a decision.


1. Ombre


An ombre is the smartest way to go when you are just choosing a blonde hair color. Keeping the top darker than the ends can look very natural with the right color mix.


2. Honey blonde highlights


Another simple way to change your hair color is to use highlights. Honey blond will look good coupled with dark blonde tresses. You can dye them all the same color later on.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try With Bangs

3. Reverse ombre


A reversed ombre is another smart way to go about your blonde locks. You can slowly move toward bleaching your tresses while sporting a really stunning hair color: platinum blonde on top and dark blonde on the bottom.


4. Sun-kissed mix


Sun-kissed locks look amazing on any woman. However, this color is pretty hard to maintain since it tends to look duller with time. In order to smooth out the effect, throw dark blonde hair color into the mix.


5. The more the merrier


The more shades of blonde you use, the more interesting your hair will look. Ask your hairstylist to choose three blonde shades that will look natural together and go on to get highlights.