50 Alluring Brown Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights 2019

Highlights are always a great choice for any hairstyle. Whether you are tired of your color or just want to try something new and improved, take a look at brown hair with caramel highlights. Such mix of colors looks extremely fabulous and will bring your hair a new and fresh look. Interestingly enough, brown and caramel colors suit almost any face type as well as the skin shade. So, you can easily try these colors without being afraid of ruining your style. If you have natural brown hair, the caramel highlights are a total must.


Fantastic Brown Hairstyles with Caramel Highlights

Don’t be scared of experiments. Highlights are a great way to improve your hairstyle. They don’t only give you a more fabulous look, they also add volume and brightness to your hair. Caramel highlights are a great choice for brown hairstyles. Thousands of women have tried these hairstyles, so you will definitely find the one that suits you best. Take a look at the 50 different brown hairstyles with caramel highlights below and get ready to look amazing! You can also check our post on trendiest hair color ideas for young girls in 2019.


1. Soft waves

brown hair with caramel highlights for girls

Brown hair with caramel highlights look amazing when it is long. If you would like your highlights to look even more outstanding, make some soft waves and you will see the difference. The lighter the highlights, the better the look.


2. Brown ends

brown hairstyle with light caramel highlights

Another way to work with highlights is to apply them on top of your head, while leaving the ends darker. This brown hairstyle is pretty special, especially for those who want to go blonde in the future. The brown ends offer a soft transition.

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3. Wavy ends

Brown Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights 3

If you are not ready to make waves all over your hair, go for wavy ends. They will outline your brown hairstyle and make your mane look even brighter. You can make lighter highlights on top and darker on the bottom.


4. Soft highlights

medium brown hairstyles for women

Highlighting doesn’t necessarily mean that the color should be very obvious. A soft way of highlighting is often preferred by women who don’t want to change too much, but still wish to add some zest to their brown hairstyle.


5. Light brown hair with caramel highlights

light brown hairstyle for cute girl

Add caramel highlights to light brown hair and you will be amazed at the fresh look your hair will get without much effort. If you have light brown hair, don’t hurry and go blonde, try this style and you might never think of blonde again.