How to Style Bow Braids for Girls – Top 4 Ideas

The bow braid hairstyle is a head turner! To be honest the hairstyle is not really a braid or a bow. It’s the most beautiful mess you will ever come across which resembles bows (of course). Now, is the time to learn all about the mesmerizing types of bow braids you can do with the help of your mother, sister, or even your best friend.


Step By Step Guide on How to Style Bow Braids

step by step process of how to style bow braids

This is going to be one of the most fun tutorials that you are about to be a part it. The bow braid hairstyle is all about having some fun with buns, braids, and twists! The level of difficulty you will face while creating the bow braids lies somewhere between low to medium on the difficulty scale.

The best results can be obtained if you have some help. However, if you get the general idea of how to create this style it will be a piece of cake for you.

Step 1: Start by combing out your hair and create a French braid. This can be anywhere on the head.

Step 2: Now, gather some of the hair behind the French braid. Spritz it with water. This is the step is going to help you create the stunning bows.

Step 3: Use a hairpin and stick the top of it through a section in the French braid.

Step 4: You will need a small part of the hair to create the loop. Using the hairpin, thread the loop.

Step 5: With great care, grab the loop you just created and pull down the hairpin very gently. You have to tug both the hairpin and the loop as you pull it down.

Step 6: This process can be repeated as many times as one likes.

Remember to tuck the remaining tails behind the bow.


Watch The Following Video to Try Styling Bow Braids at Home


Latest Bow Braid Styles That You Can Try

If you want a failsafe hairstyle then it has to be the different kinds of braid hairstyles for girls that you can try out. They are versatile, classic, and you need nothing more than your own hair to create it. Bow braids are gorgeous and totally worth a try.

1. Side Bow Braid

Side Bow Braid for Girls

This is the perfect way to create a standout look for every day. Create a few bows on the uppermost region of your side French braid. You can style this bow braid using a few hair accessories in pearl. Use them on the bow sections. It will give a touch of elegance.

Half up Half Down Hairstyles for Women


2. Half Up Braid, Diagonally

diagonal half up bow braid for girls

By now you how understood it takes a little extra effort and a pair of hands to create a stunning bow braid hairstyle. However, when you perfect the look, you can simply wear it to any occasion.

If you possess long tresses to give the half upbraid which will cover your head diagonally a try. This hairstyle will ensure that your hair never bothers your face.


3. Bow Braided Bun

Girls Bow Braided Bun 

Time to effortlessly ooze out romantic vibes and look spectacular in the bow braid bun hairstyle. It should be on the top of your hairstyle list. In order to enhance the carefree element, add your favorite flowers through the braids.


4. Dutch Style Braids Dutch Style Bow Braids for Girls

Now, this is an absolute stunner. However, you need to have a little patience and put in a little extra effort. Part the hair into two sections and create the bow braids on either side. You can accessorize it if you like.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and solve your queries for once and all.

Q: Are Zipper Braids and Waterfall Braids Similar?

Ans:  You can say a zipper braid is a blend of a ponytail, a French braid, and of course some undeniable magic. It will take a lot of skill, effort, and patience to create a perfect zipper braid. On the other hand, waterfall braids are simple and easy to create. It’s simply a French braid that starts near your hairline.


Q: On A Scale of One to Ten, Which One Is More Adorable – Bow Braid Ponytail or Bow Braid Pigtail?

Ans: Bow braids are an excellent way of styling your hair. It looks great in a headband braid or French braid. They look stunning in a diagonal style created at the back of your head. To enjoy a relaxed look, pick the bow braided ponytail look. Gather all the hair and create a low side ponytail.


You need to give the bow braid hairdo a try, for its unbelievably beautiful to look at. This hairstyle works on every kind of hair. It’s time to enjoy the mesmerizing look of this bow braid style.