25 Ravishing Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

The special day is around the corner and you are looking for a perfect wedding hairstyle for long hair to dazzle the guests and, of course, the groom. The number of different hairstyles for long locks seems so huge that you are ready to drown among the options. Come up for a breath right now because we did the job for you. We came up with a collection of stunning hairstyle for your special day that will only take you a few minutes to browse. There is no need to sink in the sea of offers. The 25 amazing long wedding hairstyles are waiting for you to try right here.


How To Choose A Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

long beautiful wedding hairstyle

Before you take a look at the magnificent options we have prepared for your below, take advantage of a few tips that can make the choosing process easier.


1. Match The Hair to The Dress

A bride’s hairstyle has to match the dress and not compete with it. Take a long look at the gown you’ve chosen and match each of the chosen hairstyles to it. If the dress is formal, messy and windblown locks are out of the question. If you chose a close-to-nature attire, a strict high bun will look out of place.


2. Plan for the Headpiece

If you are planning to attach a veil or other headpieces to your hair, your hairstyle must accommodate it. Simply wearing your hair down is usually not sufficient for making a convenient attachment. The best grounds for headpieces and accessories are braids, ponytails, and buns.


3. Consider the Touch Ups

women long wedding hairstyle

Ask yourself if you are ready to touch your hair up during the day. Beautiful voluminous hairstyles that involve letting your hair down require a touch up every couple of hours. If you are planning to be too busy to take care of your hair during your wedding day, settle for the updos secured by hair spray and hair gel.


4. Consider the Weather

If you are getting married in the summer and planning to spend plenty of time outside, wearing your hair down is out of the question. The rain, the wind, the heat and other factors are big hair enemies. Opt for an updo rather than letting your hair down. If you are spending most of the time indoors, there are no limitations.


5. Relax and Enjoy

Make sure you like the hairstyle you’ve chosen. If it’s very versatile and suits your dress perfectly, but you feel as if something is wrong with it, say “no” and go on to the next one. After all, it’s your special day. Everything should be perfect!

Best Wedding Hairstyle Ideas With Short Hair


Totally Awesome Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Women with short hair think that the gals with long locks have it easy because there are so many options to choose from. Meanwhile, girls with long hair envy the short bobs that don’t have to be styled to look great. While one group is jealous of the other, you don’t have to be. With the right approach, your wedding hairstyle can look so amazing, the groom and the guests will remember it for years to come. Be it a voluminous updo or an asymmetrical bun, you’ll definitely rock the world.


1. Nature Child

Nature wedding hairstyles for long hair

This simple hairstyle is great for girls who have an overall natural image for their wedding and are not afraid of touchups. Consider adding a headpiece to make the hairstyle appear decorated. The headpiece should, of course, have flowers.


2. Side Ponytail

Side ponytail long wedding hairstyles for women

Curls are often the compulsory party of a wedding hairstyle for long hair. This side ponytail is the perfect way to keep the hair out of the way while arranging them so the length is visible in the wedding photos.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Black Brides

3. Lift it up

long marvelous wedding hairstyles

Sometimes the long hair lacks volume since it’s so heavy that the gravity pulls it down. Ask your hairstylist to add some volume on top before proceeding with the curls and the ponytails. This hairstyle is perfect for any special occasion, not just the wedding.


4. Creative Long Hairstyle for Wedding

brown color wedding hair for long hair

Mixing two styles is a great idea for a wedding. You can keep the hair straight on top and create something similar to a beehive. Anything that’s below the ears should be curled and styled into a voluminous ponytail.


5. Wedding long hairstyle with flowers

long wedding hairstyle with Real flower

Adding real flowers to your wedding hairstyle is a great idea especially when your hair is long. However, real flowers are tricky and they tend to lose their luster halfway through the day. Be ready to replace them.

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