101 Epic Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men [2020]

16. Thick and neat

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 16-min

If you are into neat haircuts, but still want some spikes, you can mix the two. Make your spikes as neat as possible and keep them close to each other to create a homogeneous hairstyle. You can easily wear it to work.


17. Sharp and fashionable

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 17-min

If you like obvious spikes, go for sharp and fashionable. This will require a lot of hair gel and some work in front of the mirror. Try not to overdo the messiness. Stick with just the front part. Use some hairspray for a better fix.


18. A fohawk

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 18-min

Men, who go for fohawks, often appreciate spikes. So, mixing these two hairstyles together is a great idea. If your sides are shaved, leave the rest of the hair long enough to play around with all types of spikes.


19. All around spikes

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 19-min

If you have a classical medium-length haircut and want something different, you can make the spikes all over your head. Depending on your mood, they can either be sharp or soft. In any case it will be a really fresh change.


20. Amazingly disheveled

Best Short Spiky Hairstyles for men 20-min

Guys, who like bold styles, will appreciate this disheveled look. But don’t be fooled, it is not easy to make. You will need to spend some time shaping this disheveled hair to make it look stylish. The result will surely exceed all your expectations.