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Mianke Fourie

Reviewer: Mianke Fourie, Licensed Hairstylist

Lives in: British Columbia, Canada

Expertise: Hair Style, Hair Cut, Rainbow Coloring

Education: Potchefstroom Academy & South African Academy for Hair and Skincare Technology (SAAHST)

Experience: 15 years

Hi I’m Mianke Fourie. I’ve studied Advanced Hair Technology at Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST in South Africa. I’ve qualified in 2008 and have been doing hair ever since then. Doing hair is my biggest passion in life. You can change a persons perspective on themselves with the right cut or color.

I love doing Makeup as well. Lately I’ve been doing more photoshoots with different styles of makeup and styling. I’ve dabbled in Special Effects Makeup as well.

My Coloring specialty is in bleaching and getting my clients as blond as they want with very little damage, along with different colorful hair as well for example rainbow color hair.

It’s very important to know exactly how to look after your hair and I always insist on the correct hair products being used with your hair care routine.

Reviewed By Mianke Fourie