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Fohawk vs Mohawk: What’s the Difference?

Many people wonder about the difference between Mohawk and fohawk. Both of these styles may be considered outrageous by some and very appealing by others. The Mohawk hairstyle is a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. A fohawk is a lighter version of a mohawk that is popular among many young people nowadays.


We have all heard about mohawks and seen all kinds of variations. Nowadays, mohawks are considered stylish and are very popular.

When you hear the word “mohawk,” you imagine a unique hairstyle that looks great for certain occasions and is completely inappropriate for others. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong if you thought of a man with a wild, high, and sharp crest on top and earrings that dangle from his nose.

No matter how wild some mohawks might be, most of them are pretty neat and don’t necessarily require a complete change of style. They go from low to high and from thin to thick.

They come in a variety of colors, and depending on your perspective, they might look perfect or repulsive. This is a fantastic hairstyle with a rich history, but it doesn’t suit anybody. To wear a mohawk, you need to be in a certain state of mind.


The mohawk hairstyle appeared not too long ago. It is only several decades old. It was the most popular in the 1980s, when punk culture took hold. Back then, mohawks were a sort of weapon that conquered stereotypes.

It is believed that punks first created mohawks. The hairstyle immediately became very popular in many countries. If we decide to go even deeper to the roots of the Mohawk, we will come to the native American Indians, who used this hairstyle which reminds of a hatchet blade.



Mohawks are fantastic, but nowadays, many men can’t allow themselves to wear such haircuts. You can’t imagine an office worker answering phone calls with a “hatchet blade” on his head. That is why modern hairstylists devised a solution to replace it. That’s how the fohawk came about.

A fohawk is sort of a more straightforward way to go about creating a mohawk. Some call it a “temporary mohawk.” The part “fo” in the word “fohawk” stands for “faux,” which means fake. So, what is a fake mohawk?

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A fohawk will come in handy if you want a regular, clean-cut hairstyle for the office and a wild, fashionable appearance for going out on dates or to clubs. Additionally, achieving this hairstyle won’t require you to resort to extreme measures like hair removal.

You need to cut the hair short on the sides and leave it somewhat longer on top to have some room to maneuver. You will need hair gel, regular hair spray, and color hairspray. Color hairspray will help you outline different strands and make your fohawk even more unique. The good part about it is that after you wash it off, you’ll be back to neat, clean cut look.

The fohawk is easily styled with your hands to make the ends stand up. Once the hair is shaped, hairspray is used to keep the style intact. If you don’t want to go too wild, the color is just the tips of your temporary Mohawk with color hairspray.

faux hawk or fohawk

Fohawk is also an excellent idea for men considering a mohawk but is afraid to try it. Giving this hairstyle a try will show whether or not you are ready to wear a mohawk.

Usually, mohawks are chosen by men who want to make a statement. They are popular among older high school and college students. You will rarely meet a man or a woman over 30 with a mohawk (even though it is possible).

At the same time, fohawks are much more popular. You can see different types of such hairstyles when you are just walking on the street or sitting in a coffee shop. When taking a bus ride, you are about 20 times as likely to see a fohawk than a mohawk.

Shaving your head is always a bold step, which few men are ready to try. That’s why a mohawk is considered a seriously awesome hairstyle, while a fohawk is an easy way out. Men can try both of them to see which one looks better. It is harder for women since even a fohawk is a bold statement for them. So, if you are not sure which style to pick, choose a fohawk and go from there.