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80 Unique Crew Cuts for Men + Styling Tips

Crew cuts need no introduction since they are probably among the most popular hairstyles for men. And the reason the crew cut never falls off trends is because men love a practical and cool hairstyle that takes them just a few minutes to style. 

Crew Cut Styling Tips

You’ll need a trimming machine, combs, and clippers to pull off a classic crew cut. Follow the steps below if you want a hairstyle that is ideal for businessmen, cool guys, or those who don’t want to spend too much time in front of the mirror each morning.

  • Clean up the sides and the back with a mid-fade.
  • Create an amazing blend with the top. If your hair is longer in the crown area, you don’t need to trim it; style it how you feel.
  • Use a razor to style the edges and give that hairline an outstanding look.
  • As for the top, depending on how long your crown hair is, you can create spikes and style it upwards or to the side.

Crew Cut Examples

Crew cut is probably the easiest cut to style in the morning. You will discover that you do not even need to blow-dry the hair. Rub it with a towel and apply some of your favorite pomade or hair gel. The whole process will probably require only a minute, including washing the product off your hands.

So, if you want a hairstyle that is very simple to style, take a look at these crew-cut examples below. 

1. Ginger Crew Cut

Dyed Crew Cut

This ginger crew cut uses a mid curved fade for the sides and maintains the top longer. The hairstyle has influences from another hairstyle, Caesar’s cut. This one features short bangs that rest on the forehead. 

2. Crew Cut with Waves

Disconnected Short Crew Cut

Create a side part after you pull off the fade and style the transition to the longer top. Use a razor to make it thicker. This will help you delimit the two hair sections. As for the top, create smooth waves. 

3. Box Crew Cut

Flat Top Crew Cut

A box cut keeps the top hair straight, in a square shape. It involves clear lines and cuts and a well-defined hairline. Use hair powder to outline the contour of your face. 

4. Connected Cut

Crew Cut with Drop Fade

A connected crew cut uses a fade for the sides and back. The hair is very shortly trimmed, and it connects with the beard. The facial hair is shorter on the laterals and longer in the chin area. 

5. Crew Cut with Temple Fade

360 Waves Crew Cut

When you have thick coils, a short haircut is your best buddy. It requires almost no styling and it can look pretty damn cool too. So give the haircut a little sass with two razored lines in the back, placed on one side. 

6. Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Short Crew Cut

When you have fine hair, you must choose a hairstyle that won’t draw all the attention to your thin threads. Opt for a clean, shaved face and a short crew cut with short sides. Go for the classic look and style the top upwards with pomade. 

7. Multicolored Crew Cut

Multi-Colored Crew Cut with Bald Fade

Unlike all other crew cuts, this hairstyle requires more attention when pulling it off and with everyday style. If you’re using semi-permanent dye for those red and blue nuances, make sure you use a special shampoo for colored hair.

8. One-Sided Top

Crew Cut with Bang Side Part

Crew cuts are not only low-maintenance but a great idea for busy men who want to look sharp and neat in just a blink of an eye. For this hairstyle, you will only need some product rubbed on your hands to flip that to one side. Remember also to lift up the roots. 

9. Face-Framing Crew Cut

Line Up Crew Cut

Crew cuts can take numerous shapes, so if you’re thinking about creating a gorgeous frame for your face, this hairstyle will help you. Use a razor to define that straight line contour and opt for a bald fade on the sides. 

10. Asian Crew Cut

Crew Cut Side Part

A high fade is going to keep those sides clean and create a contrast with the top. Style a one-sided part and use hair gel to flip and give the hair that amazing sleek look. 

11. Messy Top with Highlights

French Crop Crew Cut

Using a crew cut, you can create all the variations you want. The hairdo is so versatile, so for the top, grow your hair and give it a short bowl trim. To spice things up a little bit, get some thin blonde highlights. 

12. Low Fade

Opt for a low fade that you’ll sport only for the sides, creating a triangle shape in the back. As for the forehead area, get a blunt cut to emphasize your hair’s thickness and build a straight contour. 

13. Crew Cut for V hairline

Crew Cut with Receding Hairline

If you have a V hairline, you might consider shortly trimming your hair. Choose a size and cut everything to the same length. 

14. Blonde Top

Medium Crew Cut

Use a high fade to build a small and smooth transition between the longer top and the sides. Dye the longer pieces of hair in a blonde nuance. Style the bang upwards and to the side. 

15. Full White

White Crew Cut with Beard

Getting a full white hair color involves a lot of bleaching. So after you style the fade for the sides and the back, begin the process of lightening IP your hair. If it’s not white enough, you can use a colored hair spray to boost the impact. 

16. Crew Cut with Bangs

short messy crew cut

Whenever you want to recreate this fresh, fashionable look, consider tapering the sides and keeping the top hair long. If you don’t style it, you will obtain a hairstyle with baby bangs. Of course, you can orient it upwards and get a whole different look.

17.  Tapered Crew Cut

short crew cut

Most men adore regular crew cuts with a longer top because they are so low maintenance. All you have to do when styling your hair is lift the top a little bit with hair gel or any other product that you love.

18. High and Tight Fade

short crew cut with beard

Anytime you want to pull off a professional look,  get a taper or a fade for the sides and build a faux mohawk using the top hair. Keep the beard short and complete the look with a pair of glasses.

19. Textured Crew Cut

short crew cut

Go for a low fade for the sides and keep the top longer. Use hair gel or hairspray to create those rebel spikes. A wide-tooth comb might come in handy when you want to orient the hair upwards. Also, give the beard a short trim.

20. Short Crew Cut with a Fade

This short crew cut hairstyle with a fade is ideal for all men, including Asians. Style a bald fade for the sides and back and maintain the top a little bit longer. Define the hairline and use your fav hair product to obtain that wet look.

21. Crew Cut with a Hard Part

A mid fade is ideal for men who want to draw all the attention to the top. The haircut is also perfect for guys who have a V-shaped hairline because they can obtain an accentuated short Pompadour.

22. Tapered Hard Part

short crew cut with undercut

Get a tapered cut for the sides and define the longer top hair with a hard part. It will delimit the short sides from the rest of the hair, and you will certainly obtain a modern crew cut hairstyle that you can arrange however you want.

23. Crew Cut for Curly Hair

Crew cut hairstyles for men are ideal for curly hair. By keeping the sides short, you will only need to style the top hair. Use hair gel or jam to make your coils look more defined. One of the perks of this hairdo is that you don’t need to fix the hair every day. Even if you do, it will take only a few minutes.

24. Spiky Crew Cut

short crew cut for receding hairline

Get a tapered cut for the sides and back and opt for longer hair on top. This way, you’ll be able to wear it on one side or style it upwards with your fav hair product.

25. Crew Cut with High Top

If you have thick hair, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the morning styling it, a crew cut hairstyle for men with a high top is all you need. This way, the haircut is pretty low-maintenance, and you get to show off your gorgeous hair.

26. Crew Cut with Shaved Sides

Shave your sides and create a zig-zag design. Make sure the difference between the longer and shorter hair is standing out.  If you have a V shape hairline, this is the best hairstyle you can use to make it glow!

27. High Faded Crew Cut with a Beard

Go for a high bald fade for the sides and back and cut your top hair in a V shape. This way, you will create bangs that fall on your forehead. Opt for a long beard if you want to obtain a rebel look that expresses your style and personality.

28. Regular Crew Cut with Hard Part

A regular crew cut needs no styling at all. The sides and back are styled in a high bald fade and the top remains short. A hard part will give the whole hairstyle a beautiful modern touch and you’ll be the lucky one that can come out of the house without fixing his hair.

29. Platinum Blonde Crew Cut

Even if they are pretty low-maintenance hairstyles, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a crew cut to a whole new level. Get a high fade and opt for a platinum blonde hair color for the top. Maintain your beard shortly trimmed, and you get a modern and cool hairdo.

30. Purple Crew Cut with Highlights

If you want a hairstyle that really stands out, a crew cut can definitely provide all the attention you want! Go for a skin cut on sides and a fade. Transform the top hair into your canvas: opt for a pale purple nuance and style blonde highlights.

31. Short Sides with Tousled Top

the crew cuts for young guys

Keep the sides of your hair short but add length across the whole width of your head. Run your fingers through it from the front to give it a tousled look.

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32. Mid-length Crew Cut

crew cut hairstyle

A mid-length haircut is a classic look. It is a simple, no-nonsense style which works well on almost any man!

33. Side-Swept Tousled Crew

hairstyle for cutting crew

For a side-swept crew cut look, you will need to have some length on the top of your style. Run product through your hair sweeping it from left to right.

34. Spiked Crew Cut

crew cuts for men 48-min

To create defined spikes you will need to put product in your hair and then run a comb straight upwards through your hair from the roots.

35. Highlight

crew cut haircut for men

Having highlights put on the tips of your hair can help to give the impression of thicker hair with more texture. Choose a color which complements your natural hair color for as unbleached surf look.

36. Fluffy Spikes

crew cuts for men 46-min

Fluffy spikes can look less aggressive than well-defined spikes do. If you have a fluffy style, you will find that people just want to run their hands through it all day!

37. Widow’s Peak

crew cuts for men 45-min

If you do not have a naturally straight hairline, then a crew cut could be a great choice for your style. Keeping your hair shorter means that your hairline works with the style, rather than against it.

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38. Contrast

the crew cuts hair you like

For a really striking crew cut style, you should keep the sides closely shaved, whilst allowing the hair in the center of your head to grow into a thick and voluminous style.

39. Micro flick

crew cuts for men 43-min

If you have had a relatively short cut, you can style in a very short hair flick at the front. This gives your style a subtle hint of a difference without doing anything too extravagant.

40. Stubbly sides with a stubbly beard

best crew cuts hair style

Keep the top of your hair longer and thicker whilst using a beard trimmer to shave the hair at the sides. Keep your beard the same length so that your hair and your beard segue effortlessly into one another.

41. Center Only Cut

crew cuts for men 41-min

Shave your hair so that you only have thick hair on the very top of your head. The rest of your style should be only stubble. This looks great when it is teamed up with a stubbly beard too.

42. Lightly Curled Crew

crew cuts for men 40-min

A crew cut is a great style for anyone with slightly curly hair. This type of style makes the curls more manageable but still allows you to show off your natural style.

43. Thick and Luscious with a Light Beard

men crew cut hair

People will just love to run their fingers through this thick and luscious longer crew cut. The style works really well when teamed with a beard because it shows both softness and masculinity.

44. Textured Fluffy Crew cut

crew cuts for men 38-min

Run your fingers upwards through your hair to give it this uninteresting fluffy texture. You can enhance the texture of a fluffy men’s hairstyle by having highlights and low lights put into your hair.

45. Long and Tousled with Highlights and Low lights

long crew cut haircuts for boys

This cut is on the long side for a crew cut but still looks fabulous. Putting in highlights and low lights will help to give your hair more texture.

46. Long and Spiky

crew cuts for men 36-min

Any length of hair can be transformed into spiky hair if you have enough setting product. Once you have put product in your hair, run a comb from the roots to the tips.

47. Hair Raising

men best crew cut hair

If you have thick and luscious hair, you can create this style by warming a little hair gel on your hands and then running your fingers upwards and over. Style in the formation that best suits your face.

48. Mid-short cut with a beard

crew cuts for men 34-min

Use a shaver to cut your hair to the desired length. Set your beard trimmer to the same cut length for an all-over great look.

49. Colored Tips

crew cuts for men 33-min

Colouring the tips of your hair was a very popular style in the past and it is now coming back into fashion. Coloured tips help to give spikes more definition and make your hair look thicker.

50. Long top with Tapered Sides

tapered crew cut hairstyles

Leave the top of your crew cut style long and then make your sides gradually shorter and shorter. This style is great for the office.

51. Mohawk Lite

crew cut hairstyle look nice

A Mohawk lite is a crew cut crossed with a Mohawk. Keep your hair very short at the sides, and then have a longer strip down the middle of your scalp.

52. Wiry Spikes

crew cuts for men 30-min

If your natural hair is made up of thick wiry strands it may form into natural wiry spikes until it reaches a certain length. Keep your hair short enough for it to do this and you will have effortless spiky hair.

53.  Short Cut

crew cuts for men 29-min

This short cut really shows off the shape of your head. A short cut looks great with a beard or it looks good with a clean shaven face.

54. Soft and Textured

crew cuts for men 28-min

A soft and texture short cut is a great choice for people who do not want longer hair, but who are concerned about looking too “hard” with a very close cut.

55. Soft Spikes with Tapered Sides

crew cuts for men 27-min

Gain extra height with your style by building up soft spikes. Tapered sides to your look will give you a really trendy style.

56. Manicured

crew cuts for men 26-min

Create a manicured style by making sure that you put a lot of product in your hair before you style it. Use a comb to cut through the hair product to make sure that every hair is in the right place.

57. Straight Hairline

crew cuts for men 25-min

A perfectly straight-cut hairline is ideal for a preppy look. It is a great choice for people who want to create a look which is educated yet macho.

58. Mid-length Disheveled Crew

crew cuts for men 24-min

The mid-length hair on men can suit a slightly disheveled style. Run your fingers through it in one direction and then the other to give yourself this slightly unruly look.

59. Military High and Tight Cut

cutting crew hair for young boy

Even if you are not a military man, a military style cut can still look good on you. The hair is shaved to high up the head and there is a tight strip of longer hair in the middle.

60. Disheveled Spikes

crew cuts for men 22-min

To create disheveled spikes, all you need to do is run your fingers through your hair a few times from each different direction. If your hair is not staying the way you want to stay, a little bit of hair product may help.

61. Crew cut with a mini Quiff

crew cuts for men 21-min

To give your crew cut a retro look, integrate a mini-quiff into your style. Use styling product on the front of your hair to tease it up and back into a quiff.

62. Subtle Side Fringe

crew cuts for men 20-min

Your hair should largely be left as nature intended, except for the addition of a very subtle side fringe. A gentle tweak with a comb will help to kick your fringe subtly to one side.

63. Simple Long Crew Cut

crew cuts for men 19-min

The beauty of this style lies in its simplicity. It is a no fuss, no nonsense kind of style which is very easy to maintain.

64. Thick Crew

crew cuts for men 18-min

A crew cut looks amazing with really thick textured hair. All you need to do with this style is wake up and go.

65. Thick and Lightly Tousled

crew cuts for men 17-min

Thick sides and a thick top look great when they are lightly tousled. You will only need a tiny bit of hair product for this look, so try not to overdo it.

66. Contemporary Ivy League

crew cuts for men 15-min

This preppy look is perfect for college students. Put a small amount of product in your blowout hair so that you can gel up your fringe. Keep your face clean-shaven for maximum effect.

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67. Thick and Tug-gable

crew cuts for men 14-min

Thick, textured and tousled hair is perfect for running your fingers through. This crew cut style is excellent if you want to create a smoldering and sexy look.

68. Mid-Length Soft Spikes

crew cuts for men 13-min

Mid-length styles are perfect if you have thick luscious hair. This length and thickness of hair is very easy to style even without using hair gel or styling product.

69. Thick Crown

crew cuts for men 12-min

Rather than trying to build height at the front of the cut, this version of the crew cut is thicker towards the back of the style. It is a clean and fresh style that needs very little maintenance.

70. Brushed Crew Cut

crew cuts for men 11-min

With a short crew cut like this one, you can easily comb it into the perfect style. This will help you to make sure that you don’t have a hair out of place.

71. Hipster Flattop

crew cuts for men 10-min

This flattop style is based on old military styles, but without the same harsh masculinity. Use a light styling product and a fine tooth comb to tease your hair forward into a protruding fringe.

72. Uniform Length

crew cuts for men 8-min

This military-inspired look has a uniform length across the whole style. It looks particularly striking in either sandy blond or light brown colours. The style is simple but effective.

73. Brushed Forward

crew cuts for men 7-min

Mid-length soft spikes can look good if they are combed forward from behind. The look is particularly effective when you have very short sides.

74. Thinning Hair

crew cuts for men 5-min

Even if you have thinner hair or your hair is beginning to recede, you can look great with a crew cut. Keeping your hair shorter can actually make your thinner hair less noticeable.

75. Spiked fringe

crew cuts for men 4-min

Put a little bit of product on your hands and then run your fingers upwards through the very front section of your fringe. This will give you a soft spiked fringe.

76. Square Hairline

crew cuts for men 2-min

If you have a square jawline, then you can complement it with a straight hairline or a square hairline.

77. Thin tousled spikes

crew cuts for men 1-min

This kind of tousled crew cut requires a lot of styling gel. Run a fine tooth comb through your hair from above each ear in a half moon shape towards the front of your head.

78. Curl Control

crew cuts for men 3-min

If your hair is inclined to curl, but you do not want to have a curly style, cut your hair into a short enough crew cut that it is not able to curl properly.

79. Asymmetrical Spikes

crew cut 1

Rather than having an all-over spiked crew cut or a mini mohawk, you can run your fingers through your hair from left to right to create eye-catching asymmetrical spikes for your hair.

80. Subtle Faux Hawk

crew cut 2

If you are not ready to commit to a real mohawk, create this subtle faux hawk style with your existing cut. Put a little product in each hand and then run your fingers towards the center of your hair and upwards. This will create a line of raised hair down the middle of your head that pays homage to the classic mohawk style.