22 Formal Hairstyles for Women to Get A Redcarpet Look

Probably the greatest remedies concerning hair design are searching for the ultimate formal hairstyles for women when you have got an important event to attend or host!

Because once you have already decided on the dress, shoes, makeup, and accessories you have the hairstyling task left. So, you will be in need of tons of variations and ideas to inspire you for your flawless formal look.


Flawless Formal Hairstyles for Women

Whether it’s updos, high buns, low braids, quiffs, you need to make sure your face is scurf free. Otherwise, your whole style is ruined.

Also, whether you have got thin, thick, wavy, straight, or curly hair this list has got all the combinations and variations to suit any girl who seeks complete formality and elegance. So, don’t miss out on all the valuable tips and tricks.

#1. Quick But Cute Enough

cute formal women hairstyles

This is a cute yet formal style using side fishtail braids as the focal point. So, the stylist uses these braids to create the attractive front and drags them back to twist their ends and create a bun like a silhouette.

Bonuses Of This Style:

  1. This style will guarantee that no flyaways will be disturbing you or get in your eyes as long as you wear it.
  2. It is quick to style yet shows no less elegance as any other type of bun.

Thus, this formal hairstyle goes out to every woman who is forced to go out rushing through the door every day without any spare time to take her of her hair designs and variations.


#2. Plain Dress Remedies

classy women hairstyles for formal events

If the dress you are wearing to the event is a little plain, you can always raise your fashion statement with one of the dazzling formal hairstyles. So, all you have to do is opt for an awesome hairstyle like the one shown above.

Because in the above example, the stylist aims to grab everybody’s attention with these side-swept curls that are guaranteed to wow everyone at the event.


#3. Head Piece

formal hairstyles with headpiece

Hair locks slapping you in the face, getting in your eyes, or untamed flyaways that are out of control are the top three ingredients to any girl’s nightmare.

Because these factors make up a disastrous evening, you should try to avoid them and ensure they are presented with one of the best formal hairdos for ladies. Thus, you have to use a headband that will keep your top part stable and prevent the sides from flying too freely.


#4. The Inevitable Formality

formal events hairdos for women

No matter how much you hate elegance and complexities and prefer your di shelved day – to day looks, it is almost impossible to avoid occasions that expect formal attire. Especially, if you are part of a successful career with a lot of business meetings.

So, here’s an inspirational look if you don’t feel like pulling your hair up. Thus, easily go with a free-flowing style that looks pretty elegant with wavy hair locks swept back and onto the sides just like shown in Taylor Swift’s design above.

Quick Tip: The waves are smooth, and shining due to high-quality hairspray used to fix it in place.

See Taylor Swift Hair Transformations Over The Last Decade


#5. Retro Style

retro formal hairstyles to rock special occassion

If you like to role play a little bit, this kind of formal hairstyles will make you feel like you are attending an important gala at the Great Gatsby’s mansion. Thus, don’t hesitate to get yourself one of 1920 greatest hits and beauty looks.


#6. Selena’s Bun

The chest buns are a great choice for office working hours. Because it’s one of the basic buns out there, it can never be out of style. Moreover, these buns can work wonders during hot and humid weathers.

After all, it works for medium hair lengths and any hair texture. Because with straight and thin hair the size of the bun wouldn’t be half the size of the thick kinky curly hair.


#7. Messy Is The New Dressy

Messy buns are usually what you go with for PE class or your daily afternoon jogs. However, nowadays it is super trendy to go with a random and messy yet balanced bun for any formal event. Because it is supposed to send out a message that shows your true beauty behind all those messy swirls and twists.


#8. French Milkmaid Braids

french milkman braid hairstyles for redcarpet look

Braids of any kind have always been the classic popular formal styles for every woman out there who wants to show off her feminity. So, for a go-to look that flatters everyone around you, we highly recommend these french milkmaid braids that tangle up in the back to form a low hanging bun.


#9. Your Beautiful Frame

This hairstyle is full of volume and texture. Because of it’s a loosely pulled up look, it gets your hair out of your face. However, it still manages to frame it beautifully and give you your own silhouette. Finally, don’t forget the pastel pink flower that adds more femininity to your exceptional look.


#10. Dear Girls With Short Hair

If you’re not a fan of growing out your hair to a specific length and you hate faux hair locks and extensions, you don’t need long hair for a cute updo. Because there has never been a strict law that says that updos are limited for tall hair.

Thus, your ultimate saviors are definitely hair pomades and other products that enhance your hair’s volume and enable you to end up with a tight updo like the one shown in the photo above as a great example of successful women’s formal hairstyles.


#11. Queen Taylor’s Woven Wonder

formal hairstyles for women to dazzle the events

Following up on the hall of famous celebs, here’s what the only and only Taylor Swift chose to wear for a really important red carpet event. So, here’s a low woven bun which looks both elegant and formal yet doesn’t seize the party girl look. Because the top portion is teased up and makes up a cool and smashing frame with the bottom bun.


#12. Highlighted With Side Bangs

If color variations like highlights don’t do the trick to wow everybody, try a complex style full of movement. Because there is nothing that can turn up the mood like dynamic side-swept curls and twists to boost your look.


#13. Universal Hair Design

If you are too confused to know which design to pair up with your dress, here is a universal solution for any girl with this problem. Because just like universal remotes and universal key that fit any door whole and any tv, this elegant and formal hairstyle will pair up perfectly with any dress you have in mind.


#14. Chic Chignon

If you are going with a stunning and daring dress that you chose as the focal point of your unique evening look, then you’ll probably need to go with plain formal hair design.

Because choosing a daring hairstyle might steal the spotlight from your dress. Therefore, you should go with a simple updo like this chic chignon bun shown above.


#15. More Of Taylor’s Swifts Success

taylor swifts formal hairstyles

Let loose for your front hair locks as they sway with ease along with breeze for a more easy and messy bun. So, this goes to all casual girls stuck in the formal world. Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that accessories and bands can help you feel dressed up enough for the occasion without feeling out of place.


#16. Just Like Rose Petals

For all women who are obsessed with floral arrangements, this design goes to you. So, here’s a flower inspired updo designed just to satisfy your greedy glands. Therefore, shape your bun like super cute rose petals for any elegant event you have planned out.


#17. Office Up – Do

For an office formal look, this style would be the ultimate choice. Because it gives you the opportunity to style your hair in the back away from your face and without any loose ends in the front. Thus, it enables you to focus on your work while being stylish as ever.

Braided Updo Hairstyles for Any Hair Type


#18. Touseled Up-Do

tousled updo hairstyles for every formal programme

For a great way to get the hair out of your face, without feeling like it’s completely up you can go with this tousled updo design. However, don’t fear it getting messy because that just adds to your style points. Moreover, if you want to add a gorgeous flair to it don’t forget to equip it with a flower piece or colorful pins.


#19. Grecian Inspired

For a chic girly reflection of your party spirit, follow these steps:

  1. Part your hair in the middle.
  2. Create small braids.
  3. Twist them into two low buns that reach the nape of your neck.

Therefore, you’ll master the Grecian-inspired look that works best for long and medium hair lengths. However, if you’ve got the short hair you can always try out faux locks and hair extensions to get this look.


#20. Entwined

entwined formal hairstyles for women

Some other styles are all about the twists and elements of surprise. Because, after taking a look the pictures above we can see that the only thing making them so attractive and eye-grabbing is the unusual braided twist on the neck in the picture on the right.

Meanwhile, the picture on the left uses more than one tactic. Because by using hair color variations to create contrast in the unusual yet visually attractive pretzel shaped entwined hair strands.


#21. Floral Bridal Option

amazing formal bridal hairstyles

Besides choosing the formal women hairstyles that you need, you will probably need to spend little more effort on choosing hair accessories. So, these accessories include add-ons like floral pins paired up with wedding gowns. Thus, in order to leave a great impression on your guests, you should definitely try this out.


#22. Gorgeous Twists

twisted hairdos for special events

For further elegance and poise, you’ll need to combine hair brooches with efficient hair designs. So, for a wedding ceremony or something to go for your ball dress, you should:

  1. Twist the hair into an up-style
  2. Fix it inwards with bobby pins
  3. Add shiny hair accessories to complement your dress.

Therefore, you will end up with neat formal hairdos for women that reflect your high taste.


Finally, prepping for an important occasion with the perfect formal hairstyles for women is not an easy task. Yet, when it’s done according to the expert’s hairstyling tips and tricks you will definitely look exceptional.