10 Easy Messy Bun Hairstyles You Can Try In Minutes

A messy bun is a great hairstyle for women who don’t want to look too polished. Although the style looks very attractive, it is not too high maintenance. In this article, we’re going to suggest some easy messy bun hairstyles that’ll save you tons of time.


Quick and Easy Messy Bun Hairstyles

There are different types of messy bun hairstyles to choose from. A bun that is right on the top of the head may be referred to as a top knot, although this term is more commonly applied to men’s hairstyles. One that sits low down on the neck is called a chignon.

It is possible to create half-up,  half-down styles, where some hair is pulled up into a bun and the rest is left loose.

Messy Bun with Signature Braid

Messy Bun with Braid


Smartest Messy Buns for Curly Hair


Twisted High Bun

Twisted High messy Bun


Half-Up, Half-Down


Curly Bun with Subtle Braid


Off-Center Top Knot Hairstyle


Stunning Messy Buns for Short Hair


Low Chignon with Braid


Loose Chignon with a Side Braid


Simple Ponytail

Simple Ponytail bun


High Top Knot and Light Waves

High Top Bun and Light Waves


Chic Hairstyle with Braids and Messy Bun

Hairstyle with Braids and Messy Bun


Stunning French Braided Buns


You might want to choose a messy bun style if you love to just “get up and go”. These styles are quick and easy, but they also look great.